The Ultimate Training Mask Review

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The Training Mask is a ‘gas mask’ training tool that really proves to be an essential part of my workout regiments now. I decided to acquire this product and review it; to share my experience while using it. I’m going to start here with the ‘facts’ or what the site shares with us about the benefits of using their equipment.


What they say:

Elevation Training Mask helps condition the lungs by creating pulmonary resistance, your diaphragm is strengthened, surface area and elasticity in the alveoli is increased. Elevation Training Mask will help get your breathing under control and help with lung stamina, it can be used during running, cycling (stationary for beginners) and other workouts. If you train with less oxygen you can eventually go on for longer! Elevation Training Mask is great because it regulates how much air you can breathe in, making it so that you breath less oxygen, in turn making the air thinner (due to the low oxygen intake it’s similar to altitude training).

Following are the changes that significantly boost Athletic Performance when using Elevation Training Mask.

  • Increases in Lung capacity as your lungs have to work 9 times harder to get the oxygen in
  • Increases anaerobic Thresholds
  • Gas exchange becomes more efficient
  • Energy Production levels rise
  • Mental and Physical stamina increase
  • Mental Focus gets better

The Unboxing:

Well, the unboxing was unique. I received my package in the mail and immediately dove my keys into the tape and ripped the box open! Upon examining the contents I looked at it as if I was preparing for the apocalypse. A gas mask with stickers over the eye holes… Who does this?  I removed the mask from the bag, removed the stickers from the eye-holes and put the mask on without any tip on it and terrorized my mother. I then decided to put the yellow tip on and just watch TV for a half hour. Needless to say, I felt RIPPED and stronger than ever! …Well, not exactly, but I definitely felt the mask working; I felt that breathing has now become a task and not just something we automatically do. This was the yellow tip, mind you, the easiest tip it comes with. I then decided that the following day’s training would consist of using the mask when I went to hit the heavy-bag. I grabbed a paper and pencil and sketched out a weekly log. 


The Mask in Use:


Instead of boring everyone with the details of the log. I will say the first day with the yellow tip; I hit the bag for 30 minutes and all was going well. I then proceeded to switch to the Orange tip and hit the bag for 15 minutes more. Breathing got harder; I felt that my stamina was crashing and I was not getting enough oxygen. On that note, I took off the mask, placed it on my table and said, “Challenge Accepted!”.
During that week, I stuck to the orange tip (which is noted as 6x harder to breathe than normal). You can feel the mask almost like a suction cup; you can feel a slight suffocation while using this mask – which is why it comes with plenty of warnings to not sleep with it, over-train with it, and get used to it before you use it. I would say it took me 3 days or so to actually get use to using the mask for longer than 10-minutes at a time on the heavy bag…
The following week, I trained without the mask and noticed a difference; I took deeper breaths, I was able to last a little bit longer without feeling winded, and I felt better overall… but I was not done. I went back to the mask switching between the red tip (9x harder to breathe) and the orange tip (6x harder to breathe). I can’t get enough of it now. I feel that a 15-30minute bag session takes more out of me than hitting the bag for an hour or two. I feel that I am able to breathe better, last longer without tiring, and ultimately it even helped me quit smoking!


The Mask Itself:

The thing I like about the mask is it’s a 1-size-fits-all. The mask will cover any sized head with it’s elastic straps that are VERY easily adjustable. It has two extra large eye-holes so it does not distort your vision too much – you may face some small periphial disadvantages, but that’s why it’s for training and not for fighting. As mentioned in my previous comments about the actual use of the mask; there are 3 tips that are included – Yellow (3x Harder to Breathe), Orange (6x Harder to Breathe), and Red (9x Harder to Breathe). It’s recommended to use the mask without any tip or the yellow tip at first to just get use to the feeling; I would also recommend to either have somebody work out with you the first few times or pace yourself to give some proper breathing time as the mask WILL over-exert you.


