Kody “The Norwegian Assassin” Nordby

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Introduced to me by HYPE Xtrme-Fighting who sponsor this fighter, we have Kody Nordby! Kody is an 18 year old Amateur fighter. He agreed to this interview on very short notice prior to his upcoming fight.



Jason Przewoznik: Kody “The Norwegien Assassin” Nordby …How are you? Thanks for giving us the time to dig a little deeper in your life and share with the world who you are in the cage and out! Let’s start off, as I’ve made it my norm, but learning about you, you before you stepped in the cage. Care to share a little about your upbringing and what led you to fighting?

Kody Nordby: Well, growing up my dad introduced me to a number of activities; hunting, fishing, camping… Also my mother wanted me to do sports and I loved both!  Growing up, I played football, soccer, baseball, and wrestling. I even was involved in gymnastics as a kid. When I got into high school, I followed into my older brother, Kyle Nordby’s foot steps. He was a great athlete in baseball, football, as well as wrestling. He was always someone I looked up to and strived to be! Wrestling really clicked for me, I wrestled for Woonsocket High as well as an off season team, North East Elite.

…I also have two younger brothers Kory, who’s a great football and baseball player and the youngest, Kris who is a fantastic wrestler!

JP: You guys all have K names, that’s pretty cool! Now you’re 18, right? Still in school?

KN: I am 18. I’m a freshmen at the Community College of Rhode Island.

JP: Nice, going to go out of the usual flow of things, but what are you attending college for? What’s your major?

KN: I want to be a firemen. Fire science and EMT, I am also talking with the coast guard… Thinking about that too!

JP: Very interesting, like to help people or is it the suspense of the action that motivates you? A mix of both?

KN: Definitely both. Helping someone always makes you feel good, it’s nice to know I made a difference in someone’s life at the end of the day.

JP: Amen, that’s what we strive to do here at Knockout Lounge…

KN:  The suspense is just a plus!

JP: Oh definitely, I can imagine. So what was it that brought you into MMA?

KN: I got a call from a local MMA gym asking me to help them out with their Wrestling. I agreed. After that day I was hooked, I was glad to know that after high school I can keep competing!

JP: Very competitive person – enjoy the rush? Now Mixed Martial Arts [as we know] is a combination of 1 or more ‘martial arts’, aside from wrestling what other disciplines have you gotten interested in?

KN: I love the rush! I’m very calm and collective under pressure… wrestling taught me that! Aside from wrestling, BJJ is another one of my loves. I picked up on it really quick! My ground game is solid… My stand up is coming along really well after working with my stand up coach, Josh Raymond.

JP: Which form of striking sparks your interest or is it an all around mixture of stand up?

KN: Kick boxing mainly, but I’m always open to learn anything to improve my game.

JP: Alright alright, definitely have a solid MMA ground, especially at your age and level of training – there’s a lot of good to expect from that! Now you’re currently an Amateur ? I see online that you’re 3-0 at 130lbs? Is this correct?

KN: Yes that’s correct. Via Northeastmma.net, I’m currently ranked 6th!

JP: Awesome man! I see your slams and MMA photos; definitely an intense fighter! Care to share any cage experiences with us? …Or hell, even previous wrestling experiences that stand out as you’ve made your come up?

KN: Haha, I try to put on a good show and have fun with it. If it’s not fun why do it? I remember during a wrestling match, I hit a suplex and broke a kid’s collar-bone; as mean as this sounds I loved it! I’ve thrown all my opponents in the cage so far. Being slammed breaks a person’s will and thats what I try to do with every punch and take-down!

JP: Nice! Breaking collar bones; sounds like a joyous experience! Haha! Any memorable MMA fights ? Maybe a fight that was tough or have you just been destroying the competition?

KN:  Yes, my most memorable fight has to be my first one. On June 17th, the day I graduated as soon as I got my diploma… I ran off stage to the truck and drove to Mansfield, Massachusetts.

JP: And how’d that fight go?

KN: Good! I choked him out in the 1st round; 2 mins 37 seconds.

JP: So you drove right from graduation, threw off the gown and kicked some ass with a first round choke. Couldn’t have been a better day, right? lol So from there what direction are you taking this? You’re a 3-0 Amateur, what’s your future goals in this sport? Is it a lifestyle for you or a hobby?

KN: That day was my best yet! Yes, I’m 3 and 0, I’m fighting again November 23rd… Against 4 and 0, Jared Sarno. I want to go pro by next year. I love MMA, but its just a hobby.

JP: November 23, that’s coming up! (Who fights on a Wednesday?!)… What’s your prediction with this fight? Do you have a game plan?

KN: My game Plan is simple, I have the best wrestling in the 125 an 135 weight class. I’m gonna’ take him down, beat him up, and choke him!

JP: You seem to like choking people. Do you see him being much of a threat or already know he’s going to be 4-1?

KN: In this sport you have to have confidence, but at the same time you can’t be cocky. So, yes I’m going in there to do what im suppose to do… Win!

JP: Damn right, because you’re the Norwegian Assassin and Assasin’s don’t fail!! …by the way, where did you get that nickname from?

KN: Haha! True. Well, I’m Norwegian and all 3 fights I’ve just ran through my opponents. So my team gave me the name (lol).

JP: Haha, nice man. We hope to see you keep running through them! Now, HYPE is sponsoring you this fight, correct? How did you guys hook up?

KN: Yes, a teammate of mine told me about HYPE. I emailed them asking if they sponsored amateur fighters and we went from there. I am also being sponsored by MMASportingGoods.com.

JP: Awesome, they’re great people. Dave at HYPE is the man! [Be sure to check out HYPE at www.hype-xf.com]. Now Kody, I must ask the trademark question! Who is your favorite superhero and why?

KN: My favorite super hero has got to be Superman, hands down; He can do ANYTHING.

JP: Haha, this is true, but he wears pantyhose! Well Kody, it was a pleasure. You gave us some time on such a short notice prior to your fight! we wish you luck on this battle – hoping to see you as 4-0 and have you back here at Knockout Lounge soon! Is there any shoutouts you’d like to give prior to wrapping this up?

KN: Thank you very much Jay! The pleasure was all mine, it was an honor. I’d like to thank my Pa’ and Ma’ for always being there. My team and coaches, Josh Raymond, Billy F., Jeff Anderson, Justin Switzer! Thanks to mmasportinggoods.com and HYPE!



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    kodys a beast, full support. your gonna make it to the big league

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