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I became a fan of this fighter through Twitter and had to read more about him. Dominique “Fallen Angel” Robinson doesn’t strike me as your every day MMA fighter, he’s got a different thought process, aggressions, upbringing, and basically built his whole foundation by himself. I was almost inspired by this man, not for how far he’s come on his own, but his whole mentality – a ‘goon’, a family man with a big heart, and a well rounded self-taught fighter. Let’s get into this interview with Dominque Robinson! Note: Featured Image is Courtesy of

Jason Przewoznik:  Good Morning Dominique; Thank you for taking the time to work with us through a VERY long process of a facebook interview. I wanted to just dive right into things as I usually do by understanding WHO you are, rather than what you do in the cage. Where are you from? Who is Dominique Robinson?

Dominique “Fallen Angel” Robinson:  I grew up everywhere man! Dominique Robinson is a combination of people and places, everything that I ever saw, anything I’ve ever read, and every person I ever encountered worth assimilating in a sense; combined to the persona you see before you today. I grew up in the south and the west coast. My family is Creole, the real deal not the African Americans who claim to be, and I’m very proud of my culture and the strength it brings, as I saw it everyday growing up in my grandma and my mom. I grew up without much money, very poor at times… but it built character and resolve that I wouldn’t take back for anything in the world. Oh and were from New Orleans (lol).

JP: Being proud of where your from is great! I really do find it interesting how you described yourself. In essence, we all assimilate to those around us when we see the qualities we want, but you embrace it as a whole, that’s pretty deep! (lol). I have to ask this, Fallen Angel ; What’s the message behind that? You’re not the anti-Christ in MMA form, are you?

DR:  I got the name Fallen Angel from a friend when I was younger. I didn’t grow up with money and sometimes didn’t have food, but would always help others and my friend told me no matter how much good I did, only bad came to me and things never got better. He said God forgot about me and I was a Fallen Angel, thus, when I started fighting I kept it’s not the devil like so many ignorant religious fuckers come at me with.

JP: Ignorance is bliss, and definitely a great name for you when broken down like that. It even sounds intimidating in the cage, while keeping a childhood name and your upbringing with you throughout your career. That’s pretty cool! Now, I’ve also seen you mention your ‘group’ that you work with ‘The Goon Squad’ while doing my homework, care to break down who they are and their roles in or around your life?

DR: The GoonSquad is a group I started that was just a bunch of us that were pretty much training, managing, promoting ourselves and helping each other out. We have all had success and grown now but were still goons, thieving and trying to take all the success of those who have it and dont respect or deserve it.

JP: Classic, growing up I’ve always heard the ‘Goons’ and the ‘Goon Squads’ snatching purses and what not, haha; but again your perspective is – you grew up off of it, and even though you’re advancing in your career, if there’s an opportunity to ‘rob’ success from someone who doesn’t respect their blessings, you’ll take it. That’s a pretty bad-ass way to word it, and apparently not afraid to speak your mind and stick to your roots – a great quality in anyone who wants to be successful! Now that we’ve learned a little bit about you as a person, let’s get into your career – your start, direction, and anything else we can touch base on so the fans can see all sides of the Fallen Angel! When did you start training in the sport of MMA?

DR: I started training myself in 2003 and got professional training for the first time ever 4-weeks ago of this year. I just went to AKA one day because I heard Frank Shamrock was up there; I beat a fighter from things I saw on TV, had a 40-min war with Bob Cook who I had no clue who he was at the time, then kept going back to kick his ass and it lead me to this! (lol)

JP: “Crazy Bob”! That must’ve been a heck of an experience; How was that?

DR: Crazy Bob is on another level man! Back then he outdid me in mindset and skill and now, though my skills are much higher, there is just a mentality old school guys have that most of the guys nowadays lack… I’ve always looked up to that man and still do.

JP: Definitely, definitely. People lack dedication as a whole, let alone the mentality to give your all – which you’ve done while training yourself. Now, I know what it’s like to train yourself, and feeling the ‘I can take on the world attitude’, but when you stepped into an official training session – was it much different than what you’ve experienced while training yourself?

DR: Training myself has through DVDs and sparring at different gyms has given me two advantages over all the other competition; 1: You HAVE to really want this to stick with it under these circumstances and 2: The fact I come from no background leaves me WAY open minded, thus, I never stop evolving like most fighters… That, and the fact I’m obsessively self critical and analytically… Then, having a full-time training is great man! Not only did I find a trainer, but a great one who is also old school minded, doesn’t care about money, but building champions… He made ALL his guys from the ground up and really cares about them all… You can hear it in his team speeches. I admire him because we share similar qualities in that we really care about our circle, have old school mentalities, and stick up for what we believe in no matter what or who judges us… And we also have a strong sense of loyalty and justice!

JP: Nice, funny to think of a fighter training through DVDs like myself, but you have a much stronger mentality and dedication field than I do! Finding a training facility that not only teaches you how to fight exceptionally well, but also mentally bond with you helps create a better form of loyalty and discipline to the sport and the gym! Training self and in a gym, what would you say are your strengths and weaknesses are? What would you say is your fighting discipline?

DR: My strengths, well, physically I never tire and I’m a brute and virtually impossible to hurt. I’m well rounded and have tremendous KO power in every limb. My weaknesses are that there’s still so much more to learn, I have yet to achieve. My style..*epic pause* MANGA MUAY BORAN.

