The Fallen Angel Rises Again!

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Dominque “Fallen Angel” Robinson, a great friend of the KnockoutLounge and supporter since day one; just as we support him and the Goon Squad 110% …A man who bad luck seems to follow, but never seems to keep him down. We wanted to catch up with him and see where he’s headed and what’s next for the Fallen Angel. You can check out our first interview HERE.


Jason Przewoznik: Dom! Been way too long brother! Last I personally heard about your career was when you and James went out to Russia to fight; let’s touch on that. How did Russia treat you guys? …and what’s been new since then?

Fallen Angel: Treatment in Russia was great, as well as the people and the culture. Saunas were kept open late for us, a great breakfast was served every AM, money was given to us each day to explore, we were taken around to sight see & taught about the culture & history of the people,  AND there was a strip club IN the hotel to boot! Everything was good about Russia but the fight itself. My opponent pulled out in front of me at weigh in’s and replaced with a 7-1 guy with 7 KO’s who I find out had near 53 Muay Thai & shot plan matches backstage before the fight as well, which they neglected to tell me. The fight was two rounds in which I was head butted twice, eye gouged, kneed in the balls, and pulled off the guy mid take down 2-3 times. The fight was ruled a draw & they added a mystery third round, which was mysteriously cut short at two minutes in and the guy mysterious was deemed the winner… The loss was heartbreaking after already having my heart broke CHASING Anderson Silva’s top student around for two rounds, whipping his ass in the third, somehow losing, and with the loss my title shot, and suffering the words of “you got F’ed” from Anderson himself, Dana White, Sven Bean, fans, fighters, media, etc.  Since then I’ve taken a break, got surgery and will be fighting NOT injured for the first time in seven years!

JP: Oh boy… Well, that chapter of your life is over, and you can only move on and stand stronger… the MMA world is definitely a shady one. Whats the surgery for and when will you be undergoing it?

FA: I already had the surgery and it was for my cervical spine. On top of training myself 8 1/2 of the 9-years I’ve been in this sport, I was fighting injured for the last 7. Basically, I had little to no function in my left arm… I was a 1-handed fighter. People hear me frustrated in many interviews, but I guarantee NO ONE has put in the work I have to get nothing from it in return… I mean, I’ve literally been in pain everyday and non-functioning the last seven years of my life…think about that.

JP: That’s rough brother; and also amazing how you’ve stayed so accomplished through it all! …Now that you’ve had the surgery, are you at 100% (in the physical aspect)? How is it adjusting to the difference?

FA: Still healing up, so won’t be fully functional until then. The immediate differences thus far have mainly been the lack of constant pain and increased speed and strength. It’s great and I’m excited to see how things turn out when I’m fully functional.

JP: Awesome! I hear you’re also under new management from the last time we talked. Hows that working out for you? I know you’re still recovering, but whats next for the Fallen Angel?

FA: This is my first REAL manager. I’ve tested others out, but they all did NOTHING; only worried about their “stars” – making empty promises or making me train for fights that didn’t exist. I’m with Tom Call now. I’ve known this guy about 8 of my 9-year career and he has always pursued me and saw great potential… If I would have been with him from jump; maybe I wouldn’t have gotten my soul F’ed by refs/judges like I have in all but 1 of my losses, but that’s in retrospect and we plan to make up for lost time as soon as I heal.

JP: Glad to hear that brother! It’s all a learning experience, especially in the shady world of MMA, but glad you’ve found a real manager and hopefully things start looking up… Do you have any fights lined up or any ETA on when we will see you back in the cage?

FA: Hopefully end of the year in December… but I can’t say where yet till things are signed, but it will be HUGE!

JP: So I guess we don’t get to get the inside scoop and twist it into a big media story? …Those bigger sites get to have all the fun! Mind if I throw out some random questions that I failed to ask in the first interview.. seriously, they’re random, but pertain to MMA, I swear.

FA: The big MMA sites don’t support me except one… It’s more about covering my own butt. You can ask whatever man! MMA or other, shoot!

JP: Just kidding with ya, haha. Whats your biggest fear when stepping in the cage?

