First Caption Contest!! Ends Aug. 26, 2011

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With the integration of our new “Comment” system below, we are trying some in-site contests. We have a few fun ideas in mind, but starting small until we have some more of a following signed 8x10s of various MMA fighters to come – so continue to grow with us!!

Our first contest will begin with a caption contest of the Silva v Newton image – as the face is priceless and everyone’s familiar with it! The prize? Cageside MMA’s “Mata Leao” (Lion Killer, RNC)T-shirt (Sizes S-XL) :

In the comment section below, enter your creative caption; our staff will pick the best caption and mail the winner our a shirt – given how many people participate, we may have a few winners. Please indicate your size shirt in your post as well;



Let’s have some fun!!

 Special Thanks to Cageside MMA


SIDE NOTE: Please when commenting – “Connect with Facebook or Twitter” for convenience of contact methods. That was the intended point of working hard at getting this to work! :) – Hope everyone has some fun!



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  1. Dolo (6 years ago)

    he just beat liu khang and now scorpion stepped in the ring

  2. Sheldon (6 years ago)

    Im goin to Sizzler Im goin to Sizzler !!

  3. Reilly Kelly (6 years ago)

    Oops I did it again! =) btw not to suck up but I love knockoutlounge and Jason is the shit……

  4. Amy Brown (6 years ago)

    “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!”

  5. raphael lyriq (6 years ago)

    “Is that another black guy??” large

  6. KingKessinger (6 years ago)


  7. Johnathan Phelps (6 years ago)

    HA I just won. Oh snap is that the chinese guy from the hangover getting in the ring naked.

  8. Anonymous (6 years ago)

    We received 7 captions. This contest is going on until THIS FRIDAY; Aug. 26, 2011. Let’s try to get a few more !!

  9. Frenchie061274 (6 years ago)

    jump shout let it all out!!! these are the knockouts we cant do without!!!! xl t shirt if I win please

  10. Schult 69 (6 years ago)

    aaarrrgggg b mat’ys lets get a big mac

  11. Teestermma (6 years ago)

    No TAP-OUT needed!! Welcome to the KNOCKOUT Lounge!!

  12. Anonymous (6 years ago)

    Contest is OVER !! Winner will be chosen today. (Granted, we have power due to the Hurricane!!)

    Thank you all for participating!

  13. Anonymous (6 years ago)

    I wanted to Announce that the initial prize was going to be the ‘winner’ – Sheldon with “I’m goin to Sizzler, I’m goin to Sizzler” I actually got a nice laugh out of that while looking @ Silva’s face. Though, only two of you logged in via Facebook/Twitter so contacting the winners will be a little tough! – I will email to the registered email addresses. I will also pick two more winners for this contest due to the delay from the Hurricane. There will be more contests coming soon!!!

  14. Anonymous (6 years ago)

    Sheldon, please email

  15. Anonymous (6 years ago)

    Sheldon has not claimed his prize. Will be figuring out a new form for these contests as this was a nice attempt, but seemed everyone has failed to read :). We will choose winners this evening.

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