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Tim Goodwin; a South Carolina fighter standing at 5’9 and fighting at 135 [looks huge for his weight!] has accepted to do an interview with us and we couldn’t be more excited to get started. So let’s just get into it! A big thank you to Lisa Webb for setting this bad boy up and pointing us both in each other’s directions!

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Jason Przewoznik: Tim, thanks for giving us a few moments of your time to discuss your life and MMA career. I’m no good at the introductions so I generally dive right into the context; I want the world to know who Tim Goodwin is; as not just a fighter, but as a beast born into this world in human form [haha]. Please tell us a little bit about yourself growing up and where you’re from!

Tim Goodwin: Thanks for taking the time to interview me, I appreciate the opportunity. I’m from Columbia, SC and growing up I would’ve been the least likely kid to ever become a fighter later in life. I was a nerd now that I look back on it. I wore really thick glasses and I played a lot of videogames and collected comic books. I did martial arts growing up but I was pretty much the least athletic kid ever. I took up wrestling in high school, got decent and it, then decided to wrestled in college. I wrestled at Appalachian State University and I did it because I liked wrestling, not because I was good at it growing up. No one ever explained how hard it would be going from being an average high school wrestler to competing on a Division 1 college team, but I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything in the world.

JP: Great man. Hey, it’s written that us nerds will inherit the Earth; you’re living proof! So you got into wrestling in your early high school years – and as you’ve seeen that it was probably quite different than the Royal Rumble video games we played back then, right? Haha. Do you have any experiences, stories or even anything that you learned throughout this wrestling experience that you’d like to share?

TG: I learned a lot, but the biggest thing is that I learned what it feels like to push my body to it’s limit. Wrestling season is a grind, sometimes it feels like it’ll never end. Two workouts a day then going back to the wrestling room because you’ve got more weight to lose. There’s money and recognition if you succeed in MMA, but in wrestling you do it purely because you’ve got a passion inside you that won’t allow you to stop.

JP: Very true; Now that passion has unfolded into a blossoming MMA career for you; what was it that led you into the cage and not staying on the mats?

TG: I finished up with wrestling when I graduated college. Being a pro fighter was never the original plan for me. I took up BJJ after college because I needed a physical hobby to keep me motivated to stay in shape. I started at Columbia Martial Arts my first or second week being back in SC after graduation. I signed up to do BJJ originally and Muay Thai classes were included so I started training that too. This was back in 2006. One thing led to another and I took my first amateur fight in Feb 2008 then had my pro debut July 2008.

JP: Awesome man; so would you say you’re more of a technical fighter due to the wrestling and BJJ background or do you prefer striking? Most of your wins appear to be by (t)KO.

TG: I prefer winning. I don’t really attach myself to one particular style, I’m looking for any opening possible to finish the fight.

JP: Don’t we all? Haha. So do you consider yourself a completely well rounded fighter or do you have a stronger suit? What does your average training consist of – weekly and pre-fight?

TG: I’m well rounded but wrestling is my strongest skillset. It’s the foundation of the way I fight and I can use it to either keep the fight standing or take it to the ground. My training is pretty intense. I train 2 times a day, 6 days a week when I have a fight coming up. Otherwise, I train every day and do two-a-days a few days a week when no fight is scheduled. In the mornings I do either strength and conditioning or BJJ. In the evenings, I wrestle, train striking, or do MMA and mix everything together.

JP: Nice man; definitely shows your dedication to the sport – making it a lifestyle and not just a hobby. Now; I see your nickname is “The Terror” …care to tell us how that came to be?

TG: The nickname doesn’t have an interesting story behind it. After losing my pro debut, I went on a 4 fight win streak with some big wins over solid opponents and I think that’s when I got it. I guess it just sounded good.

JP: Fair enough. Care to share any war stories or memorable moments in your career?

TG: War stories and memorable moments would describe my last 2 fights pretty well. My most memorable moment would be my fight from May 2010. It was my first fight in my hometown and I was the main event. I finished the fight with a huge slam KO in the first round. My next fight was my biggest war. I came out of it with a fractured jaw and a cut that needed like 5 staples, but it was a great learning experience.

JP: Damn, that sounds painful! What would you say is your motivator? What makes you walk out with a fractured jaw and still continue to step in the cage? What would you say is the toughest part about MMA? 

TG: My biggest motivation is to reach my potential in this sport. I’ve put my entire life into this so I can find out just how far I can get. The fractured jaw never once made me consider not fighting, injuries are a part of the sport. You just heal up and keep it moving. The toughest part of mma is the time and opportunities that are sacrificed to be great. That, and cutting weight.

JP: Spoken like a true warrior. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now in this sport?

TG: UFC champion

JP: Hah, no question there at all! I like that! Do you have any fights coming up in the near future?

TG: I am fighting Chris Cain on May 5 in Columbia at Caged Chaos 5. It will be the main event and there’s talk of it being for the Caged Chaos 135lb belt

JP: That’s awesome man; Main event AND a possible belt shot – very impressive. Chris Cain seems to be a tough opponent, he’s taken a win recently over two of the Striker guys I work with, but that should come to an end May 5th! I’m excited to hear the results! How confident would you say you are at this fight?

TG: I’m very confident. He’s a good fighter, so it will mean something when I go in there and put a beating on him.

JP: I can’t wait to see the results! Is there anything you would like to say to the other fighters on the rise or those who would like to get into the sport. Whether it’s something you’ve learned, something you dispise through the sport, or words of inspiration?

TG: I don’t have much to say. The fight game isn’t that complicated. Train hard, train smart, and make sure you have the right people behind you.

JP: Amen! Gotta ask the trademark question before I allow you your shoutouts and let you get back to training!! Who is your favorite super hero and why?

TG: Batman. He wins without super powers, he’s just smarter and better prepared.

JP: The choice of 90% of the fighters I’ve asked. I guess it’s safe to say Batman is the superhero of choice of MMA fighters! Haha. Well Tim it’s been a pleasure; is there anyone you’d like to give shoutouts or special thanks to?

TG: I’ve got a lot of people but I’ll try to keep it as short as possible. Just want to shoutout to Columbia Martial Arts, Athlete’s Arena, USC Gamecock Wrestling, all the various gyms and fighters around Columbia that I cross-train with, my family, my friends, and sponsors like Cageside MMA, Get Rung, Gladiator Mouthguards, and Carolina Comfort. Thanks to all of you for the support and a big thanks to Knockout Lounge for taking the time to interview me. Everybody check me out at www.timgoodwin.tv and follow me on twitter @timgoodwin135

JP: Great! I thank you very much for the time and the shoutout! We do this to benefit the sport and make sure you guys on the come up are known! I’m sure we’ll connect post fight May 5th as well!

TG: Thanks again, I appreciate it.


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