Jon Fitch: The Most Divisive Fighter in the UFC

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Jon Fitch is a highly accomplished Mixed Martial Artist. He is universally ranked as one of the top 5 Welterweights in the world. He is 21-1-1 in his last 23 fights with the only loss coming against Georges St. Pierre. He is a dominant force, nearly unbeatable, yet has become the fighter that fans and media love to use as their punching bag. Why does Jon Fitch not get the respect he deserves and why is he not next in line for a shot at the WW title?

The sport we talk about here is Mixed Martial Arts. It combines multiple disciplines(boxing, jiu jitsu, wrestling, muay thai, karate) so there are several ways to win a fight. Yet all I hear about is how Jon Fitch can only win a fight one way, to wrestle. I never hear anyone complain that Rampage Jackson can only win with boxing, or that Royce Gracie could only submit you, but when it’s Fitch that’s talked about there is a real resentment that he can only wrestle. No one complains about Lesnar, Evans, Davis, Sonnen only using their wrestling to win so why complain about Fitch?

The only answer I can come up with is that he hasn’t finished a fight in over 4 years. I understand people’s frustration, this is a sport where we want to see knockouts and submissions not judges decisions. But can anyone actually say that the decisions that Jon Fitch has won have been wrong? Although he hasn’t had a stoppage in a long time he has dominated every fight he’s been in. He has clearly won these fights so why is it so controversial? Let me remind you that our current WW champion GSP hasn’t finished anyone in over 2 years.

Even though you either love or hate Fitch, I don’t see an argument from anyone that he shouldn’t be granted another title shot and it is a travesty that Nick Diaz got the shot before Jon. What makes Diaz more deserving? He has certainly fought lesser competition. The reason is simple: He finishes fights. I understand that the UFC is a business and GSP/Diaz would sell more PPV’s than GSP/Fitch, but at some point you have to reward the deserving fighter and not worry about numbers.

My plea to the UFC and its fans is this: Let’s reward the fighters who deserve title shots no matter how they win. If I were to just show you Fitch’s record vs. Diaz’s record and exclude the names, I can guarantee that 90% of fight fans would say Jon deserves another shot before Nick. But for whatever reason, the mere mention of Jon Fitch brings vitriol among fans.

It’s time for one of the top 10 most dominant fighters in UFC history to get the respect he deserves.

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