Help Support Cat Zingano through recent Tragedy

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Special Message from Jason Przewonik, owner of normally deals more with rising stars, namely Amateurs looking to make a name for themselves… But we also take in the MMA community as a whole and look at ANYONE involved whether a green/elite fighter, promotion, or fan as a part of our extended family. When a tragedy occurs within our community, I hope to see our 'family' come together to support one another; which tends to be one of the strongest qualities we see throughout those involved with this sport. Please read Sam Wilson's posting and consider helping out a 'family member' in need. Thank you very much for reading!




On 01-14-2014, a Facebook comment announced that Black Belt Mauricio Zingano has been found dead at his Denver Home.

A check of UFC 135lbs Fighter and wife Cat Zingano's Facebook Page had posted a picture of them together with a comment “I will always love you”. A couple hours later, Zingano’s manager confirmed what the BJJ world was dreading to hear; that Mauricio had passed away.

As the information slowly began to filter through the Facebook and social media, one thing became clear, Cat had lost her husband and their son had lost his dad. With further information and confirmation from the Denver County Coroner’s office, it appeared that Mauricio had taken his own life. Although an autopsy has not been completed, it appeared that he had hanged himself. As I sat there in disbelief, I realized that Cat would not be able to use any life insurance policy due to the suicide and she had not fought in the UFC since 2013 due to an injury of which she was still under doctor’s care.

I immediately put together a sponsorship page on asking for our MMA/BJJ community to help Cat and her son with financial support. Within three days, we are $1,112.00 away from the goal of $10,000.00. Cat and her son will be able to access the account at anytime and will be able to use the monies towards their financial needs. I want to give a shout out to the 6,000 people who shared the site, the 200 plus people who donated and to the MMA/BJJ world for taking care of one of their own.

I cannot imagine what Cat is going through, but I am hopeful that she will know how much this community loves and adores her and that Mauricio will be missed by all.

-Sam Wilson



The link, again is


We all thank everyone for their support and know that even the minimum donation goes a long way.





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  1. Fight Club (3 years ago)

    Cat Zingano be careful she is educated and she knocks you out try not to be on the ground if you are on the ground you got only 50 % a chance to in a fight kickboxing and importent is BOXING and to stay on your feet understand i educated all worldwide take your chance !

  2. Anthony Auriemma (2 years ago)


          Please do not let this fight discourage you!

    Just come back and take her 0 record away.

    I was shocked you came out like that and got tangled up so quickly.

    I was really expecting you to come out, dance around her and chip her up a while.

    I know you'll win the rematch!!! Stay on your feet and chip her up! I believe in you 100%!!!

  3. Anthony Auriemma (2 years ago)




        I feel so silly writing this, because I've never done anything like this before (follow anyone, fighter, singer, etc, etc), but right away when I read about your story, which was very recent, I was in your corner 110% and still am.

    It's now about 2:40AM, about two hours after ther fight eastern time and I just can't sleep wondering what could possibly be going through your head on top of everything that is already in there. Not to sound strange, but I find myself praying for you over and over and over again. I hope you find that comfort zone tonight when you go to sleep and wake up with a clear conscious. 

        The craziest thing is you were suppose to win tonight! It was just a minor slip up. This had to happen just make you want it even more! Please know this! Please know!

    Before you were willing.  NOW YOU ARE READY!

    Alpha Cat Zingano knocks out Rousey in second round in rematch, becomes champion of the world and celebrates with her child and the spirit of her late husband and only then does she realize she first had to suffer a 14 second defeat to get there/here.

    Never question God's infinite wisdom.

  4. Anthony AURIEMMA (2 years ago)

    You have to steal her mother fucking THUNDER!!!

    You must walk into the arena to Jimi Hendrix:

    VOO DOO Child!!!


    Listen to me!!!

  5. ANTHONY AURIEMMA (2 years ago)

    Enter the fucking cage to VooDoo Child and I assure you a victory!!


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