Are you Tuff N Uff? Meet Amateur Fighter Sean Francis

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Are you Tuff N Uff? Meet Sean Francis!

Sean Francis is an amateur fighter who has the Las Vegas scene buzzing. Fighting at 145-155lbs, Sean plans to make a name for himself and hopes to remain undefeated (while currently boasting a 3-0 record). As an Army Ranger, Sean is never afraid of confrontation and will never refuse a fight. Sean looks to secure his place in Ammy MMA / Tuff N Uff history and take home the belt in June 2014. We're definitely in his corner and hope to see Sean continue to follow his dreams as an MMA fighter. Read below to learn more about Sean Francis.

Sean Francis

Early Life:


Tell us a bit about yourself, where did you grow up and what was life like growing up? (Family, school, friends)

I grew up in Detroit, MI. It was always rough, but made me the man I am today. My mother was raising two kids alone, with no help. She did school, interning, and worked while still being a kick ass mom. She was judged heavily but worked hard and became a 2-time Emmy Award Winner and 5-time Pulitzer Nominated Photo Journalist, despite the odds! That's where my motivation stems from. Dreams become a reality if you work for them!


Were you involved in any sports as a youth in or outside of school?

I was always around some form of combatives. My mother had me in Karate,  Tae Kwon Do, and Judo. I wrestled a little in freshman and sophomore year (of highschool), and my Aunt Annie got me into boxing around 16 which really started this whole fighting obsession. I come from a family of martial artists, my aunt uncle and mother are all black belts.


What is your favorite child-hood memory?

I used to go to bomb ass summer camps! I would have adventures and it really helped me develop as a person.


Any interesting child-hood stories and/or fun facts?

I was always introverted and cerebral as a youth. I enjoyed speaking with adults and learning more than playing with other kids. I was dreamer. still am. I always saw myself becoming a champion of some sort.


Getting involved in MMA:


How did you get involved?

I was an Army Ranger. I made it one of the most prestigious units in the world. This gave me the confidence, bravery, and determination necessary to become a champion. After the Army I went straight towards my dream and moved to Vegas.


Sean Francis Army


What discipline did you begin with and care to share a bit about your early experiences learning the sport(s)?

It's hard to say what I began with. I remember power bombing my brother and having wrestling matches on the front lawn at a very young age. And I also remember practicing Katas in day care. I loved this stuff since birth man!


At what point did you know you were ready to step in the cage for the first time?

I trained two years at Xtreme Couture and switched to Syndicate about a year and a half ago.

I wanted to make sure I could crush my opponents everywhere before I took my debut fight.


When the cage locked behind you in your first fight, can you recall what what through your mind? How did your first fight turn out?

Well, it was in a ring first of all! It was like a dream. I fed off the crowd and felt good that night. This is my world. I had so much fun. It was a TKO in the 3rd.


What are 3 things you've learned while being involved in this sport?

To believe in myself despite what anybody else thinks.

This sport is about believing, focusing, and realizing your dreams. It completes my life and makes me feel alive.

This sport has made me humble and showed me where I stand in the world of fighting I've trained with some of the best and realized that there is somebody out there who always will be able to kick your ass so this keeps me motivated and training hard watching my diet and behaving in a manner fitting of a champion.





What gym are you currently fighting out of?

Syndacite after two years at XC.


What is your current record (ammy/pro) and at what weight?

I am 3-0. My victories were by one submission, one TKO, and one decision. I fight at 145 pounds to 155 pounds.


Do you currently have a nickname in this sport? If so, what is it and why?

"Furious" Sean Francis. I once exploded on a journalist in front of Rudy Morales for asking for a ride. I was cutting wieght in full fight mode; I have a bit of a furious temper. Not to mention, it sounded cool!


If you could improve one aspect of your game, what would it be and why?

Hitting harder! Whether it be kicks or punches. I wish I could knock people out with one punch because it would make It would make things much easier! (LOL)


What is your most memorable experience as an MMA fighter?

My first win. It was like I am here, this is for real, the dream begins!


Any interesting stories to share or learning experiences whilst fighting you would like to share?

While training I always thought fights were going to be 100% harder than the actual training and yeah it's the opposite to me. Fighting is the fun part. It's the reward and the payoff.


If you could offer one bit of advice to an aspiring fighter what would it be?

Learning as much as you can about the human body. Master your instrument. For destruction you have to maintain it and continue to train it to the absolute limit. Learn about it, educate yourself about not only the different parts of MMA, but also how to get the most potential out of your body.


Would you like to give a shout out to any sponsors individuals who have supported you?

Norm Turner strength and conditioning! John Wood,  John Gunderson and the crew at Syndicate Mixed Martial Arts. I also would like to thank The Rooster for setting me up with my fights and all of my sponsors (they) help me along the way, there aren't many. I'd also like to thank Gil Martinez for being as supportive as he's been as my boxing coach… I'd also like to thank my Mother for inspiration and I would like to actually shout out to sponsors… to get some sponsorship. I need money! (lol). I'd also like to thank everyone at Tuff N Uff for the opportunities they give to all of us fighters on rise!




What are your goals for the future in the sport?

My goals for the immediate future are to become the Tuff-N-Uff Champion and remaining undefeated and to eventually go Pro in my home town.


What are your thoughts on the current state of the sport and where it's headed?

I believe that the UFC had a monopoly over the sport for a long period of time and now new budding organizations are rivaling the largest promotion in the world. I think it is only a matter of time before the next generation of fighters sign with these opposing organizations and they rival the UFC… which means more money for us which is very good! (LOL0


If you could change one thing in the sport, what would it be?

I wish fighters could get paid closer to what boxers get paid.


Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

I see myself as a business owner homeowner and very successful MMA fighter as well as fitness personality.



Fun Facts:


Favorite Food/Dish:

Pizza is my heroin. I miss pizza and I definitely will abuse pizza once these fights are over!


Favorite type of Music:

Old-school Motown music reggae hip-hop and rock but honestly I listen to just about every kind of music as long as it doesn't suck


Favorite Movie:

Rocky I and Rocky II


Favorite TV Show:

Dexter and Breaking Bad


Favorite Quote:

"It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a supremely sick society" -J. Krishnamurti

"Adversity makes man prosperity makes monsters" -Victor Hugo


Do you have any children? Do you plan on having any/more?:

No kids


Best day of your life:

Becoming a ranger and my first fight.


Interesting/Unknown Fact about yourself:

I'm an airborne paratrooper as I already mentioned and I am also a fan of pro wrestling!


Favorite Hobbies:

Everything fitness! I like to lift, I like to do yoga, I like to do Pilates, I like to hike, I like to swim, I like to hang out with my girlfriend (Diana), I like to box, and I like to do JiuJitsu… I like to train!


Who is your favorite super hero and why?

My mother. Cliche much? Maybe, but she is my inspiration!




Facebook Page/Fan Page:  Sean Francis


Twitter: SeanFrancisMMA


Manager Contact (for sponsorship/fight inquiries): THA ROOSTER AND RUDY MORALES



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