Who Will Dethrone Jonny Bones?

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As we have watched the upward trajectory of the career of Jon "Bones" Jones, one can't help but wonder what his weakness is. His record is 13-1 but it seems that the only way this athletic freak can lose a fight is if he beats himself. So I have been asking myself lately, who...

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After Okami….What’s next for Anderson Silva?

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He has done everything. He has beaten everyone put in front of him. He has dominated two weight classes. He has revolutionized Mixed Martial Arts. Now the only thing to ask is, What will "The Spider" do if he beats Yushin Okami? One thing we know for sure is that there is no...

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TUF 13 Finale Predictions

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How great it is to have two UFC events in successive weekends. After having two events in eight weeks it feels like MMA overload right now. A stacked card at UFC 130 left us with some great fights and there is no doubt that the TUF 13 Finale will excite as well. As I wrote in my...

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Shane Carwin….The Most Underrated UFC Fighter

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Shane Carwin is the most underrated, underappreciated fighter that the UFC has today. He has been the most dominant Heavyweight in the Octagon for the last 3 years. But to hear people talk, it seems like he is thought of as a second tier guy. Well I am here to remind you of how...

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Why MMA is better than boxing

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I'm not one of these mma vs. boxing people. I feel that it isn't one or the other but that both can co-exist in the sports world. Boxing is the sweet science, a sport that was visible during some of America's darkest times. Whether it was Jack Dempsey during the first World War...

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MMA HQ’s Monthly Offers!

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MMA HQ offers one great MMA gear deal a day. Each sale lasts just 24 hours, or until the item sells out. Today's deal is: Clinch Gear Team Quest Sublimated Performance MMA Shorts for $28 Sublimated side panels. Interlined waistband for extra body and comfort....

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Could Guida/Pettis be Fight of the Year?

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If I were to sit and list the 5 most exciting fighters in today's MMA, my list would go like this: Jose Aldo Clay Guida Jon Jones Anderson Silva Anthony Pettis The fact that two of the athletes I just mentioned will be fighting this weekend, and that it'll be a non-PPV...

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