Karlie “Fearless” Fox

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Karlie Fox

Karlie "Fearless" Fox, fun-loving and always smiling, is a 165+ lb. fighter out of Washington. Currently showing a 1-2 Amatuer record, Karlie is one of them fighters that show up and is ready to fight. With a fierce ambition to compete, Karlie hopes to eventually work her way throughout the ranks of her division and possibly work her way down to the 125ers (although her immediate goal to to fight at 155, then 145 and see where this takes her!). Karlie is a proud supporter of M.A.D.E: connected, not affiliated, Grit Mouthgaurds, and X-Ion-X. Karlie is definitely a Fighter on the Rise and one to keep your eye on as she continues her way through her career.


Early Life:


Tell us a bit about yourself, where did you grow up and what was life like growing up? (Family, school, friends)

I grew up in Moses Lake, WA. Really small town, pretty much in the middle of WA. I’m an only child, so it was just me and my parents most of the time. I’m an only child, so I’m used to being on my own and doing stuff alone. That may or may not be a good thing. lol


Were you involved in any sports as a youth in or outside of school?

I started practicing Tae Kwon Do, when I was 8 years old and LOVED it! I competed in numerous tournaments and really enjoyed competition. I made it to my green belt, before taking an interest in other activities. When I was in junior high, I played softball and in high school I was on the diving team. When I was 18, I started practicing Shudokan Karate and made it to my gold belt.  


What is your favorite child-hood memory?

Tae Kwon Do tournaments! It was so much fun to travel and compete!


Any interesting child-hood stories and/or fun facts you'd like to share?

When I was about 5 or 6 years old, I was at the doctor’s office with my mom and was playing near a brother and sister, well the brother took his sister’s Barbie and made her cry. So I walk up and pushed him down and gave her her Barbie back. Then another time, I was suspended from school for beating up a boy that wouldn’t leave my friend alone. I gave him a bloody nose and threw him on the sprinkler pipes…. Which bruised his ribs. I was pretty good for protecting other kids, I didn’t like to see people get picked on or bullied.


Getting involved in MMA:


How did you get involved?

I had finally gotten out of an abusive relationship and wanted to return back to doing martial arts of some kind. I needed to get a lot of anger and frustration out. Being the person that I am, it was extremely hard for me to deal with the fact that I had ended up in an abusive relationship for so long. Cuz you know, if someone had told me that would be when I was in high school, I would have told them they were full of crap. So anyway, I was hanging out with a guy friend and we were talking about MMA. I knew there was a gym that recently opened in Moses Lake, but I didn’t know how to get involved or even if women were competing. My friend let me know who to get ahold of. I pretty much cornered the gym owner’s wife in the bathroom at the gym and was like, “I wanna fight!” She was like, “like right now?” lol So then she told me where the actual gym for training was and I walked in, “I wanna fight!” And it went from there.


What discipline did you begin with and care to share a bit about your early experiences learning the sport(s)?

I began with Tae Kwon Do. I just really loved it and my parents wanted me to know how to defend myself, if need be. I just took it to a much bigger level than they expected, I think. They worked really hard to make sure I was able to train and compete. I think Tae Kwon Do really worked better than other sports, because it allowed me to do something independently. I can work in teams, but I usually prefer to work on my own. Probably, why diving team was nice too. There was a team, but ultimately it was my responsibility to perform.


At what point did you know you were ready to step in the cage for the first time?

I wanted in that cage from the minute, I figured out what it was for. I trained for five months before setting up for my first MMA fight, however it didn’t turn out. So instead, I did a kickboxing exhibition match. It was amazing and I wanted more! Things weren’t really working out for me, when it came to trying to get in the cage for an MMA match. My coach eventually moved out of town and shortly after called and asked if I wanted to fight, as a last minute replacement. So I did it, I just wanted to fight in that cage, MMA! So that’s when I took my fight against Stephanie Gonzales in Sunnyside, WA. I lost via KO in the second round, but I still wanted more!


When the cage locked behind you in your first fight, can you recall what went through your mind? How did your first fight turn out?

For my first MMA fight…. “What the fuck did you get yourself into? You haven’t trained in months!” My opponent got the KO in round two. I was extremely proud of myself for making it to the second round!