FA: Letting down everyone who took time out of their lives to support MY dreams.

JP: Powerful… Who in combat sports is your biggest inspiration?

FA: My biggest inspiration…hmm. I’d say of all is Bas Rutten. Bas started MMA late, pushed himself hard to learn, which he had to do at an accelerated rate and became a champ. He has looks, charisma, and the intellect to have used a career to make another career to provide for his loved ones. I respect how he is one of the most honest people in the sport and well versed…plus we’re both Pisces.

JP: Haha, very true. If you could change anything in MMA as it is today [promotion/training/ANYTHING] – what would it be?

FA: I would change A LOT. The judging and refs are horrible! I would know as they are a major factor in my losses. The promoters are groupies and show favoritism to ex-UFC fighters, friends of UFC fighters and college wrestlers…the latter of which makes NO sense to me. Fighting IS and should be pure overall, but of course the more money that the sport has made the worst it has gotten.

JP: Completely agree with all your points…. It definitely has to change – hopefully we’ll see these changes in our time! Now, Women’s MMA – Dana white is looking to open this in the UFC ; what’s your thoughts on that?

FA: I LOVE women fights! They are sadistic! It’s like they let out the hate from all the shit men have put them through on each other…better than on us! lol. All joking aside, my male chauvinism made me against it at first like “can we have ANYTHING ours?!” But when I remember cards that bored me up until the girls fought, when I have a training partner like Invicta’s Sarah D, who is a great human being, hard worker, and one of my best training partners, how could I be against it?

JP: Haha, leave it to Dom to say something funny about the women. I also completely agree… women know what they’re doing in this sport. Big shout out to Sarah D! To book you for fights or any media contact information – with your new management, who and how can they contact them?

FA: They can contact the GoonSquad’s assistant extraordinaire, HBIC, Mz Tri at 510-461-3797 for various questions. If strictly about a fight and they have their thoughts in order, contact my manager Tom Call at 707-235-9047 for me or James Chaney.

JP: Awesome man, thank you for that. Now as usual, I want to give you the floor – before we head out of here, do you have anything you’d like to say that maybe I’ve missed or any words of inspiration?

FA: First off I’d like to thank my Goon Family of Tri & James because we’re always there for each other and well, a family. My man @dukeskywalker on twitter is like family to and is my only financial support in my career right now and
a blessing to know. My doctors, Dan of Main St. Chiropractic & Le Cara of Sports Plus; each do different things for my body and are amazing in different ways. Bobby from Onnit hooks me up with supplements that keep my brain fired up half the night (lol) and Adele at Resurrect Rock Rebel is making me custom hoodies straight from South Africa that will be on sale soon, as well as the rest of my sponsors on my site and my boy Antonio of A&R auto out in Tracy who’s painting my cars. My cutman Phil Mondello, MMA coach Val Ignatov, Strength Coach MJ, and striking coach Kirian Fitzgibbons, along with his wife and all my training partners at Combat Sports Academy are special to me and dedicate tons of personal time to me. I’d like to say good bye to Jeff Blatnick who I personally knew & he guided me early in my career and believed I would be great along with other people who have passed in Ryan Bennett and Eric Wray from AKA…I won’t let them down, nor my son & family.

…Also I’d like to say Thank You to my Mom, who is both my mom and dad for raising me, along with my grandmother; the strongest person I know. I’d also like people to support the dreams of Tom (@spilledbagofice) a great screenplay writer, Evan ( and his art, and Trinity (@missmauimac) a great …whatever she is to me (lol). Joking aside she is a great MUA and needs more attention and really should be working on celebrities. Last is my son… I do this all for you. Follow me on twitter, Instagram, voxer (@fallenangel510)

JP: Awesome… Thanks for taking the time to talk with us and letting us know we’re your at… Had a rough few days without power due to the evil Hurricane Sandy, but I just got power back. We will definitely catch up when you know for sure when you’re fighting again and get a deeper look into your training and your confidence to step back in the cage!! Keep doing what you do, brother!

FA: Thanks bro, appreciate it!

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