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HYPE Xtreme Fighting is an apparel company that I’ve been in communication with for some time. We would help each other promote certain things and we finally had the chance to discuss a little bit more about what HYPE does; and he has a lot to say about his wonderful ‘brand’. Please check out HYPE’s website as well! : http://hype-xf.com/



Jason Przewoznik: We’re here with Dave of HYPE Xtreme Fighting, I wanted to touch base with you about who you are and how HYPE got started, care to share ?

HYPE: I am a 10 year veteran of the USAF Fire Dept. I am a full-time single father to a 3 year old boy. I needed a stress relief, so I chose MMA. I needed something I could do at 6’2″ , 270 lbs and feel good about. I lost a lot of weight and feel great!

HYPE started out as Fight or Flight, but was simply changed to make the company about inner strength. Hype stands for Helping You Prepare Everyday. H. Y. P. E.. Everyday we evolve. We Grow. We get bigger and better. So I chose the DNA helix as our logo to show that HYPE is about internal growth and strength not violence and “HULK SMASH” type ideology. I was always the guy picked first in sports in school, but when I was captain I always chose the less athletic. HYPE is all about the underdog. However, our roster has the “UNDERDOG” up and comers.

JP: That’s an AWESOME concept; the DNA helix not only helps you stand out by portraying a lifestyle of fighting being in your DNA, but has a positive message behind it. I also really appreciate you picking the people who are the underdogs; some people brush them off too quickly to over-look their true potential. Hell, I was ALWAYS the last guy to be picked growing up; I guess I was too shy to want to be involved, so I stuck to myself. I even self-taught myself boxing, or more of a disciplined brawling. Looking to get myself into a gym to really master the discipline and self-growth to feel better about myself and my mental state. I love positiveness in this sport though. So, what’s your goal for the future with this? I see you just launched your site and recieve a lot of love, what is your next step or whats in the cards for HYPE?

HYPE: The future of HYPE is a mystery. There are 3 avenues being explored. Now that HYPE has officially began managing fighters, we are exploring the possibility of turning HYPE into a sports agency for up and coming MMA competitors. However, on a more realistic note of two, I have explored the idea of making HYPE a full promotion company to include MMA Cage Competition, HYBRID Fighting, Boxing, and Muay Thai. My final idea is to transform into the most modern state of the art MMA/Boxing training facility. I believe the future of HYPE is in the hands of it’s fighters and fans. The more support we get the more these dreams will become a reality. So, for now we are going to reach for the stars and be glad at what we do have. I would like to build if nothing else a small empire that one day my son can say, “Yea my dad started HYPE, and now I run it!” The future is an unknown, but the present is pretty clear! We are making a run at the “TITLE” as the best company to be sponsored by in competitive combat sports.

JP: Now, you mention Hype sponsors fighters, what types of packages do you offer? Are you looking for sponsors for 2012? Should one be interested what should they do to reach out to you?


HYPE: As we approach the 2012 MMA fight year we will do the same thing we have been doing and that is seek out the “underdog” talent.
Fighters that are interested in sponsorship with HYPE can contact us anytime by going to our website… We believe that fighters who are true to the art/sport will want to grow with a solid based company, not a here today gone tomorrow. We won’t drop a fighter due to a loss. …In fact we will do what we have been doing and try and use the contacts we have to help that fighter exceed his current knowledge and abilities!
We just took one of the most naturally talented fighters, Kody Nordby down to Philidelphia to train at Brazen MMA/Boxing to help him prepare for his 125 title shot at AFO on November 23, 2011.
I think 2012 will be our year to shine in not just the local events, but nationwide.
We will be looking to definitely get into the bigger events that we were invited to be in with fighters this year but, just weren’t ready; such as Bellator, Strikeforce, and others.

We are definitely not looking for the fighter to come to us as a 1 time 1 fight sponsor. We want to grow and create long lasting relationships with them.
HYPE is all about trust, honor, and true brotherhood! You stand by us, we will stand in front of you. We will do whatever it takes to help those who ask us. We are not looking to be the next huge thing. We aren’t TAP OUT, or Affliction. We are a small operation and we like it that way! We like being a family, we have Old Fashioned American Values!

We don’t offer financial oppertnities to amatuer fighters; We offer apparel, and gear and opportunities. We market any and all fighters on any and all social media we are attached to. We also post a picture and their information on our site. We do offer some financial compensation to pros, but it depends on the return. Are we just getting a spot on a shirt or 3″ on a pair of shorts? We expect the same in return as we give… And we give a lot!

We also are heavily fasited in charity work and expect our fighters when they can to help! We just donated a good sum of money to raise suicide intervention awareness and we have another event in November that almost every fighter on the HYPE roster will be attending.

So, the opportunities are definitely there with us! Financially, supportwise, and apparel; and of course contact wise. We are here for the fighters not the money!

We have been asked into the bigger companies to sponsor true warriors but, it was too early for such a commitment. However, going into 2012 you will see us on Bellator, StrikeForce and maybe even the UFC!


JP: Interesting man, I don’t want to keep you too long, just wanted to touch base and let people know who HYPE is, we will definitely look forward to doing some work with you and getting your name out – cross promotion is key in this line of work and we’re here to help just as you are! Before I do let you go, could you tell us what your roster is looking like now and maybe a brief bit about each fighter?

HYPE: Sure,

We have Kody “Norwegian Assassin” Nordby he is 18 years old and is 3-0, he will be competing for the 125lb ammy title at AFO. He has walked through 3 tough 135lbers in New England. I also manage Kody. After he wins the 125, he is going to bump up to try and take the 135 then go pro.


We have Mattthew “Mangler” Bessette one of the toughest 155 in the pro-game in New England. He currently holds the 155 title in GFL. Matt, not only is a great fighter but an old friend, who has offered his talent in helping all fighters on the HYPE roster.

We have Jen “Spitfire” Rivera, she is 2-0 as an ammy and finished both fights. The first fight was finished first round, first minute TKO. The second fight was a first round, first minute standing guilitine choke.

We have Josh Shaver out of West Virginia who is currenty 1-1 and is waiting to take on his next challenge. He is a talented ammy who has an absolute hunger for MMA.

Finally we have Jacob “TANK” Say, he is a 3 year old with more heart then 100 men. He is training BJJ, and freestyle stand up. He plans on entering the next local NAGA tournament as he weighs in at 41lbs. of lean terror! This kid is the name to watch! Mark my words… Jacob Say will be the youngest champion in MMA history! This kid has HYPE in his DNA. Not to mention he is my son!

We have a lot of sponsor inquiries and we are trying to make sure that we are able to offer everyone the best we have so… We have about 6 fighters we are reviewing right now for sponsorship!

JP: Great man, I hope to see a lot more of HYPE and a lot more between KO Lounge and HYPE!! Thank you for your time!

Jason Przewoznik is the owner of KnockoutLounge.com. KnockoutLounge.com was created to provide a haven for up and coming Mixed Martial Artists to share their stories and their careers with the fans; Supporting ALL fighters on the rise in a not-for-profit community.
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