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Featherweight fighter Ran Weathers hooks em up with Jared “Demon Eyes” Downing this coming Saturday, June 25th, at Shark Fights 16 at Ector County Coliseum in Odessa, TX. With a fight only days away, Knockout Lounge was fortunate enough to sit down with Ran, an up and coming fighter whose biggest moment to date was a fight with Jonathan Brookins, eventual winner of season 12 of The Ultimate Fighter. The fight was one of the battles to determine who would make it into the TUF house, and a unanimous decision loss sent Ran packing. A fearsome striker, Ran was overwhelmed by the wrestling prowess of Brookins, and all 3 judges scored it 20-18 for Brookins. As you will see, it pointed out to Weathers a rather large hole in his game.

Ran was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1982, and after graduating high school attended Kennesaw State University, 20 miles north of Atlanta. While there, he began training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. In 2007, he was recruited to teach at a new school for American Top Team, where he taught until early 2008. He has been with Greg Jackson’s MMA ever since.

Craig Nelson: When did you first start training in martial arts, and how did that transition to MMA?

Ran Weathers: I started training BJJ the same month i turned 21, and fought my first MMA fight a couple weeks later. I lost that, by the way.

CN: Wow, who put you in that fight?

RW: Haha, I did! My coaches wouldn’t let me, but it was something I wanted to experience.. something drew me to it.

CN: So, against coaches advice? Did you learn anything from that?

RW: I learned that I had a new love!

CN: Who did you train BJJ with, and what belt rank are you?

RW: I’ve trained with a lot of good black belts, but I don’t own a GI, so I’m still a blue belt…

CN: What is your strength as a fighter?

RW: Strengths are I hit hard, have a good guard, and a lot of heart…

CN: And weaknesses?

RW: My weakness is my wrestling, which kind of sucks because this guy(Downing) is supposed to be a good wrestler, from Iowa, no doubt. But I’ve been working on it A LOT!

CN:  Who have you been working wrestling with?

RW: Olympic wrestler Willy Parks!!

CN: Nice. Who was your toughest fight, win or lose? And why?

RW: Billy Stamp or Ryan Williams. Both losses. Stamp just beat me up really bad, and Ryan came in 15 pounds heavier and slowly wore me down until late in the 2nd when he elbowed me to death. Ryan by the way was a college All-American wrestler and in the California Hall of Fame for the same thing.

CN: You’d think he’d be better at cutting weight then…

RW: Haha, it wasn’t his fault. His contract said 170 and mine said 155. I still fought him anyway.

CN: Oops. Fairly glaring error on the contract there. What guys have improved your game the most?

RW: Willy(Parks) has improved my wrestling leaps and bounds. I’m 200% better. Marcello Garcia made my BJJ a lot better. Greg(Jackson) has made my mind extremely powerful.

CN: Favorite fighter to watch?

RW: I love the really good BJJ guys… everybody is wrestling now, so I’m excited to see anyone still using submissions. I like to watch Wanderlei Silva, always have!

CN: Why do you fight?

RW: Hahahaha! Self preservation; if I didn’t I would be serving a sentence somewhere.

CN: Too much aggression?

RW: Too many inner demons!

CN: And you seem like such a nice guy. Is that ’cause you beat the shit out of those inner demons in the cage?

RW: EXACTLY! Even with that I still have tough days though…

CN: No doubt. Is the infamous Greg Jackson Trail of Tears as hard as it looks?

RW: Haha, yes it is! But I get through it.

CN: Who’s your favorite superhero, and why?

RW: My gramma, because she saved my life many times.

CN: How sweet. And unexpected. Last one. How would you like to be remembered as a fighter?

RW: As a mother fuckin’ WARRIOR… who fought the toughest and baddest mofos…and fought a LOT! Lame, I know…

CN: I like it! Anyone you’d like to give a shout out to? Sponsors, family, friends, training partners?

RW: Yes! thanks to my sponsors, Turf Warrior, Wholesale Health Direct, Tricoasta, and Mezereon Management! And my teammates…and coaches. And my gramma… I love you very much!!!!!!! Also special thanks to Greg Jackson and Willy Parks for specifically getting me ready for this fight.

CN: Nicely done, sir. Anything else you’d like to add?

RW: This is going to be my year! After this fight I’m looking to get signed and move on to the next level. I want to fight the best in the biggest organizations.

CN: Thanks for spending some time with us, Ran, and good luck on your fight Saturday!

RW: Thanks!


Image courtesy of  Mezereon Management and Lisa Hudson Webb

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