From cuddles to kickin’ butt! Nate “Teddy Bear” Williams

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Nate Williams is a fighter sponsored by our partner, Death Punch Fight Wear. When I did our interview with Paul over at Death Punch – Nate reached out to me and asked if he could get an interview as well. There was NO WAY I was turning down this opportunity. I did, however make him wait a few weeks before I was all caught up, but we finally had a chance to sit down and let Nate speak!




Jason Przewoznik: Thanks for the time to sit with us and allow us to learn a little bit about who you are. …Let’s start this off! Tell me alittle about yourself, growing up, what you do…..

Nate Williams: I was born in Waterloo, Iowa. I lived there until I was 16 years old then moved to Des Moines, Iowa to live with my dad; I wrestled for 16 years, I wrestled college and I boxed when I was younger. My main sport at the time was baseball, but fell in love with wrestling. …At first I hated it, my mom made me go out for it! I didn’t want to wrestle because I didn’t like what I had to wear, but I got over it and I am glad I did!

JP: Guess it’s safe to say you’re not a fan of wrestling tights, eh?

NW: Hell no! (Hahaha)

JP: I thought about wrestling when I was younger, I think I may have even started to, but wasn’t a fan of the tights either, and that was kind of the end of it (lol). Amazing what our mothers make us do, right? So you said you wrestled obviously, and boxed when you were younger; How exactly did you get involved in MMA? When did you start training?

NW: I got started in MMA about 2007 my buddy in college asked me to come and watch him and corner him. I told him I would. I get there…   …and he signs me up to fight! It was my first ever MMA fight, never trained for it a day in my life and I fought a kid that was 9-0. I TKO’d him in the second round! I went 10-0 before I had my first loss. I started training MMA a little bit in the summer between wrestling season just to stay in shape. I was ranked number 2 in the Midwest, and I was 49-9 as an ammy. I turned pro in 2009, I went on a 9 fight losing streak because I wasn’t training like I should have been. I was fighting at 145 and 135… I made the cut down to 125, training full-time with UFC veteran Josh Neer, I started training with Josh Neer last August; Now I am on a 7 fight winning streak. U have won 4 belts training under Josh. Right now I am 15-10 overall at 135/125 and at 125 I am 9-3 with 5 belts; at 125.

JP: That’s where I’ve seen a lot of people’s downfalls during interview sessions. Once they turn pro, their amateur training regiments [or lack of] sometimes need work. I am glad to see you seen your holes and are on a mission now! How often do you train now?

NW: I train everyday, 2 times a day.

JP: What do you feel are your strengths and weaknesses in the cage?

NW: My strengths are my Jiu Jitsu and my wrestling;  My weakness, well its not my weakness because I am getting better at it… But my stand-up isn’t where I want it to be, but it is getting there!

JP: In your career, do you have any highlights, memorable fights, or favorite fights you’d like to share?

NW: I think my most memorable highlight so far is when I won the 4-man tourney for the MCC (Midwest Cage Championship). My other career highlight is I took a fight on a 1-hour notice and I fought up 2 weight classes; I tapped the dude out via Rear Naked Choke!  I also won the warrior spirit award. My favorite fight? Well, I have 2. First one is when I fought in March in the finals for the MCC title; I fought Tony Crowder, he was the biggest shit talker and I shut him up for a little bit. Now he is back at it asking for a rematch! My second fight is when I fought for True Revelations; I fought Brandon Wood… It was a back and forth fight, I finally tapped him out in the fourth round via Armbar.

JP: Nice! Pretty intense fighting on a 1-hour notice at a higher weight class, instills some fear in your future opponents ! You’re always ready for war! (lol). So you’ve went through it all. Amateur record of ass-kicking, to going pro on a horrible streak, to a constant win streak. Not trying to make this an awkward interview, but I have to ask about the 9-loss streak, how did that feel? How does it feel reigning victory after that streak? What was it that brought on the huge change?

NW: …The 9-fight losing streak really sucked! (lol). I wasn’t training like I should have been, I was taking fights for all the wrong reasons. What changed I was tired of losing! (haha). I quit my job and focused on training and I moved gyms. Now I train with UFC Vet. Josh Neer and WEC/M-1 Vet. Chuck Gisbie at new beaginnings boxing/MMA; …and I train at Des Moines Jitz with Kevin Burns, UFC Vet as well.

