KnockoutLounge announces HYPE as OFFICIAL clothing sponsor**

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Presser written by Dave Say, owner of HYPE-Xtreme Fighting.


KnockOut Lounge Believes the HYPE!

KnockOut Lounge a current top blogger on the web has decided to announce that they will use HypeXtreme as their official apparel sponsor when it comes to MMA. KO Lounger says, “The Hype is Xtreme!”

PRLog (Press Release) – Feb 22, 2012 –

After a what was seen as a good start to a business primarily being seen on Facebook and Twitter HypeXtreme is at it again. Owner DS says this, “We are looking to grow with people and companies that believe in what we do and who we are!” KnockOut Lounge owner/operator has been blogging and supporting HX since their beginning days back in Sept 2011. KO Lounge has often times gone out of their way to make sure HX sponsored fighters are seen, not just on their website, but twitter, and Facebook. When two started working together it was a good vibe and great cross advertisement. Now it looks like it is a growing business relationship, that might be compared to Brady and Welker of the New England Patriots.
KO Lounge approached HX and asked if they would be interested in a bigger role with the blog website. HX quickly agreed, and the terms were set. KO Lounge will be one of the first and few official affiliates of HypeXtreme. You will be able to go to the KO Lounge website and recieve discounts on Hype Gear/Apparel as well as have the opportunity to take part in contests. Owner of KO lounge had this to say about the upcoming partnership,’ Hype is a great company, that treats people fair and does everything they can to help fighters,” Wow, a company looking to help people and fighters? Where did HypeXtreme come from? Who are these modern day samaritans? Check out their website and find out. and


KnockOut Lounge is a fan based site. They strive to help bring faces to names and names to the world of MMA. With sponsorship and affiliations such as this one can the stigma surrounding MMA change? Can this affiliation bring a more positive spin and make the “Cage Fighter”  more of the guy next door, or your school teacher? The previous comment was actually in lieu of Rich “Ace” Franklin. This is the first step of many for both KnockOut Lounge and HypeXtreme. We hope to see hear from you as to what your take is on this and everything else we are bringing. Check us out! Believe the Hype, It’s Xtreme!’

Jason Przewoznik is the owner of was created to provide a haven for up and coming Mixed Martial Artists to share their stories and their careers with the fans; Supporting ALL fighters on the rise in a not-for-profit community.
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