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With a recent win over Felice Herrig in Invicta Fighting Championships, and now a member of the TUF 20 house, Sam Wilson spends a few moments with Tecia Torres to learn about who she is, Outside Da Cage.


Sam Wilson: Everyone knows you as the Tiny Tornado, quick fast destructive and leave a path of destruction. I have seen photo of you being quite girly growing up. Tell me about "Growing up Tecia". (ie where you were born, siblings, school)


Tecia Torres: I was born in Fall River, Massachusetts. I have 2 younger brothers and an older sister. We came to Florida when I was in elementary school. I'd go visit my dad up north every summer. Never really liked Mass, I've always favored the Florida lifestyle. I was always a great student, the teacher's pet. My discipline in school came from starting martial arts at the very young age of 5.

Sam Wilson: Do you have a favorite time in your life that you like to go back to?


Tecia Torres: I really enjoyed playing soccer in High School. I wasn't the best player, but it was so much fun. I loved the team spirit and time we would spend together on the field and off.


Sam Wilson: If you were not fighting, what would you be doing?


Tecia Torres: I would be working in a career related to one of my degrees. Either Criminal Justice or Sociology. Most likely something to do with helping women and children.


Sam Wilson: Whats your favorite book, movie and food.


Tecia Torres: My favorite book would be a childhood favorite "Love You Forever." Movie – Anything with Melissa Mccarthy. TV-wise, I love Game of Thrones and The Following. Food – My favorite meal is rice, beans, steak, & french fries…Spanish or Brazilian doesn't matter!


Sam Wilson:  What is your favorite Quote?


Tecia Torres: "Success isn't given, it's earned."


Sam Wilson: If you could go ANYWHERE in the world, where would it be?


Tecia Torres:  I'd love to visit Thailand or Brazil. & I wouldn't mind going to Dublin again.. it was my greatest experience yet.


Sam Wilson: Being a fighter, you have alot of athletes looking up to you, WHO is your idol or inspiration?


Tecia Torres: I have lots of Idols in the sport. Those who have come before me and some that are right next to me now in the sport. I really just admirer hardworkers. The athletes with something more than just talent. The ones that you can see the passion in their eyes! No one in particular though.


Sam Wilson: Ok, I have to ask, because you seem like a person who LOVES pranks…Name you favorite thing you did to someone in the name of a laugh!


Tecia Torres: In my house we always scare one another. We have a TED costume and we often take turns randomly scaring one another with it or guests.


Sam Wilson: In closing, if you could tell your fans ONE thing about you that they would NEVER guess, what would it be.


Tecia Torres: That I was born with 2 different color eyes. A blue and a brown one. At around 1.5-2years old the blue turned light brown. So now 2 shades of brown eyes. Some people notice immediately and others never. Also most know but still til this day I have never had a sip of alcohol, a cigarette, or down drugs. Lastly outside the ring I'm a big baby. I often don't like to talk too much about fighting either just because I'm always around it. But it usually is the subject of conversation wherever I am.

Sam Wilson: Tecia, THANK YOU for taking time out of your busy schedule to give your fans a different side of you. I wish you the best of kick ass luck in the TUF 20 House. Keep on bringing the storm!


Tecia Torres: For sure. Ready to earn that belt!


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