Fighter on the Rise: Ashley “Doll Face” Greenway

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Ashley "Doll Face" Greenway

Ashley Greenway… My first visit to Friday Night Fights was an exceptional day… I got to spend some time in the VIP section and watch a great Muay Thai event, not only that, but I was able to catch Ashley Greenway put on a performance inside the ring.. I’ve followed Ashley quite a bit and I finally got to see her fight… At the time Ashley was also an amateur MMA fighter that I developed a Facebook relationship with. I’ve been bringing up the idea of an interview for about two years and now as she finally makes her way to her pro career, I feel it’s time we learned a little more about her…


Jason Przewoznik: Ashley! Finally the time has come and I thank you for taking the time… Before we get into your fighting career… Why not start by telling us a not about young Ashley and what life was like growing up?


Ashley Greenway: Life growing up was always exciting I would say. There wasn't too much I couldn't do I don't think. I've always been naturally athletic. Through my teenage years I cheered for my high school’s varsity competition team and my passion at the time was anything music. After high school I went off to college with a vocal performance scholarship for a year and continued the cheerleading path. I decided not to attend school anymore so I moved back home, that's when I became an adult… I think (haha). I got my first place at the age of 18, met my husband Allen a short couple months after that and spent every minute with him. He was training and competing as an amateur at the time. He introduced me to mixed martial arts. After a couple years together, I decided to take my first kickboxing class purely for weight loss. I was addicted. After a couple more years my husband Allen talked me into doing a Jiu Jitsu class and I knew after that first class I wanted to fight so ten short months later I made my debut on the same card as Allen.


Jason Przewoznik: Haha, that's great! It's amazing the talents you pick up or learn that you have when taking that risk and moving forward. What was it that made you decide, "It's time to fight"?


Ashley Greenway: Fighting was never even an option for me. I left that to my husband, Allen. He finally convinced me to just try one Jiu Jitsu class and after the first class I was hooked and I told him I wanted to do it at least one time. He got me a fight on the same card as him for my debut. Funny thing is, he was in the other corner. I fought my first fight without him (lol). After winning my first fight, I knew it was something I wanted to continue doing. It’s one of the few sports where it’s just you and your skills that have to win no one else can do it for you. That’s what I love most about it. I don’t like to lose, I mean who does? So MMA is a challenge for me and I love every challenge that comes in front of me and I love proving to myself that I can achieve anything I set my mind too!



Jason Przewoznik: Haha so true… Been on a string of asking this question lately, the responses are interesting; the first time you entered the cage and that gate was locked behind you, how did you feel? What was your first experience like mentally and physically when you knew there was no backing out?


Ashley Greenway: I enjoyed every minute of it. Being around the MMA scene for a couple years before I even decided to fight, watching people psyche themselves out in the locker room before a fight, I always told myself I would never feel that way. I came in confident knowing I was ready and knew that I had the knowledge to compete as an ammy debut(ee) at that time. I was ready to punch someone in the face and do it legally, haha. It’s a huge stress relief for me and I was calm and excited about stepping in there for the first time. During the fight I felt like I was watching over the top of the cage out of my body, the fight went by so fast, I still to this day, don't even remember what happened other than the victory from submission in less than 2 minutes in the first round.


Jason Przewoznik: I find it funny that a large amount of fighters have said their first fight was almost like an out of body experience… I guess it’s the adrenaline taking over, must be an amazing feeling. So you made your debut with a quick victory, at that moment did fighting become a career choice for you or was it still a hobby? Where did you go from that first fight? What was next for Mr. And Mrs. Greenway?


Ashley Greenway: I knew I wanted to fight again. It ended so quick, I wanted to jump right back in. It was still a hobby at first. Owning our gym, I had no choice but to stay involved and stay eager to fight. Having guys competing every month made me want to continue… and of course racking up win after win. It wasn't until after my fight against Torres that I realized it’s not just only a fight it’s a lifestyle. You have to dedicate yourself 100% to this sport and I knew after that fight I wanted to really focus on my training and turn it into a career.

Jason Przewoznik: Care to share a bit about that fight and what it was that made you make that thought process change? Also, nearing the end of your ammy career, what was your final record before the good news that we will get into shortly?


