Who is the most well-rounded MMA fighter?

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I have an opinion on who is the best striker, best wrestler,and best  bjj mma fighters. But the question that I always have the toughest time answering is who is the most well-versed fighter in all elements of MMA?

I feel the answer to this question will be controversial. Everyone views fighters and their attributes differently. I will make my case short and give you the way I view this fighter in the major disciplines we see displayed in MMA today. Let me first say that my choice isn’t based on a fighter being my favorite, isn’t someone that I feel is the greatest in any facet of fighting, but is in the top 10 in their division in every discipline. Let me list the criteria I have used to determine this answer.

1. Wrestling
2. Striking
3. Ground game(BJJ, Muay Thai, submissions, etc.)
4. Finishing a fight

A couple of my choices were Anderson Silva, but he doesn’t have top 10 wrestling. Georges St. Pierre, but he hasn’t put someone away in a few years.

The only conclusion I could come to is Jon Jones. Before you start to roll your eyes just hear me out. He was the better striker against Rua, considered the best striker in the LHW division. He outwrestled Bader and Hamill, both championship wrestlers. He has won by both submission and KO.

Looking at his short but impressive resume, I could only conclude that the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion is the greatest overall Mixed Martial Artist today….and he’s only 23.


Who’s the best overall MMA fighter in your opinion.

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