JP: Hahah, a Hybrid of a hybrid fighting style, nice! Muay Boran is pretty bad-ass, and rarely heard of over Muay Thai, which Boran acts as an umbrella for all of Ancient Muay Thai practices. Muay Boran is pretty brutal though. Manga and Boran are both meant to kill; I won’t be stepping in the cage against you, buddy! With that, what’s your MMA record and what Promotions have you faught for?

DR:  I’m 17-4-1 fought for TJ Fight Night, PFC, TPF, Bamma, Garden Brawls, KOTC, Gladiator Challenge… I can’t remember em’ all (lol).

JP: Is this Amateur record or all pro?

DR:  No, my record is all pro, I was paid for every fight.

JP: Nice, which get’s into a little bit of a dirty question; I heard your interview with MOTS at [Who I still plan to work with in the future!!], but you definitely let off a little steam against particular promotions; care to vent a little about this? What really went down in not so many words?

Readers may also view MOTS video [Skype?] interview with Fallen Angel here: “Don’t Treat on D

DR: As far as promotions go, here is the thing, many treat the fighters like shit and don’t pay them what they have earned on top of that. When it comes to BammaUSA, that promoter asked me to do a fight late notice while I was going through family issues in life and I told him I would if he gave his word that he would put my boy James on his next card and he agreed. When it came time for that card, not only did he not put James on, but he acted as if he never said that when I called him on it, as if I was the bad guy… And then came back on a weeks notice to use James when someone pulled out… If you don’t have your word, to me, you aren’t a man at all and you’re a piece of shit. When it comes to the palace, I LOVE everything about the palace except Jeremy because he puts his personal feelings into how he treats individuals instead of doing for them what they do for the show and their performances; a la UFC and Dana White.

JP: Definitely. There’s so much money made in this growing sport, and sometimes when you see payouts even on UFC [which, in a sense you can understand due to no-names making 20-grand a fight isn’t half bad…] In smaller promotions, I have no idea how they pay, but regardless of pay, they seem to treat fighters as instruments; an item they can grab whenever they need to use them to put on a show, and not that they are actually human beings. In a sense, that’s the one thing KO Lounge aims to do; provide all sides of the fighter and build supportive relationships as they advance their career! It really sucks they do that, especially to someone who is such a laid back person who communicates with fans, and you put in all the effort to get yourself known – obviously you have ambition and great character! Jumping back slightly on to the self-promotion side of things while also asking you where you plan to be in your future: Could you explain your struggle as you came up and where you see yourself in 5-years from now?

DR: Getting to where I’m at now has been a long, long, sad road of losing heroes, disappointment, envy, and rage! …I get fan mail from all over the world man! …Little ol’ me, a southern kid who grew up poor. It just seems if you don’t know the right person, these sponsors or promoters don’t care about you! You see my story, you see what I’ve done?! Who can train themselves with DVDs, have 3 major injuries still till this date, be a single parent, help friends, mom, Grandma, and win 17 fights. I beat UFC guys, and I STILL have not lost a fight that was not late notice and without controversy! …I have never been fairly beat till this day. My goal is to be the best that I can possibly be. I’m not trying to surpass anyone, only be as good as I can be and where that takes me, it does. Then I want to open a gym that caters to the guys who want to fight and the regular work out enthusiast. I would have a day care center and tutoring and also activities for under privileged kids… I’m simple, that’s all I want… And to get my mom a house and take care of my friends and family!

JP: Wow, very well put!! Not only that but I had the same idea with a gym similar to yours. I’ve always wanted to help underprivileged kids learn discipline and defense, especially growing up in rough environments! I’m sure with your ambition and dedication, you’re definitely going to get there and KO Lounge will always do it’s best to push and push! Now, wrapping this up as I’ve been pestering you for days on end, is there anything closing statements as well as anyone you’d like to give thanks to? Are you looking for sponsorships or anything?

DR:  Well, I’m a single father, let my friend stay with me, and also help my family out while chasing this dream. The more sponsors the better, I could always use the help! Me and my roomie James Chaney will take a fight, even on a week’s notice, we’re always in shape. I want to say to these promoters and sponsors to help us up-and-comers out and stop being so media brain-washed and to think for themselves. There are a lot of people out there that could be “The Best”, but need a chance and some help and we will never get the pleasure of seeing most of them because of the lack of these two things… Don’t just help those who have made it, help those who are trying to make it!


DR: I want to thank Tri, James, Bills, and the rest of the GoonSquad. My trainer Kirian and the whole crew at CSA; Cageradio; Dr. Lue, Larry, and Dan all who have medical practices in the Bay Area. Go Juvo, Madbeatings, Unbreakable Mouthpieces, my boy Frankie and Underground Clown; My brother Duke from (adults only) (lol).  ….And I also wanna tell my mom and grandma,  wait a bit longer I’ll get them what they want!  Also,  my son … I hope you see this one day… It’s all for you!

JP: Wow, that was pretty deep. Got a little laugh that was plugged in there, (lol) but when we got to your immediate family and your son, I really hope they see and appreciate that your efforts in this sport and becoming successful is all for them. Great stuff man, we hope to see you advance much further in your career and pursue all of your dreams you have shared with us. Thank you very much for your time and I am sure we will be doing more work with you in the future!

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