Who is this mask for?:

Any athlete. If you’re looking to improve your performance, control your breathing, and/or increase your stamina; this is the product for you. The mask really is no joke, though. It will feel as if you’re being suffocated and breathing WILL be a lot harder. Many MMA fighters, boxers, and trainers a like use this mask. Many of the people we’ve worked with at KnockoutLounge also use it. You can see Robby with his training mask on – if you listen closely; you can even hear his breathing sounds constricted in the video below (he’s also wearing a pretty cool shirt!). I would definitely recommend this to anyone who would like to up their training to the next level.


Where can you get one?:

Many MMA retailers do have these Training Masks in stock and the price is usually firm at $89.99, but you can occasionally catch a deal off or even win a free one with their ‘Free Fridays’ on Facebook (link). You can also purchase this mask directly from The beauty of the training mask is their customer service [although some MAY disagree – hey, this is an unbiased review!];The Training Mask backs up their product 100%, should something as simple as your stickers falling off ; you can email them for replacements (stickers).

What others are saying about the Training Mask:


“Little” Patricia Vidonic (Women’s MMA Fighter): “Best cardio product out there! Hands down!!”

Johnny Dunn (Striker Fight Center Coach): “LOVE IT!! It helps with FIGHT ANXIETY more than any other training equipment out there. When you learn to fight past the fear of difficult breathing, it helps deal with the claustrophobia you experience in close quarter fighting….especially in MMA!”


J.A. Dudley (MMA Fighter – Plainfield, NJ): It teaches you no matter what output you are using on how to control your breathing & breath deep. Once you take it off your diaphragm continues to pull in air, but with ease. One of the best tools that I have used ever to advance my fight conditioning!”

Will Miller (MMA Fighter – Arnold, MI): “I think the mask is truly one of a kind and the best thing to teach you how to breathe right under harsh conditions. It can help anyone become a beast in an out of the cage, whether you’re fighting in the cage or are just someone who wants to improve your cardio. I suggest it to everyone that comes in to train!

Robby Gadberry (MMA Fighter – West Columbia, SC): “Prior to the yellow tip, which is the first stage of elevation, I used no cap at all for warm up. Even that is challenging. The training mask helps you focus more mentally and physically, so you get used to close quarters and anxiety. Overcoming the mask will definitely make you one hell of an athlete and your cardiovascular and strength training will escalate tremendously.”

Bottom Line:

All over the internet and the UFC alike; you see that this product is making appearances all over. This should speak for itself. You will see some negative reviews that claim the ‘HIGH ELEVATION’ concept may be false due to the fact that ‘oxygen’ levels aren’t actually decreased/increased as that correlates with sea level, BUT what it does claim to do and succeeds at is training you to breathe deeper and better while training your diaphragm in intense training scenarios. This alone is what makes this mask such a GREAT product for ANY athlete. I have personally used this mask for the past month and a half and I know for a fact that this little piece of equipment isn’t going anywhere. It is worth every penny of the $89.99 that it’s offered at.



Video Below is Striker Fight Center Coach – Johnny Dunn warming up with his Training Mask!

Owner of KnockoutLounge doing unorthodox flat-footed speed drills
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  1. Jim Davis (5 years ago)

    I find the mask is even good for the bodybuilder doing cardio, because you get greater effect in a shorter time, so you get the same cardio effect with less potential for muscle loss. The first week I used it, I JUST did elliptical cardio with it. The next week, I added in HIIT work with prowler, battling ropes, sledgehammer/tire and heavy bag. WOW! I then did a week without it, and yeah, the change was noticeable. I haven’t moved to the orange tip yet . . . but then, it takes me a bit longer to adapt at age 57.

    • KnockoutLounge (5 years ago)

      Completely agree with you Jim. The mask is really good for any athlete who is looking to increase his cardio performance. Also, great to see your still pushing at 57… Keep it up, and let the mask help you! I love the Orange Tip, though.. You’ll get there! :)

      • Jim Davis (5 years ago)

        Well, I managed to get through three rounds on the heavy bag/tire&sledge/battling ropes, and 15 minutes on the elliptical with the orange tip, but had to take the mask off to finish the half hour on the elliptical. It was interesting, the orange tip didn’t seem that bad . . . at first, but got harder exponentially toward the last of it.


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