Brad “Machine Gun” Mountain

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Brad Mountain is a fighter who everyone loves to watch; energetic and always ready to bang. 6 out of his last 8 fights were marked as ‘Fight of the Night’ and he’s constantly working hard at improving his game. He just recently made the switch to his Pro Debut in which he took the win with a 1st round submission. Now we have the chance of speaking with him to hear his full story and get a deeper look into who he is.


Jason Przewoznik: Brad, Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us. We have a lot to go over and a lot to learn about you as a fighter and as a person – so let’s get right to it. Who is Brad Mountain? Tell us a bit about your life growing up and what it was that led you into the sport of Mixed Martial Arts.

Brad Mountain: A little about me… I was your typical kid, loved sports, but I got hooked on motocross and skateboarding and fighting went hand and hand with them. Later in life I was your class clown, always in trouble in school and always doing dumb stuff. I did take up boxing at a free place which is why I enjoy banging. After school I went to the Navy and got in trouble too; got discharged and when I came back my father took me too an MMA fight. I saw Charlie Brenn fights, and from there I was hooked! I had a buddy who had a fight and we would get boxing gloves and slug it out in the living room for fun. He then took me to train… and again I was hooked!

JP: I can relate to the class clown and always getting in trouble doing dumb stuff, haha. How old are you now and how long ago was it that you started training?

BM: I’ll be 23 may 21 and I started training when I was 20.

JP: Go figure, my birthday is May 22nd. …Was there any specific discipline you took on when you started, or was it strictly a mixed martial arts academy?

BM: I trained af a school named Dignan Brumbaugh MMA, they were world class judo guys, but they taught MMA and they had striking coaches too. What I liked they [about them is they] didn’t try to change my style we built around it and  it made me a better fighter.

JP: That’s the type of gyms I like to see. If everyone fights by the book without their ‘own style’ it can be pretty boring [BJJ by the book for example]. So are you still at this school or has time changed this? 

BM: I was training there and I ventured up to Tim Boetsch’s gym too to help with my wrestling, but I recently moved to Myrtle Beach where I train at Fitness Edge MMA.

JP: Interesting… Then let’s discuss your Amateur career a bit; what was your record as an ammy before going pro? 

BM: My ammy career was rocky, four straight wins then 4 losses; but 3 were split decision I fought hard battles – tough guys, I never wanted an easy fight. There is no need for them. I started at 170 and now found a home at 155. I fought a lot of guys, most with all winning records… actualy only 1 had a losing record. I made my coaches in PA a promise that I would go pro under them and I did such.  I knew I wanted to make them proud and plus the fact Revgear has shown a lot of interest in me, gave me that extra push!

JP: You had fight of the night for 6 of your 8 fights – obviously you knew how to put on a show. Do you have any stories or any information you’d like to share about your time as an Amatuer fighter?

BM: My first fight was against Luke Yohmen, we came out at a fast pace and didn’t stop. We were slugging hard, at one time we grabbed the back of eachother heads and just started swinging! The rounds in Ohio are 3-min longm but it was such an exciting fight it went over 4-min. I came out second round and TKO’d him. I also fought John Whitten in my 4th fight and he was a monster! Came out like a monster; push kicked me straight from the start… half way across the cage! We were back and fourth for three rounds and I won that by split decsion.

JP: Very interesting bro, great stories! Now that you’ve went beyond your amateur career made your pro debut – do you think you were overall ready for the change?

BM: Yea, I felt ready. I enjoy fighting and I fought with Ohio rules which are close to pro rules… I also fought VA, rules which are pro rules, just shorter rounds. I felt it was a good move for my style of fighting, but in the same sentence, I can always get better and that is what I plan on doing! I want to come up fast, stronger and better this next fight!

JP: We definitely seen by your impressive 1st round submission – you really wanted to make a point in your debut. What do you think is next for you? Do you think you’re going to take your next one within the very near future or taking some time to adjust yourself to the change?

BM: I got offers already for June, July and May… I’m just going to see how my training goes. I think my next fight will be in July for Complete Devastation back in PA. It’s a great card. I want to improve my game more and work on my cardio and learn as much as a can. This is my career; if I want to chase this dream, I need to do it right and not just fight for a pay check.

JP: Hopefully if you take that fight, I can take the drive from NJ! …That’s great that you want to take a little bit to improve your game – you have a dream in this; what is that? where do you see yourself a year from now?

BM: My dream is to fight on a well known fight card, but I know I have to prove myself. So, in a year I see myself still grinding it out and fighting tougher guys trying to make it somewhere. Honestly, I know I don’t have extreme talent, but I do this because I enjoy it and I won’t stop unless I have to. I’m 22, so I don’t see that anytime soon!

JP: That’s very true, and with time you will also get better. If this is truly a dream of yours, you’d take the time to master everything you can no matter how ‘good’ you may be at it. You’ve been in the game for 3 years, is there any thing you can share with the readers who may be trying to get into the fight scene?

BM: Leave the ego at the door! If you go in and get beat up at practice ,that means you’re at the right place. Learn from it, don’t be afraid to ask someone for help; MMA is a family!

JP: Definitely wise words from a young man. Appreciate that. Well, Brad… I really enjoyed this interview which means there WILL be more to come, before I let you go – I have to get through two more questions! …First would be our trademark question – who is your favorite super hero, and why?

BM: Hong Kong phooey because he just beats ass!

JP: Haha Phooey is the man… Good choice! …Next is all up to you. If you have anyone you;d like to give a shoutout to or any special thanks!?

BM: Revgear for having taken a chance on me and Foundation Fight Co.  Dignan Brumbaugh MMA and my father. Everyone there has helped me so much and helped me become a better fighter; I can’t thank them enough!  Also,  my girl Molly Hoskinson and Fitness Edge MMA in Myrtle Beach!

JP: That’s great brother! It’s great to have a following that supports you 100% as well as a manager who really shows they care about your progress and not a dollar sign! I really enjoyed this interview and look forward to the rest of your career that I hope to be a part of with some more follow ups as time goes on!

BM: Thank you for helping me get my name out there!

JP: No problem! Keep in touch and we’ll be right behind you supporting!




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