Ashley Greenway: Never once in my fight against Torres did I think about giving up, every bad position I was put in I got out. I knew then I had the heart to compete and that I never wanted to feel that feeling of defeat ever again. I trained harder, I changed everything about myself after that fight and I am who I am today because of her. I was finally lucky enough to get a chance to go down to Flordia to train with her. I will say this, I believed in her before and even more now! Although I didn't start training until 2005, I see how hard you have to work and the dedication that goes into this sport. It’s something you have to want, breathe and live each and every day. It’s more than just a hobby, it definitely is lifestyle and I am very fortunate that I have not only a great coach who has taught me everything I know, but a facility that is offered to me 24/7 for absolutely free… and some of the most talented guys I know to train with. I will leave my ammy career with a record of 6-1 with 2 title belts and 3 Fight of the Night awards, 1 Submission of the Night award and voted Fight of the Year in 2012. Now, I am looking to make the Pro leap and Debut for the biggest Pro female promotion, Invicta Fighting Championships in 2014!


Jason Przewoznik: And that's where we want to be headed with this interview, haha. You've accomplished a lot and have learned a lot throughout your ammy career; MMA and Muay Thai ….and after a brief Twitter and Facebook campaign we all seen the announcement that you will be fighting for Invicta and making your pro debut… What went through your mind during the push-phase up until they made the announcement that it is indeed true?


Ashley Greenway: I was excited and shocked to hear the announcement. I pushed hard on social media for a couple of months. I would freak out when Shannon would retweet my status to know that she was paying attention. It was exciting and to get this opportunity, I'm more than grateful. I'm more than ready, ready to test myself on the big stage!


Jason Przewoznik: I remember seeing that uproar! You were pretty excited when she retweeted you, and the constant push and the support of your friends and fans potentially bugging Ms. Knapp and IFC for you to be signed …and that whole dream finally became a reality! What do you see in the future for Ms. Greenway and the steps as a pro fighter making her way to the biggest/best WMMA-only promotion? How confident are you in your abilities and the other ladies in your division as a pro?


Ashley Greenway: As for the future, I'll take it day by day, one step at a time. First step is to get that first pro fight out of the way, I’ll continue to learn and grow in the gym and with each fight. Fights will get tougher, but I know that and I will be ready. Straw-weight is the toughest division for women right now. Lots of talent and a lot of girls are hungry. I'm one of them. Although MMA wasn't always in the plan for me, everything has lead me where I am at this very moment and I’m here to make a statement and put North Carolina on the map!


Jason Przewoznik: Awesome Ashley, you know I'll be in your corner following your career, so keep us posted on upcoming fights! Is there any advice for up and comers that will be taking the steps into an MMA career that you'd like to share?


Ashley Greenway: Thanks buddy, you've been there with me for a while! My advice is, prepare mentally and physically and always know there are others out there that want it just as much as you do if not more! So, always be willing to learn and train harder than you even think is possible! Have a role model, someone who inspires you to do great! Most importantly… BE GREAT!

greenway knee

Jason Przewoznik: So very true… BE GREAT, Ashley! Any shout outs or special thanks you wish to share?


Ashley Greenway: Lots to thank! Invicta Fighting Championships for believing in me and giving me the chance to showcase what I live to do. Doumachy, Derek Allen, Howard Fidler (xionx), Fight Chixs, Me Fighter, Diamond Thieves Tattoo, Cavebars, Ragefight, my whole entire team at Bodyquest MMA, my husband/coach Allen Greenway, and all of my family, friends and fans for supporting me and believing in me as well. Tecia Torres for her friendship! She inspires me to be my best. Last, but definitely not least Knockout Lounge for being so patient with me on completing this interview (lol)… Oh and for being awesome! Thanks!


Jason Przewoznik: Haha, thanks for the kind words, Ashley! I would have to agree with you that we are kind of awesome! …and yes, it’s been one heck of a ride in completing this interview (haha).. Last question before I let you go. Please provide manager contact for sponsorship and/or fight requests as well as any social media contact (Facebook Fan Page/Twitter).


Ashley Greenway:

Agent: One Dream Zero Distraction LLC. – Jarrod Rogol 1-844-330-0715 Ext. 2

Twitter: @greenwayashley

Instagram: @Dollfaceashley for sponsorship information


Jason Przewoznik: Thank you for your time Ashley! …and as always I wish you much success in your fight career!


Ashley Greenway: Thanks buddy!!




More information about Body Quest MMA can be found here: Body Quest MMA

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