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We're back! …but still under mild-construction. What does this mean?

Nothing, really… Except that the writing and social media uproar will commence shortly. We've taken our hiatus and regrouped. We have made some awesome partnerships and are ready to rock and roll! We will be contributing to the writing and interviewing of Tuff N Uff fighters, the Invicta ladies, and some good old fashioned rants! Keep your eyes peeled as we've decided to open our contributions to not just the staff of KnockoutLounge, but any who are involved in the MMA community (if you have anything you'd like to share, get in contact with us!).

We're here to help, we're here to stay! Through tough times and great times, one thing that doesn't change is how quickly the MMA community comes together to help one another. This is why we do this.

Stay tuned for:

Tuff N Uff Interviews
Invicta Interviews
Geo Thomson: Knockout Art
Hype Xtreme Sponsored Fighters
Slept Fightwear Sponsored Fighters

Do you want to contribute? Do you have an interesting article you'd like to share? Do you want to make an impact by helping the MMA community by becoming a KnockoutLounge writer or contributor? Shoot us an email via our Contact Us page!

(*Special Note: Mild construction means the visual aspect of the site and it's categories are currently under review; the style of the website and/or category selections on the home page may be changed, but NO content will be removed or altered. All interviews and work done with fighters will remain live forever.)

Jason Przewoznik is the owner of was created to provide a haven for up and coming Mixed Martial Artists to share their stories and their careers with the fans; Supporting ALL fighters on the rise in a not-for-profit community.
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