Quick Revisit with Nate “Teddy Bear” Williams!

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We’ve already had the luxury of interviewing Nate “Teddy Bear” Williams, but this kid is continuously blowing up. He’s been asking to do a follow up interview to take note of his excessive wins and belts he’s obtained since our last interview and I felt it was only right, if not an honor – to do it again!!

You can check out our previous interview at THIS LINK.


Jason Przewoznik: Nate, buddy! I’m sorry for the delay, but I wanted to get this out and hear a little more. This obviously won’t be as indepth of an interview as our first, but we’re more than happy to follow up with you and know what’s been going on! …So before we dive into your successes – anything you’d like to share about life in general since the last time we spoke, brother?!

Nate Williams: Thanks bro! How have you been?  I’m Excited to do this again and I signed with a new management and just loving and living life one day at a time, brother!

JP: I’m good man, thanks! Signed with a new management team? Who is that and what are your thoughts with them thus far? 

NW: No problem brother! The management I am signed with is called KO Dynasty Management. My head trainer, Josh Neer (UFC fighter) is also signed with them. I like them so far; they have a lot of guys in the UFC and Bellator.

JP: I heard the name before; not sure where, but if they’re treating you right and doing their job – you can’t complain! So since you joined up with them, what has changed overall for you?

NW: Well, now my name is in the UFC; Within next couple months… I hope to be in; I just got to keep winning! They got me in the rankings – I am currently ranked 19th in the world at 125!

JP: That’s awesome bro. I’ve been pushing your name as much as I can, especially with the opening of your weight class. It would be great to see you in the top promotion. …Just don’t forget about me, okay?! (Haha) I want to step back a tiny bit, though… You HAD 5 belts during our last interview. I know you’ve advanced beyond that in the past couple of months. Care to share some experiences INSIDE the cage and what’s happened since our interview September of last year?

NW: Thanks bro! God willing I make it and I won’t forget the people that where there for me! I have earned 3 new belts. All 3 were tough fights and I worked my ass off to win them. I also defended my MCC belt here in my home town back in January. I won with a second round submission. I am also on a 5-fight winning streak and I have submitted 3 out of the 5 guys I have fought. …And I won my first Muay Thai fight as well!

JP: That’s great man! You’ve been putting in work! Have you changed your training regiments since the switch, as well?

NW: Thank you! I have changed it up a lot. I never use to lift, but now I am lifting 4-days a week and also doing a lot more cardio! I am taking Josh Neer’s class like usual, but now on Tuesday and Thursdays I am doing their new Gi-Jitz class which is one hour and half long. I am going to start doing the Muay Thai classes on Monday and Wednesday as well. Everything has been great! I’m loving it! Josh Neer is an idol of mine and is a really good coach and so is Pete Peterson, my stand up coach. If you want to get better fast, Roundkick is this place to be!

JP: That’s cool man, I’m happy for you! Now, besides the obvious goals for the near future; what’s next for you?

NW: Nothing big. …I just want to become the best fighter I can be and God will take care of the rest!

JP: Glad to see you still keep a humble, yet dedicated attitude! …What’s your views on the UFC opening the 125 lb. division and why do you think you deserve a shot there – besides the fact that you’re unstoppable? Haha

NW: Thank you bro… My view on the UFC getting the 125 division  is…. FINALLY! (haha)  …Why do I think I deserve a shot? Well I think I am an exciting fighter and hopefully God willing it will be soon!  …I have been beaten  I am far from unstoppable.

JP: Again – humble, humble! (haha). Let’s make this fun – So if you were given the opportunity to speak with Dana White and/or Joe Silva regarding your 125lb status — what would you say?

NW: Thats a hard one! But I would tell him about my journey of fighting and how I got where I am. Fighting in the UFC is my dream and I feel I am very close to acheiving it! Not many people get to pursue their dreams, but God willing – I will!

JP: Amen, and I hope you get your shot brother! Is there anything else you’d like to leave the fans / readers with before I let you go? I know you’re in between weight cuts and working out – so I don’t want to keep you too long!

NW: Thank you Jason it means a lot!  …I just want  to thank all my sponsors and supporters from the  beginning; they’re there through the thick and thin. I want to thank my head coach, Josh Neer; my Muay Thai coach, Pete; and my team that has helped me get me where I am at today! Without you guys I wouldn’t be here! Most importantly I’d like to thank my heavenly father, Jesus Christ! Thank you and I’d like to leave with saying, “Anything is possible if you put your mind to it!”

Thought this was a pretty bad ass stare-down. Nate definitely looked like he was ready for war.

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