Shane Carwin….The Most Underrated UFC Fighter

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Shane Carwin is the most underrated, underappreciated fighter that the UFC has today. He has been the most dominant Heavyweight in the Octagon for the last 3 years. But to hear people talk, it seems like he is thought of as a second tier guy. Well I am here to remind you of how devastating his run has been.

Fans will say that Carwin isn’t on the same level as Cain, JDS, Brock, etc. and my question to you is, Why? Let’s face it, Shane beat himself in the Lesnar fight, not the other way around. His cardio wasn’t the greatest and it’s something that he has admitted and has taken steps to correct. If he had the energy to put up any kind of defense, Brock would have never gotten that choke position so easily. If he hadn’t run out of gas, he would have continued to pummel Lesnar’s head into the cage and gotten a referee stoppage. Now you may say this is all what-ifs and could-have’s, but I truly believe it to be true.

Looking at his 5 fights in the UFC, I can only name one other fighter with as dominant a run. Even though he took the loss against Lesnar, no one can deny that he was winning the fight handily until he gassed. So out of 5 fights Carwin has faced two future UFC Hall of Famers (Mir and Lesnar), two gimmes(Wellisch and Wain), and a fighter who at one time was considered the next big thing in the HW division(Gonzaga).

Let’s now compare Carwin’s history with that of his next opponent, Junior Dos Santos. First off JDS has a loss against a no-name M-1 Global fighter. Now looking at his UFC career he has had 6 fights. He has fought one future Hall of Famer(Cro Cop), two gimmes(Yvel and Struve), one common opponent(Gonzaga), and two average guys(Werdum and Nelson). Pretty even resumes to me so let’s move on.

Carwin has fought a total of 14:31 in the Octagon, Dos Santos has fought for 35:14. Carwin has finished or been finished in all of his fights and Dos Santos has gone the distance once. This stat shows both men’s dominance in their fights and their ability to finish quickly. However it does show that Shane is a better finisher in his fights.

By the way have I mentioned that Carwin couldn’t feel his right arm in any of these fights? And that he has corrected this problem through back surgery?

Basically what I’m trying to say is that I don’t see why everyone is so in awe with JDS and are so quick to count out Shane Carwin. The opponents are even, the fight times favor Shane, and one fighter hasn’t had feeling in his arm in over 2 years, yet he is the underdog.

Shane Carwin WILL beat Junior Dos Santos and WILL be the UFC HW champion come this fall. He can KO anyone and can wrestle with the very best, I mean he was a wrestling champion in college, and has brutally dismantled everyone he has faced with just one hiccup on his resume. I challenge anyone to tell me that he is not in the same category as Cain, JDS, Overeem……and I definitely challenge you to tell him that.

UFC 131: Carwin vs. Dos Santos is Saturday, June 11.

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One Comment

  1. Cain (6 years ago)

    Carwin is an animal. I’m kind of psyched to see him vs. Cain after his victory in UFC 131.


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