“Little” Patricia Vidonic – Discusses her life and her upcoming fight on April 13th!

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“Little” Patricia Vidonic, born in Medford, Oregon – currently living in and representing Billings, MT ; is a female 115lb. fighter that steps in to the ring showing she means business! With a 5-2 record she is currently being matched up against Felice Herrig this week (April 13, 2012). I wanted to take this time to get to know ‘Lil P’ and hear her story of what brought her into Women’s MMA. One thing I must say that I admire about Lil’ P is when you go to her Facebook page, there are over 100 ‘fan-related’ pictures. WAR LIL P!

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Jason Przewoznik: Little P! We finally got some time to sit down and get this done! I want to get to know your path in Women’s MMA, but prior to – as in all my interviews… I want to know where you’ve come from. Who is Patricia Vidonic? Tell us a little about growing up and what ultimately interested you in fighting.

Lil P: I am a 32 year old professional MMA fighter and domestic engineer; you know a fighter, mom, and wife. I grew up in Medford, Oregon as an only child; losing my mom to breast cancer when I was 15. Had some rough times, figured life out(as much as a teenager can) then ended up getting pregnant with my son when I was 18. …Now, in my later 20’s I figured out what I needed/wanted in life. You don’t know these things when you are a dumb kid. During my marriage I met a few decent people, and one being Jason. We were friends for a few years before we ever got together. I had always watched MMA, so it wasn’t new to me; however, the logistics were what was foreign to me. One day in the Summer of 2008, Jason said he was going to start training another local girl where we lived. I asked if I could try it out, so I did. It was all over from there, after a couple practices he said I had a natural knack for it; so we worked from there. I had some personal issues to take care of; did that, then in January 2009, I started training again. I had my first amateur fight (which I won, unanimous decision). We [Jason and I] went from arm bars to wedding vows. Today tells the rest of the story…..

JP: Well if that isn’t a love story right there – that’s wonderful. So roughly 4 years ago was when you first started physically training which ultimately led to your first fight a year later… What did you initially train when you had trained with Jason? You mentioned Arm Bars prior to the beauty of wedding vows; were you trained more in a technical aspect such as such as BJJ; or did you dive right into a MIXED Martial Art.

LP: I guess I should have stated, I only trained for 1 month in the summer of ’08. I had my first fight and started training again approximately 4 months later. Everything I had learned is specifically for MMA. I have no previous background in anything; I never boxed, wrestled, or did any type of martial arts before starting MMA at 29 1/2 yrs old. We don’t train with gi’s, and we are not belted. There are a lot of big name fighters who aren’t belted either… (lol).

JP: Haha, and that’s the beauty of just naturally being in the game as you were told you had a knack from day 1. …Yes, many big names aren’t belted, that’s the joy of fighting – training and knowledge are a plus, but it’s really the heart and the will of the fighter that earns the victory. I noticed that your pro fights that you ENDED, were all by submission; do you prefer to be technical or on the ground?

LP: I prefer to be well rounded (lol). I am known as a ground fighter; however, I am working my entire game everyday. I am comfortable wherever the fight goes.

JP: So you’re not afraid to stand and bang or take it to the ground. What does your training regiment consist of? Is every day MMA or do you separate striking and rolling days aside from conditioning?

LP: We work all techniques for both ground and stand up. We do them seperately as well as together. I train all day, so by the end of it I have ventured thru every avenue of the game. Not many days go by that I don’t work something, I also strength train 4 days a week, not including cardio/conditioning with my mask!!!

JP: That’s awesome! Little Patricia is an animal!! Speaking of the Training Mask; they currently sponsor you to my knowledge, correct? How would you say your training has improved, if at all by implementing the use of the Mask? Do you really notice the changes besides being unable to breathe? 

LP: They sponsored me for my fight in February. They have major contracts with the UFC so since this fight is on HDNet, they cant. Understandable. …I have noticed a dramatic increase in my cardio, stamina, and my all around game. The mask isn’t magic, you have to work hard in it to get results (as with anything). It’s quite amazing though, making you work in many physical aspects, as well as mentally. It’s not that you are unable to breathe, because there is air coming in, it’s just limited. I recommend the Elevation Training Mask to anyone wanting to improve themselves physically. They are worth every penny.

JP: I completely agree. Way to correct my bit of humor! Haha. The Training Mask is a training tool; not magic – but if you use it during your training, you WILL notice a difference! …Also with the politics, even if they aren’t sponsoring you for your HDNet fight; they know Lil P is representing them! …Let’s step away from training a bit and get into your fighting career. So you’ve had your first fight in 2009 and since then, what was your Amateur record before you went pro?