JP: Must be great seeing triumphing over that. When was your last fight?

NW: My last fight was for Extreme Challenge 191 (8/26/2011), I fought Jake Klemme for the first ever 125 title!

JP: And I’m assuming you won that title during this fight given the fact that you’re listed as the champion? (haha)

NW: Yes, I won that fight.

JP: Nice man, congrats! Holding all those belts must feel nice. Do you have any plans for your next fight yet?

NW: Well, right now my next fight is depending how my knee turns out I tweeked it in a wrestling match, but if the doctors says I can fight; my fight will be a match defending my MCC title!

JP: Great, let’s hope you recover ASAP and are able to defend that title!! When you’re all healed up, what exactly are your plans for your future in MMA?

NW: My goals for MMA are easy; I just want to become the best fighter I can be and get better each day!  …I see myself in about 1 year …in a bigger show, hopefully Strikeforce or The UFC!

JP: Great, and we hope to see you there in that year. I’m going to hold you to it! Going to do a few quick / random questions to switch up the style here a bit – Let’s try this one out! Where did you get the name Teddy Bear from – to be honest, I’ve NEVER been intimidated by a Teddy Bear, I can pretty much kick any Teddy Bear’s ass! (lol).

NW: My grandma gave it to me when i was younger; Because I liked to cuddle, but I could be mean when I had to be!

JP: That’s pretty interesting, it’s unique and dedicated to a family member. Also, I made a joke before, in which you didn’t laugh, but nobody sees a Teddy Bear as ‘intimidating’ until they get their ass kicked by one! (lol). Is there any UFC fighter that you’d love to fight?

NW: Tim Sylvia, I met him in real life and I can’t stand him!

JP: Uh oh, fighting words! Tim Sylvia vs. Nate Williams coming soon! …He’s going to have a lot of cutting to do, or you’re going to have a lot of eating to do for this one!! Speaking of UFC, last one of my random questions; What was your view on the Page v Bones fight as well as the Koscheck v Hughes fight?

NW: I like Kos’, I like his fighting style. I like Matt too, but he is to old school for me  …Rampage is too cocky, I don’t like him… Now, Jones is a beast; I like him he actually went to college here in Iowa at Iowa Central in Fort Dodge, Iowa, where my wife is from.

JP: I agree on Kos, I actually always had something against him, it may have been the hair. I actually did respect him a little during TUF 1 when he threw Southworth in the Sauna (haha), but he was my favorite – he kind of grows on me, especially that he’s so hated and his attitude is great. I am a huge Page fan, I love the cocky-ness because even though he’s a shit talker and extremely cocky, the fact he shows respect win or lose once the fight is over; he knows how to hype things up! I was a little upset for his super-human ass to get choked out, though. Alright, moving on – let’s throw out our trademark question; Who is your favorite super hero …and why?

NW: My favorite super hero would have to be Spider Man; The reason why is because he doesn’t take shit from anyone and he is all over the place!

JP: (I laughed…) He’s all over the place, that’s a good one! I was definitely partial to Spider Man as a child, loved the secret lifestyle, but yet he wasn’t as flamboyant as Batman or Superman. The part I hate the most, our closing comments and special thanks! Is there anyone you would like to give a special thanks or a shout-out to while I still got your attention?

NW: I want to give a shout-out to Paul with Death Punch; He just lost his mom and I am dedicating my next fight to him and his family! I will keep them in my prayers! …And I want to give a thanks to everyone that has supported me through all  the ups and downs!

JP: Very good. Yes, our thoughts are with Paul as well, he’s a great guy and was definitely a sad time to see him going through this, but he always keeps such a positive mind-set. Got to respect that! Last question; If someone were to want to contact you for an upcoming fight or a sponsorship request, is there a contact in your management to set this up?

NW: If you need to contact me, you can call me: My cell # is 515-770-3129 or Email me at

JP: Great! Thank you very much for your time Nate; I hope to work with you again in the future, especially when you get healed up and back in that cage!

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