Outside Da Cage with Faith Van Duin

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New Zealand's Faith Van Duin is next for Outside Da Cage.


Faith comes from Bay of Plenty suburb of Papamoa, New Zealand. The 27 year old is the youngest of 4 children, having two brothers and one sister.

Faith has a family of her own as well. Faith is raising two daughters; Rangimarie, who is 12 and Rererangi, who is 8. Faith said her daughters are her world and they are the reason she is doing this or doing anything (for that matter). 





Faith said she was home-schooled her whole life. Before she started fighting she was doing the same work as she does now, a manager at a holiday park. Faith said being a mother always has challenged her to set goals and fulfill them. 

I asked Faith what she likes to do in her down time, she said going fishing and diving. She said she loves anything to do with the sea. When asked where she would like to travel to, she said she would like to go back to Israel. She wants to take her daughters to the Praying Wall there. I asked her about her religion and she said, she knows there are so many religions out there but she believes in all things are possible.

I asked Faith if she had ever been to the United States. She said, not yet, but when she was 8 she went with her mum and her friend to Singapore, Bangkok, Rome and Israel; was away for 2 months traveling. She said it's something she would love to do with her daughters. 

What's Faith's favorite food? "I love food (lol) food is my down-fall, its probably the hardest thing about fighting; is having to diet." 
Her favorite food is pasta. Faith said when she comes to America, the food she wants to try is BBQ ribs. 

Faith loves animated movies and her favorite is The Lion King. When watching TV, she likes to watch Sons of Anarchy.

I asked Faith is there something your fans would never expect from you, she said "It would have to be, before my first stand up training I had never hit anyone before." 
Faith said she watched a fight with Ronda Rousey about 2 1/2 years ago with her brother and Faith said she was like, "I can do that." 

Faith said she talked with her mum, set goals and started training. Faith said before training for fights she had never done any sport at all.

This New Zealand based fighter will be traveling to the United States and step foot in the Invicta FC cage. Faith is hoping to gain some international fans and bring them the best from the Land Down Under. 


Faith, Welcome to America!

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