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Found Cody Kessinger on Facebook more towards the start of KnockOut Lounge as I randomly was adding MMA friends. We’ve always had talks back and forth and I seemed to have always over-looked the great opportunity of interviewing him. So I finally had the chance to reach out and have a sit-down with Cody. A 20-year old, 135lb-er who’s on a pretty intense road to success! Let’s get into it and see what he has to say!

Jason Przewoznik: Well Cody, we finally had the chance to get this done! I’m a little excited! As you know by now, I always start my interviews with an open ended question; I try to allow our fighters take the floor and use my questions as a guideline for them to tell their story or get what they need out. So let’s get started! …Who is Cody “King” Kessinger?

Cody Kessinger: Well, I’m from a small town in Indiana …New Albany. I grew up a rough lifestyle, literally being at the bottom. I’ve always had anger problems and I ended up spending my 10th birthday in a behavioral center. When I got out, I started wrestling at school… It helped me vent my anger and it helped get my mind off of problems at home…

JP: Well that’s definitely a different response I’ve received lately. Very interesting Cody, it’s kind of crazy when ‘anger problems’ can be calmed to a great extent with proper fighting discipline [go figure!]. Talking to you I would’ve never noticed an anger problem, very well spoken and respectful any time I would message you – you have such passion for this sport!

CK: I’ve moved on from the anger bro. This sport has made me realize a lot. It’s helped me be myself and not give a damn what people think anymore. I used to get picked on a lot; I’ve always been a small guy, but I believe I have one of the biggest hearts in the World! Especially when it comes to honor and pride; I let nothing get in the way of that!

JP: That’s great man, life is all about lessons and fulfilling the ultimate goal of reaching ‘The Best You Can Be’. Speaking of the best you can be, you said you started out wrestling after leaving a behavioral center; What is it got you into the sport of MMA from there?

CK: I had wrestled since I was 10… I didn’t feel I could be a Div. 1 Wrestling Champion, so I started training MMA. I found out about MMA in my area when I was 14; My mom’s ex-husband fought (never trained). …And I seen some guys from Highlander MMA fight and was impressed. That’s where I went and started training with some top notch guys.

JP: Nice, nice. That’s a good starting point!  Quick question; The name “King” – how did that get started?

CK: I just started calling myself The King for lack of a better title. It fits my persona. It means I’m at the very top; I run shit, basically. (haha)

JP: (lol) …That’s one way to do it! Love the ‘I call myself “the best”, you know, for lack of a better title’ (lol). You’re definitely making a name for yourself, let’s hope you can maintain that crown! Now you’re still an amateur, correct? What would you say your fighting discipline is, mainly wrestling?

CK: My main discipline is wrestling. Been doing it for a LONG time (lol). My strengths are BJJ, Cage Control, and Experience. All 8 of my wins have came by way of submission; Either armbar or rear naked choke. At the moment, my weakness is my hands. They are getting a lot better and are still pretty good, but I want to be an all around weapon. I Want Anderson Silva Striking, GSP Wrestling, and Damian Maia Jiu Jitsu.

JP: Though many complain that submission artists are more of the ‘boring’ fights, it takes a lot of skill and strength/technicality to pull off an armbar or avoid getting slammed or elbowed if you don’t have a strong enough grip during a rear-naked; That’s definitely a good start; and great ambitions to be like the fighters you’ve mentioned, they are the best at what they do! What’s your weight and record you currently fight at; are you aiming to turn pro anytime soon?

CK: I fight at 135lbs. I’m 8-4 total, but I’m 6-0 at 135lbs. I hold 2 belts at the moment. I was going to turn Pro soon, but I got some advice from a good friend and my old coach (BJ Ferguson and Mike Yanez). They gave me sort of a reality check along with some encouraging words. I decided to hold back on the Pro debut for about 6-8 more months. I need to get healthy and fill some holes in my game. I want to become the pound-for-pound best fighter in the World someday.

JP: That’s true. Your amateur record is a great starting point, it sets a great foundation with experience. You want to be ready for when you turn pro and hold all the belts you can prior to it! How would you say you’ve progressed as a figther while being an ammy fighter?

CK: My amateur progression has been real good. I’ve trained with some of the best in area and the World in my past. I have been training since I was 16. So, I’ve learned a lot and continue to keep learning… I haven’t lost at 135 yet (Knock on Wood – lol). I took some dumb fights at 145 and 155… on short notice. I kinda got big headed, but 135 is surely my home, and I look to become the best there!

JP: Nice, nice. I’m definitely big headed, I understand that one, my man! I’m always on top of the world, even in times that ..I really shouldn’t feel that way (lol). So before you go pro, what’r your plans or are you just playing the waiting game?

CK: Before I turn pro I plan on doing some traveling… I’m gonna for sure get some more training time in with some long time friends and old teammates of mine, The Ferguson Brothers... They have made it to the biggest stage in MMA, so I know that it is possible for me as well. I also plan to travel to Florida to get some work in with in my opinion, The #1 Grappler in The World, Pablo Popovitch… And also check out some other camps with great fighters and coaches…

JP: Nice man, you seem to have your plans lined up at such a young age, that’s pretty fascinating; the fighters I’ve interviewed all show similar experiences or mind-sets, and that’s what it takes to make it big in this game. I got to ask our trademark question now, this question, I feel puts a small perspective on our fighters as an individual hearing who they ‘admire’; Who is your favorite super-hero and why? (haha)

CK: My favorite superhero is by far Batman…(lol) …He kicks ass and doesn’t even have a super power. Basically he’s the same as me! Hahaha

JP: Must be a fighter thing…haha – Everyone says that, I still don’t consider him a super hero, but you guys are slowly changing my mind. Keep it up man, you’re on a roll and focused! Before we wrap this up a bit, is there anyone you’d like to give a shout out to? Special thanks?

CK: I’d like to give a shout out to all my teammates at Bronx Hill MMA, my friends and family, my old instructor Mike Yanez, BJ and Taz Ferguson, and a special Thanks to all my sponsors…

JP: Very good! I just wanted to thank you for your time talking with us and allowing us to touch base with you and get the ball rolling; we hope to follow your career and definitely be reaching out to you as you advance; if not sooner, your pro debut we will definitely be doing something else!



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