Should MMA give in to theatrics?

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I loved pro wrestling from the first time I saw the Ultimate Warrior run out of the locker room and into the ring. I would watch WWF/WCW for 15 + years before growing out of that phase of my life. In my younger years it was all about the action, watching two men fight until one was declared the victor.;when my teenage years began it became about the bigger than life personalities. Watching the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock hold 20,000 people in the palm of their hands with words, not actions, mesmerized me.

I am now in my late 20’s and have come full circle back to wanting to see two fighters square off, only this time the fighting is real and the outcomes aren’t determined weeks in advance. Nothing shows true athleticism and heart like the sport of MMA and I am a full blown addict. My love of Hogan and Austin have been replaced by Jones and GSP.

However I have once again become enthralled with the ability of someone to not only compete in the sport, but also in their ability to handle a promo. Take for instance Chael Sonnen. Like him or hate him there is no denying he is a brilliant mind behind a microphone. His fight with Anderson Silva won fight of the year, but what was just as impressive was the PR blitz that occurred leading into the fight. Whether it was his comments on Lance Armstrong(which he vehemently denies saying) or Silva himself, it seemed to become a daily “What did Chael say today?” watch.

Now almost a year later while we wait the return of Sonnen another fighter has stepped up his talking game: Josh Barnett. His open workout before his fight with Brett Rogers was a staged WWE-style match and his post-fight comments were meant to rile up the crowd and get a reaction albeit it positive or negative.

My question is do we as MMA fans want to see this kind of thing in our sport? Do we want to mix combat sports with sports entertainment? Will it help legitimize MMA or hurt it?

I personally love when fighters do this as it help promotes our sport. It doesn’t matter what is said by these athletes, you either love the sport or not and someone’s behavior isn’t going to change that. Maybe it’s the influence that pro wrestling has had on me or maybe I am the majority voice when I say this: Keep pushing fighters to let their personalities come out when they have the microphone!

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  1. Jason "Knowledge/Cain" Przewoznik (6 years ago)

    I agree that they should give in to ‘hype’, but not WWE type theatrics. Sonnen, Rampage and the rest of the shit talkers make it interesting. “Can he back it up”? I enjoy a ‘fight’ before a fight, makes it more personable and the fight that much more interesting.

  2. Anonymous (6 years ago)



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