What makes you tick? How do you resolve it?

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I’ve seen a lot of angry people in my life-time. I’ve seen a lot of fighters [mostly the ammys] lose their marbles over a debate and turn their cage skills into a solution to a bar-room argument.

This one is short and sweet. While I am known to get ‘mad’ at a lot of things from simple things such as people typing ‘lyk dis’ and talking like their purposely being illiterate to skinny jeans and the like on males [lol]. But even in harsh situations, I tend to go the ‘calm’ route. I might not be able to out-fight someone – you WILL not be able to beat everyone. I prefer to take the high road and remain calm whether we can come to a solution or I allow maturity to keep me sane and not act out of anger.

As a fighter/fan; what are some things that REALLY aggravate you [fighters – when it comes to fighting / fans – personal life] – and how do you resolve them? Does trash talking offend you or do you give in to it?

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