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The Wrap Wrench
Update: Received it's US Patent August 2014!
After a long workout at the gym, rolling 180 (or more) inches of hand wraps is definitely not a fun task. Or, if you're unfortunate like me and own a cat, you may also be aware that animals love to play with long sheets of fabric; which has caused me to go out and purchase quite a few new rolls over the years.
In the age of the internet, where Facebook and social media play a huge part in the lives of many of us, I came across an advertisement for Brett Siciliano's Wrap Wrench. At the time of it's release, the wrap wrench was a green hand-held device that was targetted solely for the MMA community, which was also endorsed by Stitch, himself. The Wrap Wrench was a big hit making it's way to store shelves, TapOut magazine, and many other media outlets. It was definitely a piece of equipment that caught my eye and I felt it was necessary for me to own one.
I reached out to Brett, the owner of Wrap Wrench and at the time he was out of stock as he was working on an updated model that would prove to be more versatile and longer lasting.
Some time passed, and I came across his new release of the Wrap Wrench Medical. The idea made sense and became much more marketable, as this wrench can be used for a variety of wraps from Combat Sports handwraps, Ace Bandages, Gauge Bandages/Strips, Elastic Bandages, and even noted to work for Equestrian Wraps for Vetrinarian use. I immediately purchased one and due to life getting in the way, was unable to put it to use for quite some time to put together an informal review, but after a few months of using the Wrap Wrench, I must say I am quite satisfied.


The Concept Behind the Device:

(Taken from wrapwrench.com):
Wrap Wrench Inventor, Brett Siciliano spent many years of his life playing sports, (football, soccer, basketball, boxing and weight training). With frequent visits to emergency rooms, and years of sports training, he was frustrated with having to re-roll his sport and medical wraps constantly.
Consequently, he was determined to create a smarter, faster and more efficient way to re-roll ACE bandages, elastic sport wraps, athletic tape, and gauze. He noticed that there were no wrap rollers on the market that were affordable, rechargeable or compact. After months of design, Brett took his Wrap Wrench (prototype) to the top ranked gyms, training facilities and sports rehabilitation center. He asked pro fighters, trainers, medical doctors and nurses to evaluate his new product. They all wanted to know where they could purchase one.

The Device:



  •     High torgue motor / 200 RPM
  •     Patented custom bit
  •     Forward & reverse gears
  •     Motor locking safety switch
  •     Soft rubber grips
  •     Runs on 6 volt/4-AA batteries


Batteries NOT Included.



Step 1: Insert Wrap into Wrench slots.


Step 2: Press button while holding wrap secure as it winds up.


Step 3: Pull off rolled wrap from device.





After using the WrapWrench for a few months, it is definitely a nifty tool to have. I will admit, the initial trials took a bit of learning how tight to hold the wrap as it's winding up and how to keep it completely straight – although, if you screw up, it's as simple as pressing the reverse button on the unit itself and try again. You can wrap a full 200" handwrap in less than 30-seconds, which, for lazy individuals like myself (with a cat chasing floating material at my feet), is definitely a good enough reason for me to be glad I made the purchase. I've used the wrench for a few months, wrapping my hands at least 2-3 times a week, and my battery still has not died. The wraps are neat, tight, and due to being pulled tightly while wrapping, they even tend to keep their form/shape a bit better than when manually wrapping by hand.


Bottom Line:

I personally enjoy the ease of the Wrap Wrench. Is it truely a necessary unit to have? No. Does it make the dreaded re-wrapping process of used or accidentally unwrapped-wraps a whole lot quicker and easier? Definitely.
It's small, it's portable and it gets the job done in a matter of seconds. You can slip it in your gym bag and take it on the go without fear of your battery dying for extended use. The website states that the Wrap Wrench can roll 600-700 wraps using 4-AA batteries.



Interested in getting your own?

The Wrap Wrench Medical is available for purchase from Wrap Wrench Purchase Page for the price of $39.99.


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