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Rising MMA star Nick Urso took a few minutes to chat with KnockoutLounge prior to his upcoming fight Saturday. This grounded young fighter (grappling pun entirely intentional!) is garnering attention not just on the local Albuquerque scene, but around the country. Small wonder. Being a Jackson/Winklejohn fighter doesn’t hurt. Being a GOOD fighter hurts even less. After going 2-0 as an ammy MMA fighter, and 3-1 in amateur Muay Thai, Nick has quickly amassed a 4-1 record as a professional fighter. He’s also a great coach with Jackson/Winklejohn, and seems to bond particularly well with kids. Here’s what was on Nick’s mind.


CN: Hey Nick, thanks for joining us today. How ya doin?

Nick: Doin great. Thanks for having me!

CN: You ready to get this thing started?

Nick: You bet, let’s do it!

CN: Right on! Okay, so let’s start with you giving me some background info. How old are you and where were you born?

Nick: Cool. I’m 27. I was born in Chicago , moved to Florida when I was 13.

CN: What kind of sports background did you have?

Nick: NO sports background! Lol.

CN: No wrestling in high school? So, would you describe yourself as primarily a striker, with your Muay Thai background?

Nick: I wrestled I think 3 matches my freshmen year, and went to about 3 practices, and that was that. I had no interest in sports. I started out as a striker, took the amateur Muay Thai route because back then there was no amateur MMA in Florida. But I’ve become a much more complete fighter.

CN: Kinda comes with the territory, I guess. What organizations have you fought for, and who do you fight for now?

Nick: I have fought on the Jackson’s Series, Rumble on the Ridge, Too Tuff, Hard Knocks. Not signed to anyone yet, but after this win I would like to find a home.

CN: Nice. Who is your opponent for the upcoming fight?

Nick: David Ruelas I believe is his name. I don’t know much about him because I had an opponent change a few weeks ago. Its the Jackson’s Series 10 at the Tingley Coliseum in Albuquerque.

CN: Cool. Got a link for a fight poster? Or at least a time and date?


CN: Outstanding. I understand some of your teammates are fighting on the same fight card…

Nick: Nah, of course not…. yep! Lol. Solid group of of fighters and up and comers from the gym.

CN: Lol. That was your opportunity to give a shout out to your fellow warriors, silly. Guess I was too subtle. I’m not normally known for that…

Nick: Haha, yeah, we got Matt Leyva as the main event, who’s a local favorite and always involved in great scraps; Mike Justus, another awesome fighter with SICK Muay Thai; also the Jackson’s Edge Series winner from a couple years back, Ricky Esquibel, will be fighting, and John Dodson’s little brother Eric will also be fighting for his second time on the series. It’s going to be an awesome card!

CN: Outstanding! Sounds like a fantastic night of fights! Okay, so, tell us a little bit about Nick Urso. How on earth did you get into this crazy business of fighting in a cage?

Nick: Well, my dad actually has a kickboxing and boxing background, so I was basically born into loving combat sports, self defense and training. Always been small growing up, and turned out I knew how to defend myself pretty well. I loved fighting a little too much and got myself in trouble! I found an outlet for it and fell in love.

CN: That makes sense. You pretty much had no choice. It was your destiny. Lol.

Nick: That’s the funny thing: both of my parents were completely against me fighting, legal or not! Lol. They’ve finally jumped on board though, haha!

CN: I reckon better late than never. Lol. What was their issue with you fighting?

Nick: Agreed! Well, obvious reasons for the street fights, lol, but I’ve worked at a law firm since I was 14. I always had a desire to be a lawyer, and I think they were preferring that over a cage fighter. Also, there wasn’t much potential for success as an MMA fighter 4-5 years ago….

CN: As a dad with fighter sons, I get that. Plus, the obvious parental desire to not have their kids get hurt. So, do you still see a law degree somewhere in your future?

Nick: Exactly. I wouldn’t prefer my son to fight if that were ever in my future. Lol. I’m still intrigued by the law, but not for me as a career. I still work at a firm, and enjoy it when I’m there, but full time….not for me. Can’t go from an MMA fighter to a lawyer- not me at least – the desk job doesn’t cut it! Lol.

