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Jason Przewoznik: Nick Beal, Fight Of the Year award holder and Striker Fight Center fighter; How the hell are you doing? I’m turning up the pace and diving into this as we’ve been in talks, but never had the chance to really get the ball rolling. Why don’t you give me a quick rundown of who Nick Beal is; putting fighting aside, tell me a bit about how you grew up ?

Nick Beal: I’m doing great. Well I’m originally from Delaware, I’ve got my twin brother Chris… (of course you know this) and I also have a younger brother, Patrick, who is 19 and plays football for Chattahoochee Tech. Growing up with two brothers has definitely taught me how to be tough. With a lot of built up testosterone and constantly having to share, we were bound to butt heads. I’ve played all kinds of sports from skateboarding to basketball, but in high-school I was all about football and wrestling! …Now as you can see I’m all about MMA!

JP: Hah, yea I can see that! — Fight of the Year Award recepient even! We’ll get to that in a bit, though! What is it that sparked you getting into MMA was it full blown Mixed Martial Arts at the time or did you pursue one art and switched up?

NB: Wrestling in high-school definitely set the spark! There is nothing like that feeling of just pure competition. I had a shoulder injury my Junior and Senior year and wasn’t able to perform as well as I wanted to during the wrestling season. I ended up getting surgery to fix the tear in my shoulder when I graduated, but I still had that itch to compete and redeem myself from the way I performed. I knew about a gym that my friend Daniel Rex had been going to “Tuf Martial Arts” and only heard good things… So my birthday week I went down to Tuf with my birthday money and made my first payment and the rest is history!

JP: I seen your friends last name at an MMA gym and laughed (haha) …Rex-Kwan-Do from Napoleon Dynamite.  But moving on… So I assume you made a full recovery from the shoulder? And with a wrestling background and stepping into Tuf what differences did you experience in your training what disciplines did you take on?

NB: “Break the arm and walk away, break the arm and walk away.” (hahaha) Never gets old! The biggest difference in my training was definitely the pace. The first class that I took was Brazillian Jiu Jitsu with Black Belt Juan Guavara. In this class I learned to slow everything down and learn every detail step by step… even after class when we would roll the pace would be very slow and methodical. Where in wrestling everything was “go go go!”. A couple weeks after that, I started doing stand up classes with Stevie Broughman. Obviously with wrestling I wasn’t accustomed to kicking and punching and that was an even bigger leap than Jiu Jitsu for me. At least with Jiu Jitsu I had a basic concept of control and transitions, but this was a new world for me! Stevie has taught me so much and opened my mind up to a new way of learning!  … And yes, my shoulder has made a full recovery, although I wouldnt say it is at 100%. I still have to be careful with it and I don’t like getting put in Americana’s

JP: I’m sure you’re not the only one who hates being put in Americana’s or any submissions at that! haha. How well do you think you’ve adapted to being a well rounded fighter coming from more of a ground game background?

NB: The wrestling background has helped me adapt very well to MMA. With Jiu Jitsu I already had the concept of control, timing, and transitions; where a guy with no background would have to learn that while learning the basic moves. So, for me that was one less thing to worry about and it gave me a little bit more time to focus on the stand up aspect of the fight.

JP: How confident does your current training regiment make you feel about getting in that cage? Whats a normal training schedule like for you?

NB: I am always confident about getting in the cage. I have a great group of trainers and sparring partners. 4-6 weeks away from a fight I like to be in the gym 4 or 5 times a week. I also want to make sure I’m getting enough rest as well as training. I’ve got a coach for boxing, a coach for Jiu Jitsu, a coach for Muay Thai, a coach for wrestling, and a coach who brings it all together. So I am always confident when I step in the cage!

JP: Great man! It’s always great to surround yourself with the best! Whats your current fight record? …I also noted that you won GAs fight of the year award… how does that feel? Care to share a little about that fight?

NB:  My fight record is 5-2. Both losses were to good wrestlers. Yes, I was very excited to get an award my first year fighting and never would have expected fight of the year! So basically in this fight I got taken down a lot! He was a good wrestler and was a high level purple belt in BJJ, so he was able to control me very well on the ground. It went 3 rounds and the judges gave him the split decision. It was a very tough loss for me. Now all I do is wrestle and work my ground with striking a couple times a week. This next fight my wrestling will be unstoppable!

JP: That’s awesome man. Do you have any fights lined up so we can see the wrestling monster, Nick Beal in action?!

NB: Feb 25 in Charleston! I’m fighting for the 155 lb. tournament belt. I am very excited to put on a great show for South Carolina!

JP: Nice. This is the same event as your brother and Cody Maiden? …And we’re going for another fight of the year award, right?! 

NB: Yup my brother is on the card as well. Of course!! I always like to try and put on a good show. I love winning, but it’s not as good if the crowd isn’t having a good time.

JP: That’s an awesome way to see it. Got to be an awesome card with the Beal Brothers and Cody on it!! I know you guys are training hard so I don’t want to keep you too much longer, but I do have a question unrelated to MMA.  …You and your brother both have the same tattoo… care to let us know what it is and what it symbolizes?

NB: Haha. You can ask me as many questions as you want, it’s been a pleasure. But, yes we both have identical tattoos. The “R” is the first letter of our Mom’s maiden name, we are very close to our cousins on my moms side so all of our cousins have the same tattoo as well.

JP: Ah… that’s cool man! I was afraid to ask wasnt sure exactly what it was or symbolized! Well definitely be doing more questions in the future I just wanted the world to know Nick Beal and how he got his start! …Now for the fun one! Who is your favorite super hero and why??

NB: My favorite superhero is Batman. He is human and doesn’t have any super powers, he has to train martial arts and lift weights just like the rest of us!

JP: Haha. Your brother said Robin! Aw you guys love eachother! …Before I get to the shout-outs and the goodies; is there anything you’d like to share with aspiring fighters or anyone in the MMA game?

NB: Train hard and always keep an open mInd to new ideas and techniques!!

JP: Short and sweet, but definitely the most important thing in the game; keeping an open mind. Is there anyone you’d like to give a shout-out ? Also, should potential sponsors or fight promoters pop up, who can they contact to get in touch with you?

NB: For sponsorships and fight venues they should contact Juan Guevara or Lisa Hudson Webb. I want to give a shoutout to everyone at the gym for beating me up!

JP: Haha. Shoutouts to getting beat up! Keeps you strong and keeps them happy, right?! Thanks for spending some time with us, and I hope to catch up post the February 25th fight with you, Chris and Cody over at Striker!!

NB: I will man. Talk to you then!

Chris and Nick Beal Sporting their T-shirts!

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