Why MMA is better than boxing

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I’m not one of these mma vs. boxing people. I feel that it isn’t one or the other but that both can co-exist in the sports world. Boxing is the sweet science, a sport that was visible during some of America’s darkest times. Whether it was Jack Dempsey during the first World War or Ali during Vietnam, boxing is looked at in the same light as baseball. It is an American staple, has numerous legends and heroes, but it is dying a slow death. It’s not because of the lack of quality fighters, it’s the fact that promoters are now driving the sport.

In today’s world of boxing we no longer have promoters who are driving to make the best matches;they are driving to make the most money or to serve the best interest of their fighter. Why take a chance on their guy getting a loss against the top level boxers when a large sum of money is to be made off of the lower tier guys? Everyone is so worried about cementing their legacy and making the most coin without taking risks. It is the exact reason that I only watch 2-3 fights a year.

While everyone was pining for the Pacquiao vs. Mayweather dream match, their management was too busy trying to negotiate “fair” conditions under which the fight would take place. Mayweather wanted Olympic-style drug testing yet Pac-Man didn’t want to give blood 4 weeks before the bout. And it went on, and on, and on, an……..

Now let’s take a look at Mixed Martial Arts. Just an hour ago, UFC President Dana White announced a fight between the top 2 welterweights in the world, Nick Diaz and Georges St. Pierre, to take place on October 27 in Las Vegas. He did it without himself or Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker getting in the way. He did it without newspapers, blogs, or reporters begging for it to happen. He did it because the fans wanted it and didn’t let anyone’s interests get in the way. Doing this has signaled the end of the boxing vs. MMA debate for me…..Zuffa has just shown us the future of combat sports, and guess what?, it’s a world where promoters, organizations, entourages, and athletic commissions stay out of the way.


Congratulations to the UFC and Strikeforce and to the people who put their egos aside so the fans can see one of the most anticipated matches of the year.

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