Why do you fight? Open Discussion (Fans and Fighters)

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We all have a fight in this chess game we call life. We may fight to get out of bed every morning, we may fight due to a disability that may effect how we go about our days… or we might get paid to fight professionally.  Regardless, we all have our struggles and our fights.

Many people consider the sport of MMA / Muay Thai / Boxing and other martial arts to be a violent showing as two caged ‘pit bulls’ going at each other’s throats for a prize. Others see it as a mere form of entertainment while we’re out drinking with our buddies… Other’s see fighting as a way of life and their daily training shows it.

I personally, as the owner of KnockoutLounge.com FIGHT for this site’s relevance with most of the time, little to no help. I make nothing off this site and at times even question why I still put up with this. Anyone in the fight game knows that a large majority of fighters [especially the up and comers and smaller promotions] tend to be greedy/selfish. I understand this, as even the weekend warriors feel they still put their blood, sweat and tears into this and want whatever handouts they can get, but those of us busting our asses to work for them is a fight in and of itself. I FIGHT for the development of fighters and their ability to grow as professionals. I FIGHT to help fighters find sponsors, find fights, or just the day to day promotions. I FIGHT  to help and eventually provide more support for these fighters, my family, and my staff.

Aside from KO Lounge, I also fight everyday to be a better person and grow with each day’s wisdom that’s offered to me. I FIGHT to develop as a human being instead of staying stuck in a one-track mind. I also hope to eventually step my butt in the cage; to see life on the other side as well.

So …what is it that YOU fight for? If you’re a fighter – why do you step in the cage? If you’re a fan… What do you enjoy about the sport, and what do you fight for in your daily lives?


Jason Przewoznik is the owner of KnockoutLounge.com. KnockoutLounge.com was created to provide a haven for up and coming Mixed Martial Artists to share their stories and their careers with the fans; Supporting ALL fighters on the rise in a not-for-profit community.
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