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My opinion varies from day-to-day in the never ending soap opera that is the Chael Sonnen suspension. Should he be allowed to fight? Should he be indefinitely suspended? No matter how I may feel that particular day, there is no denying one thing….I want to see Chael Sonnen fight again.

Whether it’s the rematch with Anderson Silva or just a 3-round affair with Bisping, Maia, etc. Just to see him back in the Octagon would make me happy. Not only do I love the way he breaks the will of his opponents, I LOVE the pre-fight trash talk. His rants against “The Spider” leading up to their 5-round brawl are the stuff of legend. The greatest competitors of all time have had no filter when it comes to talking about their opponents. Ali in particular was known as much for his comments as he was for his fighting prowess.

On the other hand, the fact that he juiced knowingly, whether he disclosed it before the fight is another story, is enough to make me feel that a long suspension is what he needs. I don’t like cheaters…especially when it’s done with the explicit goal of gaining a competitive advantage. Either use your natural talents and become a champion or come to the realization that you’re not championship material.

How do you feel about Mr. Sonnen? Is he innocent? Is he a disgrace to our beloved sport? If cleared would you cheer for him? And of course the most important question is, Should he be allowed to ever step in the Octagon again?

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  1. Matt Eldridge (6 years ago)

    I agree that most fighters have used PED’s at some point. I desperately want him back in the UFC, but he just seems to keep digging his own hole deeper.

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