What are 3 things you've learned while being involved in this sport?

You have to trust your instinct when it comes to the people you surround yourself with. This sport has pushed me to my limits and beyond! I learned that if you want to make something happen, do it yourself! You ultimately control what happens to you inside and outside of the cage!




What gym are you currently fighting out of?

Tri-City Judo/MMA


What is your current record (ammy/pro) and at what weight?

Ammy: 1-2 Weight: 165lbs +


Do you currently have a nickname in this sport? If so, what is it and why?

I got the nickname, “Fearless,” after I took an exhibition MMA fight this past August. I took the fight on 48 hours notice because I know what it’s like to train your ass off for months and have people back out on you. It wasn’t about me that night, it was about not letting my opponent’s training go to waste! Don’t commit, if you can’t hang people!


If you could improve one aspect of your game, what would it be and why?

I need to improve ALL aspects of my game. Always improve and learn!


What is your most memorable experience as an MMA fighter?

When I won my first fight…. There is nothing in this world like the feeling of winning in that cage!


Any interesting stories to share or learning experiences whilst fighting you would like to share?

I just know that I was very close to quitting this sport. Due to the fact that I had surrounded myself with the wrong people. I am extremely loyal when I have a team, but it was just a rotten situation. Just make sure you do what feels right for you, don’t get bullied. You can do this sport and have fun! It’s not about who’s the biggest asshole!


If you could offer one bit of advice to an aspiring fighter what would it be?

My advice to anyone starting or maybe you’re in this situation now…. Always make sure that you are with people who care about you as an athlete and person. People will take advantage of you because they can. This is a money driven business and fights need to be made. If you allow it, you will be thrown under the bus. Keep yourself well informed and make your own decisions. Don’t let anyone pressure you to do anything you’re uncomfortable with. Ultimately, this all about you, THE FIGHTER. Oh yea and don’t be a douche bag!


Would you like to give a shout out to any sponsors individuals who have supported you?

Roger Mitterling!! He is an AMAZING person and supporter of women’s mixed martial arts!! He has helped me SO much over the last year, especially!

M.A.D.E. Connected. Not Affiliated, Ashley and Trap have been great and have already opened up some doors for me!

XionX – Doc Howie is amazing and has done so much for women’s mixed martial arts!

GRiT Mouth Guards: they made me an AWESOME guard!!








What are your goals for the future in the sport?

Right now, I want to drop weight classes. Fight at 155 lbs and then 145 lbs. I think ultimately, I should be fighting at 125 lbs, but one step at a time. I want to become a well known amateur MMA fighter and see where it goes from there. I want to have fun and do this for me!



What are your thoughts on the current state of the sport and where it's headed?

I think the sport has made leaps and bounds in the last couple of years. Especially women’s mixed martial arts. However, I’m not going to lie, I’m not thrilled about what the UFC is doing with women fighters, but hey we wanted to be on the big show and that’s what ya get. I’m really excited about Bellator bringing the ladies back! And Invicta… where do you even start with them…. AMAZING. If I ever turned pro, I would want to be there. I wouldn’t ever go anywhere else. Shannon Knapp is inspirational and has truly helped to put women in the spotlight!


If you could change one thing in the sport, what would it be?

Assholes. Lol These women are athletes, not Barbies.


Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

I’m trying to get through today…. Lol


Fun Facts:


Favorite Food/Dish:

Steak, mmm!


Favorite type of Music:



Favorite TV Show:

American Horror Story, Sons of Anarchy


Favorite Quote:

“You’re not tired!”


Do you have any children? Do you plan on having any/more?:

No. I don’t want any either. I can barely take care of myself. 😉 lol


Best day of your life:

Every day that I am alive.


Interesting/Unknown Fact about yourself:

I’m a hippie…. And I love animals! lol


Favorite Hobbies:



Who is your favorite super hero and why?:

Batman. Because I am Batman.




 Facebook Page/Fan Page: Karlie Fox


 Twitter: @karliefox


 Manager Contact (for sponsorship/fight inquiries): ME and I am looking for fights and sponsors!


 Email Address: karliefoxmma@gmail.com









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