CN: It’s fun to watch your kids whoop ass though! Lol. I guess it WOULD be hard to go from being a fighter to being a lawyer. Different kind of fight in a different kind of cage….

Nick: Yeah man, and they put in some serious hours and travel a lot. No envy there… I’ll take punches and kicks over paperwork and phone calls any day! Haha!

CN: Haha, right! Less actual pain that way…So, you are a flyweight, correct? Is that your optimum weight? Or just the closest you can get?

Nick: Yeah, definitely a flyweight. I walk around at about 140. This fight and the last are actually at 135. It’s been tough finding fights and opponents at 125.

CN: There’s been talk about bringing in 115 and even 105. How do you feel about that?

Nick: No way I’d ever make 115, and 105, I’d have to cut both legs off! Lol. But I think it’s awesome they’re adding them. Size doesn’t change skill and talent, and I think every one should get a chance to showcase that.

CN: I agree. I think MOST reasonable fans do, as well. Of course you have the meathead brigade that only wants to see heavyweights knock each other out, but you’re always going to have a certain percentage of those fans. How do you feel about the ladies coming to the UFC?

Nick: Yeah, just like anything else you cant please everyone. The true enthusiast and supporters are what count in my book.
I think it’s awesome! We have a great team of women at Jackson’s MMA and they’re all badass! They work so hard, and also deserve to showcase that. It’s 2012, it’s about time they get the same opportunities in fighting as they do in the real world! If anyone disagrees, they should come to Jackson’s MMA and mix it up with Julie Kedzie or Holly Holm first. Lol.

CN: That is true, indeed. And although I have never scrapped with Jules or Holly, I can say from personal experience that if you DO come to mix it up with either of them, you’d better bring a lunch. And a first-aid kit. Lol.

Nick: Haha! Yes, I’ve seen both of them hand out beatings to men AND women plenty of times. And from first hand experience, they DON’T hit like girls! Lol.

CN: No, they do not. So, what would you say your ultimate goal is in the MMA world? This seems to be a passion for you. Do you see yourself with a strap in the not too distant future? Heaven knows most fighters don’t do this gig for the money….

Nick: You know, I’ve sacrificed a lot for this, as most of us that are as serious as me about this have. I plan on being the UFC flyweight champion.

CN: Right on, man, it’s a great thing to have a goal like that. I know there are a number of steps between here and there, but do you have a time frame in mind?

Nick: I’m just enjoying this whole process and taking one fight at a time. Gotta keep winning and moving up the ranks. Next year I hope to be on their radar and get a chance at proving myself on the biggest stage.

CN: Well, you are on the right team for that. Sounds like you are the right kind of fighter for that, too. Okay, now for the tough question. Who is your favorite superhero, and why?

Nick: Yes sir! We’re #1 for a reason! Favorite superhero? Batman!! He does it with no super powers. That’s legit !And he’s got a sweet ride. I’m a car guy! Haha.

CN: Nice. And it IS a sweet ride, whichever version you prefer. Lol. Who are your real-world inspirations?

Nick: All of them! I prefer all of them! Lol. You know, not to be cliche, but my mom really inspires me. Other than that, I’m not going to name drop, that’s not my style, but…. anyone that’s not scared to fail inspires me.

CN: Cliche or not, that’s a good answer. Any of your sponsors, teammates, coaches, training partners you’d like to give a shout out to?

Nick: Yeah, of course. First off, my brother Anthony, John Dodson, Hunter Tucker, Goyo Perez, Nick Gonzalez, Johann Perez, to name a few. Wouldnt be where I’m at without these guys and the rest of the team. Dextrus Fight Wear! Tampa Muay Thai and Robson Moura, and of course all my supporters!

CN: Very cool. I think that is gonna just about wrap it up. Any final thoughts, anything special you’d like the world to know about Nick Urso?

Nick: I love animals! Don’t mess with them or I’ll kick your ass! Haha. Thanks man, I appreciate you!

CN: Me too! Haha. It was my pleasure, my friend. Best of luck in your upcoming fight and throughout your career. War Jackson’s! Thanks for taking the time.

Nick: Thanks buddy, I appreciate it! Good talking with ya!


*Courtesy of Yellow Couch Photography*

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