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Alexandre “Vaca” Moreno – another of New England’s finest under HYPE’s sponsored syndicate. By a stroke of luck I was given the opportunity to sit down with Vaca and discuss his life story and his career thanks to his sponsor, Hype Xtreme. Although we did have a slight language barrier; we get to learn a bit about who Alexandre Moreno is and how you can contact him.


Jason Przewoznik: How are you today Alexandre? I want to start off by thanking you for taking the time in sitting with us and doing one of our unorthodox interviews! (lol). I usually like to start off by getting to know the individual before his fight career; would you care to share a bit about your life growing up and what was it that ultimately interested you in fighting?

Alexandre Moreno: I grew up in Natal, Brazil and its a great place to live; a lot beaches, good food, and great Jiu Jitsu. I was the little guy at my house and my brother was pick[ing] on me all the time. That’s when I talked to my mom [and asked her] to bring me to the gym to learn some martial arts. That’s how it all started. [I went to the] gym to learn some martial arts!

JP: Interesting, so you picked up Jiu Jitsu in Brazil at what age? Also, what age did you come to the states from Brazil?

AM: That’s [when] I was 14, but I did have to stop training BJJ at the time because [at that] time [I] use to have a lot fights on the streets; so my family took me out. I did start to do Judo at the school in Higashi where I did learn a lot about respect and discipline; also a lot Judo! Then when I was a brown belt, I tried BJJ again and fell in love with the sport. I came to the States 5 years ago.

JP: With a background in BJJ and Judo; would you consider yourself more of a technical fighter or do you also train strongly in striking?

AM: I’m training a lot [of] my striking; I try to get better everyday.  …My strong point is on the ground, but I like to get ready in all areas [of the sport].

JP: Great, are you currently Amateur or Pro? What’s your current record and weight?

AM: I’m a pro fighter at 185. [My record] is 13-2.

JP: Great record man! Care to share some stories about your career? Wins or losses that helped you train better or just great memories in the sport?

AM: My first fight, I was there in Brazil to watch an MMA show and one of the fighters didn’t show up to fight. …And my coach asked me if I wanted to fight. I was thinking he was joking and I said yes and he said,”So lets go, it will be in 20-min.” …and I’m like really are you [telling the truth?!]! I did win this fight; I broke my nose on the last minute of the fight, but I did good. [It was] a fight I’m never gonna forget. For sure a lot. Good memories, but the losses make you stronger inside because it’s really [a] bad feeling [and] when the important [thing] to me is to try the best you can…. win or lose, you will be fine.

JP: Very true; your losses are always your best instructors as well, but given the fact you have only 2 losses – shows you’re already ahead of the competition! …Now the nickname Vaca; where did this come from and what’s the meaning behind it?

AM: When I was in Brazil, I practiced a sport called Vaquejada. It’s a sport where 2 guys are on horses and when the bell rings they both take off fast after a cow that is running very fast. The objective is to wrap the cow’s tail around their wrist and drop the cow in between 2 lines. Vacating means cow in Portuguese. My friend from Judo called me that one day and I got really mad, so everyone began calling me it…(Haha). After a while I didn’t care anymore [and it became my nickname].

JP: Fair enough. Haha. What would you say is your goal for the next year in MMA? How about the next 5 years?

AM: My goal is get in the big show and do some good fights there.  …And keep growing my school, Team Link [in] Manchester, NH and give a good life to my family.

JP: Great; and we hope to see you in the big show! Do you currently have any fights lined up or any idea when your next fight will be?

AM: I need to defend my belt at Reality Fighting again in June or October; don’t know yet.

JP: Alright, well we will definitely follow your career and try to catch up with you closer to those months to see if there’s any news developing. What would you say your key motivator; what drives you to train hard and chase a career as a MMA fighter?

AM: I fight because I like to. [It] makes me feel better, it’s a great feeling.  …And when I do something, I like to do right. That’s why I train really hard for it. Also the support I have from my team, Team Link, my family and friends keep me work[ing] hard.

JP: That’s great man, thanks for sharing; very honorable and prideful! We’re winding down towards the end of the interview and I gotta ask our trademark question… Who is your favorite super hero …and why?

AM: Batman, he don’t have any super powers, he [is] just really good at Martial Arts!

JP: Haha man, same response I hear from every fighter. Batman is the hero of MMA! …Well Alexandre, I want to thank you for your time and allow you a chance to give some special thanks our shout outs… Is there anyone you’d like to thank before I let you go?

AM: I’d like to thank you guys for the opportunity. I want to thank all my family, friends, teammates, all of Team Link for the support. My sponsors – Hype, Tokkyo nutrition, my chiropractor Dr. Paul Cameron and my wife for all the support. Team Link, NH – love you guys!

JP: Thank you for that. Now I do have one more question… (sorry); If someone wanted to either sponsor you or set you up for a fight – who can they contact? Do you have a manager?

AM: I have a manager for my fights. (Marco Alvan) you can contact him and sponsors can go to him or directly to me at thanks guys

Found an older video of Vaca on Youtube, figured I would share it as well!

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