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The Mass Suit; created by Juke Performance, Inc. is one of the next big things in not just Mixed Martial Arts training, but any athlete in the business of keeping in shape. The Mass Suit is a ‘suit-like’ contraption that uses resistance bands to increase your performance; and it can be used during ANY daily activities. Let’s hear a little more about this from the guys behind the suit themselves, though!

Jason Przewoznik: Good Afternoon and thank you for taking the time to talk with us. I want to start out by asking you to give a brief introduction as to what Juke Performance, Inc is… How did you guys get started and what’s your mission?

Mass Suit: Good afternoon Knockout Lounge. Thank you for connecting with us about the Mass Suit. Juke Performance Inc. was created in 2006. The owner of Juke Performance Inc., Jesse Nicassio, was a former football player who dabbled in the NFL for a little bit playing for the St. Louis Rams and the Indianapolis Colts. During that time he created his first product called the EZ Kicker which was made to help kickers and punter practice their form in the small confined place such as your backyard. He realized that many athletes didn’t have football fields to go train at and if they did the fields were an hour away. The EZ Kicker is a football that is attached to a 16 foot elastic cord that attaches to a stake that you put in the ground. You kick the ball practising your skills and technique while the ball comes right back to you so you don’t have to chase it. Yes yes I know he made kickers and punters lazier than they already are!.
After the EZ Kicker development Jesse Nicassio was still training hard and during that time he was always pulling his hip flexor. He wanted to create a product that would aid in his leg speed while still training and not having to stop. As you know as an athlete at a high level you can’t stop and if you do your cut. Well one idea led to another and the next thing you know he developed a full blown training suit that would help increase the levels in athletic performance for all athletes.
That was the start of Juke Performance Inc. The companies mission is to give athletes and weekend warriors the edge to be better than the best.

JP: Nice, so there’s a bit of a history behind Juke – to be perfectly honest prior to the Mass Suit I haven’t heard of it. It is definitely true; in any sport – if you do not dedicate your all to training and always being prepared, you face being cut for someone who shows more hunger. Which as you mentioned allows athletes and weekend warriors the edge because it allows them to outperform and push their limits even doing normal daily tasks… Can you explain the concept behind the actual creation of the suit and what you expected to achieve?

MS: Yes there is some history behind Juke for sure. Juke really didn’t get on the map till Mass Suit. The Mass Suit was created with the concept of helping one reach their goals. Mass Suit was first designed to help the aid in lifting a leg to help in pain relief for a hip flexor. It also had in the back of the mind about helping people with cancer as they became very fragile and bone density and muscle started to deteriorate. Jesse’s mother became ill with cancer and he was trying to create a light weight suit for her to wear so she could still workout and strengthen her legs. During that time he was very involved with MMA. Combining all of them together, Fitness, MMA and rehabilitation, the full body Mass Suit was developed. The Mass Suit to this day caters to all 3 plus more. It took about 2 1/2 years to get the Mass Suit up and running. Went through about 3 prototypes. We still work hard to perfect the suit to make it better quality and for every specific individual for their needs.
We saw a need for MMA that could use some type of training tool to help with leg speed and power. As Jesse market researched products out there and knowing the function of the human body and what helps a person become more explosive with more endurance created the concept of a full body suit. Working the body simultaneously is one of the best workouts out there. Thats why the Mass Suit is a one of a kind intense training tool.

JP: Intense it is!! You said it took 2 1/2 years and 3 prototypes; I also noticed that you have recently been through what appears to be an upgraded suit – do you want to share a bit about your trial and error in perfecting this suit?

MS: Yes 2 1/3 years to get it down and its still a work in progress. It was all the inches and finer points that take a long time. Jesse actually created the first suit in his garage sitting on the floor teaching himself how to make rings and rubber bands and how to sew things together. It was tons of trial and error. Thats what inventing is all about. You will go through dozens of errors before you hit something right. Sometimes you may never get it right.

Yes the upgraded suit is really catering towards the one size fits all. I would love to tell you exactly what we changed but I have to leave our competitors something to think about. The new suit is better quality, more comfortable and made for more intense training. We had some early glitches in the beginning like bad manufactured bands. That manufacture got fired! Then other parts werent comfortable. Like I said, it’s the inches in the game that make people stand out and thats what were perfecting.

JP: Interesting; the fact that you’re letting it all out shows a lot about your company and what you guys do. Now we’re looking at a suit that’s been aimed at benefiting not just the athlete, but anyone looking for a way to push themselves; Could you give us an in depth breakdown of exactly how? What does the suit actually do for us; on all levels of fitness?

MS: Well we will let people only know so much, haha. Like I said we have to keep our competitors guessing. People want to see companies that are real and that they can relate to. We have never been handed anything and created this company from the grass roots.
The suit works almost every muscle in your body. From the time you put the suit on it starts to work your legs. It’s pulling on your shoulders which is engaging your core the entire time. The suit will increase your levels of performance in speed, strength, stamina, power, endurance, explosion and agility. It will provide faster muscle twitch with resistance in every stride. The resistance to your kicks and punches wiill eventaully turn into speed and power. The Mass Suit works the body simultaneously which is one of the best workouts for the entire body for endurance training. It will increase your breathing and teach you how to breath with your stomach and chest and not just your chest like most athletes. With all of this this will increase your red blood cells giving you more energy output. Your fitness level will increase in many areas making you a more dominate athlete.

JP: Haha. Damn competitors. Well we definitely got the feel for the suit, which will also be followed by a review from KnockoutLounge once we save up our lunch money and purchase one. At the current time does Mass Suit have any endorsers or do you currently sponsor any athletes [or open to sponsoring athletes at the current moment]?

MS: Yes we do sponsor athletes. We have sponsored many UFC fighters, Strikeforce Fighters, King of the Cage fighters, professional boxers and many more. We are always open to sponsor an athlete. You have some in mind?

JP: I ask the questions here (haha), but at the moment I do not; Should some arise – you guys will be the first to know. We’re going to wrap this up as you’ve definitely provided adequate amounts of information to give the fans the feel for what your suit offers. Is there anything before I get to the good stuff that you’d like to say to aspiring athletes or any experiences you’d like to share regarding the Mass Suit?

MS: Haha, I forgot you ask the questions on this interview! All I can say is if you have a dream go after it no matter what. Push yourself to the Max, use every recourse you have to be the best. Remember nothing last forever so get it while you can. Thank you very much for the interview. Can’t wait to talk to you again.

JP: Absolutely man. I greatly appreciate the time you’ve taken in this interview and hope we can see the Mass Suit help our MMA and Boxing community develop their skills! I also feel like before I let you go I need to ask our trademark question, it just wouldn’t feel right. Mass Suit’s favorite super hero and why? 

MS: You are very welcome. I would have to say for the super hero question it would be Superman. I say Superman because every time someone gets in the suit they always say they feel like Superman and especially when they take it off. They feel like they can jump a 100 feet and fly. It’s so funny to watch peoples faces and reactions when they first get in the Mass Suit!

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JP: Thanks a lot! Knockout Lounge fans; Save 10% by using the coupon code: Masssuit002! We hope to see all of our fans in one of these and I promise a review WILL be coming soon once I put this bad boy through a test! 


If you’re interested in purchasing a suit; you can view information on the product at

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