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By | January 19, 2012 at 11:35 pm | No comments | Discussion | Tags: , , , has been around for quite some bit. When we first started Knockout Lounge they helped us out for a little ad space, and now that we’re slowly on our build-up. I wanted to put a special website review and information page up about them.


Speaking with Aaron over at MMAHQ, I asked him to simply describe and give us a brief little tidbit about this website and what it does:

“We distribute a large number of brands to schools via and we provide a great customer experience for our Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai practitioners on MAS ( with great brands, exclusive products, free shipping and free 365 day returns.

But what about the people that want to save money? We were able to negotiate deals with both established brands and up and coming MMA and BJJ brands to bring one great deal a day in MMA via and one Gi or BJJ gear deal via to our customers who want great gear, but don’t always have the cash for the gar they want.”



Service: I personally have never USED the site, but have been involved with MMAHQ. I have had 2 local friends of mine buy from them and said the service was exceptional. So for that part of the review as to ‘service’ and  I’d have to give it a great rating.

Layout/Ease of Use: Couldn’t be any simpler. Shows you the item of the day and a big “BUY NOW!” button, which I would hope is self-explanatory. Then of course the option to share and ‘comment’ on the item is there. The use of the comment feature seems to be trolled often, but at the same time people also give their input on the item – giving a ‘water-cooler’ review system to guide you on your purchase.

What they sell: To be blunt, it’s a hit or a miss. I check the site daily and though I’ve never bought anything due to lack of funding, there’s always at least an item a week that I’d be interested in. Most of the items I personally don’t need, but the beauty of it, is the item changes daily and some of the items are just AMAZING deals. We don’t walk into Walmart expecting to buy everything there, so there’s no qualm about seeing an item you’re not partial to on MMAHQ.

Final Say: Definitely a great site to check out daily. There’s no reason to not. You may waste 30 seconds of your day [really?!], but you’ll definitely see a few items that’ll peak your interest. Aaron is very easy to deal with and what he’s doing is similar to site’s like Woot!, but for the MMA guys like us! It’s definitely up there on my favorite sites and I do check it daily.

Jason Przewoznik is the owner of was created to provide a haven for up and coming Mixed Martial Artists to share their stories and their careers with the fans; Supporting ALL fighters on the rise in a not-for-profit community.
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