LP: 4-1. I also held 3 titles in 3 separate promotions in 2 different weight classes; 2 at 125lb and 1 at 145lb.

JP: Great record and amount of titles; when did you make the switch to pro? Also, do you care to share some war stories? Whether good or bad experiences in and out of the cage throughout your fighting career? 

LP: Aw, thanks. I made the switch over to pro July 2010. A lot has happened since I started fighting, but if I think of a good one before we are done, I would be glad to share it. …I have got to travel to a lot of places I have never been. When we were in FL in 2011 I fought at the Florida State Fair, we went on rides and had a fun time.
My family and I have got to meet some really great people along the way.

JP: Well that’s definitely a memorable experience for you; traveling is always fun – especially enjoying every moment you’re at these events. Now, well move on to the future for you then. I’d like to discuss your upcoming fight with Felice Herrig, but prior to that… I want to ask what your future in MMA is looking like. Where do you see yourself a year from now? 5 years?

LP: In a year I should be making my way to the top of the 115lb division. 5 years, well, I’m not sure. More than likely still fighting, or coaching. …Only time will tell. (lol)

JP: Fair enough… The state of women’s MMA. We see it all; GREAT battles, [sometimes] great trash talk, and also a lot of respect. What are your thoughts on the future of womens MMA?

LP: I feel as though most of us (women) have been doing what we need to do for the sport, and that’s just go out there, show skill, and put on a great show. Women’s MMA is growing and it will continue to.

JP: Very true, and we stand 100% behind the growth of WMMA and hope to see it make its way into the biggest promotion, the UFC. Now… the big question! April 13th, [as Kevin Hart would say] ….It’s about to GO DOWN! We seen a lot of the trash talk between you and Felice. Now in respect of the art of women’s MMA; Felice is known as the Little Bulldog, a kickboxer and Muay Thai monster; She’s holding a 5-4 record if I’m not mistaken in which only one of her victories by (t)KO… Do you see her stand up as a threat?

LP: I know what to look out for in her stand up game, I hear she doesn’t punch all that hard either (lol). It’s a fight, and anything can happen (I know I punch hard) you also have to remember that I have fought up to 145lbs, and those girls have a lot more weight behind them… Either way, I will have an answer for whatever she decides to bring, I assure you an exciting battle with my hand being raised at the end.

JP: What’s your thoughts on this fight and your confidence level as we near a week and a half away? Do you have a game plan?

LP: We have devised a game plan suited for Felice, you will have to watch to see.

JP: Well that’s no fun! Haha. I will definitely watch and see then! What’s your thoughts on some of the not so honorable trash talk? Do you think it hurts the future of WMMA or is it the same thing the male fighters do?

LP: It’s trash talk, come on, not everyone has the ability to keep it classy (lol). It’s part of the sport, male or female; it’s in the way we conduct ourselves before, during and after.

JP: Very true words; getting into your opponents head by either angering them or instilling fear in them is what it’s all about; but when the fight is over – I feel everyone should respect each other for stepping in that cage. I don’t want to take much more of your time being as it’s crunch time… I have two more questions to go before I allow you to give your shout outs!  ….As an aspiring fighter, especially a woman fighter – do you have anything you’d like to say to anyone pursuing their dreams in this field?

LP: Yes, if you have the opportunity to have an amateur career, whether you are male or female, do so. Be smart about it.

JP: Very well …and who is your favorite super hero and why? (Yes, it’s our trademark question, and really – you can tell a lot about someone’s character with this one.. lol)

LP: Wonder Woman… I only say wonder woman becuase I have that as a ring tone. I have really never been into super hero’s.

JP: Fair enough as well, haha. Thank you Lil P! — Now it’s your time to shine and thank all those who have stood behind you. Care to give any shout outs or special thanks?

LP: Yes Please. First, thank you Jason for doing this interview with me.

I want to thank my coach, who is also my husband, for everything you do for us. Thanks to my teammates for pushing me, working hard with me and being a great support for our family. Thanks to my gym, 4th Ave Dojo and Alternative Athletics Crossfit for the awesome facility and people who workout there! Thanks to my family, friends, fans and sponsors for your continued support! ~ Polanti Watches ~ Super Body Care ~ Damage Control Mouthguards ~ Nutrabio.com ~ A.C.E.S.~ Solo Graphics

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