Outside Da Cage with Invicta’s Cindy Dandois

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Outside The Cage with Invicta's Cindy Dandois
I sent questions to Cindy asking her who she was outside the cage. I found out she is an AWESOME person. Take a look and find out WHO Cindy is.
Cindy is a loving mother of three beautiful kids. She has a girl that's 7, a boy that's 6 and her baby girl that's 2.
At the moment, Cindy is not married but hopes that she will find the perfect man who will be an awesome dad as well as a great husband. Cindy said up until now, she has not had the best of luck finding that special man. Cindy said, "If I would have THE CHANCE to marry one day and if God allows me to, I think my life WILL be complete."
Cindy has a very admirable job. Cindy is a teacher and she adores her students very much.
Cindy is also the sister of Ben Dandois. The owner of her gym, her trainer, and her best friend.
I really like her next answer. Cindy said she loves Jesus and she loves going to her church with her kids.
Outside of training and fighting, Cindy loves spending time with her family. She loves being a real Mommy. She loves to cook and spoil her loved ones. Cindy also likes to be home with her dog and friends. She said she is a very simple person.
I asked for her favorite photo, she sent the one attached
because the pic gives her a very nice feeling because her brother really wanted to meet Miesha, and then she pinched THE SHIT out of him so lovely how he turns red! (She chuckles)
Cindy lives in very small house in Deurne, next to Antwerpen, Belgium. She says she doesn't need any luxury, as long as her kids are healthy and happy.
I wanted to know what her favorite movie was and favorite food was, she said her favorite movie is The Notebook, and her favorite tv-program is Bold and The Beautiful.
Cindy's favorite food is chicken and french fries (who are in a fact not french wink) and stoofvlees; that's a Belgian specialty. She also loves chicken and cheese.
Cindy FAVORITE place to go is for sure Disneyland!
When asked what she does for down time, she replied that she doesn't actually have much time for herself. She takes care for the kids, goes to work and goes to training. Cindy said she is praying to one day have a husband to come home to, to cook for and to take care for. She said that's all what she is missing in her life.
When asked what she wants after her fighting career is done, Cindy she she wants more kids. She said they fill my live with love and joy. Cindy wants A LOT more children. She said if God wants me to and with the right man, I would live to go to 7 Kids.
So outside the cage, Cindy is a teacher, a sister and a devoted mom. She seems like a cool person to have as a friend! 
Cindy recently signed with Invicta FC and will be coming to America to show case her fighting! 
Thank You Cindy for letting us know who you are!
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