CAGED Cast; Delanie “The Predator” Hall!

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Delanie Hall, part of the cast of MTV’s CAGED. A successful MMA fighter on the rise and all around great guy. As quoted from the Shreveport Times, he’s ready for “Round 2” of Life. I reached out to this guy on twitter and he was more than willing to give us a few minutes to discuss his life and his venture into the MMA world.


Jason Przewoznik: Delanie! Thank for the opportunity to speak with you. This is probably a little bit different than the styles of interviews you’ve been through; but we’ll try to make it fun and make sure everyone hears your story! I want to start off by diving into your life a bit, Who is Delanie Hall? Tell us about your life growing up…

Delanie Hall: My life’s story is a little complicated. I was raised in a very well known family full of great athletes and I had my cup full and a lot to live up to. I took it on head first; became a star athlete, an all-american in all sports. I was successful in everything I did. State wrestling champ, 12-3 MMA record holding four titles. Life was great, relationship was great, built a home, great job, training was great. Everything seemed good; I was reaching my goals…. Then life threw me a curve ball which I’ve been through many before, but not like this! It took my mind out the game. I wasn’t me anymore…. Relationship fell apart, I lost 3 fights making me 10 and 3 cause my mind wasn’t in the game,  and training sucked everyday. Life itself sucked and it didn’t make it any better that I wouldn’t open up to anyone! Even though I kept my composure and seemed OK,  I wasn’t, I missed some big opportunities!  …But by God’s grace I made it through my storm and came back stronger than ever and back on top again!  I’m not stopping until I reach the top! Nothing or no one will get in my way anymore! I’m pulling off the gloves and letting it all go. I believe greatness isn’t something u can achieve its who you are…. and I am greatness!

JP: “Life’s not about weathering the storm, but learning how to dance in the rain” … You clearly did the Dougie in the rain and made it through! (Haha.) That’s inspiration in and of itself. You speak of the fact you are “Greatness” and strive to prove it and that’s definitely honorable… You were in a State Wrestling Championship; was this during your times in school? Is that what led you into MMA?

DH: Haha. Well, I started wrestling in the 6th grade. Christian Fulgium was my wrestling coach but much more a friend, I knew him all my life. He played ball and graduated with my brother who many may know, Calvin Hall. Well, me and Christian had many battles freshmen year of high school. Had state won, but couldn’t compete do to complications after all the hard work! ….Came back sophomore year and we won state! Well… Christian left my sophomore year to be a full-time fighter; he was featured on the ultimate fighter.  …Junior year (I) placed 3rd, senior (I) came back strong and took 2nd at state! …Then High-School was over. Not knowing what to do, I decided to follow Christian and become a fighter. I trained under Master Donny Aaron and figured out I could fight! Christian moved back and me, Donny, and Christian became the perfect trio! The A-team! And took over MMA by storm real fast, real quick!

JP: Nice, so you definitely have a strong wrestling background and went on to MMA. Was there much of a transition from the basics of wrestling to Mixing up multiple fighting disciplines?

DH: Well, wrestling was such a very strong base for me it made everything else so much easier. But funny thing is… My boxing and kick boxing became so strong I never even used my wrestling!

JP: Haha, that’s how it goes sometimes! Master Donny, is this at the Karate Mafia school in Bossier, LA?

DH: Yes sir! Master Donny Aaron is our coach and the owner of Karate Mafia,

JP: Awesome, so you’ve been with Karate Mafia since you came out of high school? Care to share some of your experiences in the MMA game?

DH: Well, I’ve experienced a lot in my MMA career. I’ve had 3 loses and every one came from under perpetration due to life’s struggle, but I over came and I now hold 4 titles in 155(lb.) and 170(lb.) divisions. I hold a 12-3 record now. My losses all taught me more then every one of my wins! I feel you can’t learn anything from winning; they have made me better! They gave me the drive to turn it up, turn the corner, and do better!

JP: That’s the same mindset I have and the speech I give all the fighters I work with … Your losses are your best instructors; they can tell you where your holes are – your wins don’t. Sometimes, especially in fighting we learn something that just sticks with us from our instructors… Is there anything Master Donny Aaron or any one of your other instructors may have said that’s always been a reminder of what you’re doing? Or even a special technique?

DH: Well, Coach Donny always tells my I’m a great fighter and there’s nothing I can’t achieve… And Christian always says, “All I want you to do is go in the cage and do YOU!”  …He says I’m always (at) my best when I’m not over-thinking things.

JP: Well that’s inspiring to say the least, haha. Do you fight Amateur or Pro currently? …and do you bounce between weights or do you generally stick to one weight as of now?

DH: I’m still Ammy and will be turning pro after the second season of Caged. I fight at 155 and 170, so I fluctuate between weights, but not this year! I’m planning on trying to make a run to 145.

JP: Nice, ever have a problem making weight when you fluctuate like that? Or just trying to PROVE you are the best pound for pound no matter where you go?

DH: Yes cutting weight sucks! …and yea, I have had some hard times before, but being hard doesn’t mean it’s impossible!  I can just as well be at 185 as 145 as long as I have every thing together and in order!

JP: True, that’s a great attitude! That’s one thing promoters love to see! Just because something’s hard, it’s NOT impossible. Do you have a routine for cutting weight? Or gaining for that matter? Gaining a healthy 50lbs. isn’t an easy task; let alone losing it!

DH: Yea gaining and losing weight takes all of your discipline! When I start dieting and cutting weight, I try to drink two gallons of water a day. I go on a low carb diet. Only baked, grilled, and steamed food. Small portions, 3-5 times a day, and reward myself one day of the week 2 months from the weigh-in date!

JP: Nice man, least you know what you’re doing, but also treat yourself knowing you’re going to hate yourself for a bit! Going to bounce around a bit, but CAGED; I figured I’d touch on that a bit. How does it feel being cast on a show like that? Want to share a bit about what you’re doing and what it’s doing for you?

DH: Well, being part of Caged is great and it’s a great opportunity! It definitely gets u notice! I’ve gotten to work with some great fighters and going to soon become a part of Team Punishment! We have guys out there with Tito right now. He’s been to our fights; coaching, helping, and supporting!

JP: That’s great man! It’s definitely an interesting show to say the least! You have a lot of great benefits; getting known and working with great fighters are just two of them, but… Is it at all stressful or just an overall great opportunity?

DH: Well, it use to be stressful ’cause I had a lot going on in my personal life that I didn’t want to open up about. With that; affecting training… and then you’re training extra hard ’cause you want to win the fight… I mean you want to win anyway, but then you put MTV in the mix and u REALLY want to win!

JP: True, true. So where do you see yourself after CAGED; or hell, even during? Do you see your career advancing at a fast rate once you go pro?

DH: Yes! I see me being a big part of Caged and my career taking of fast and strong! I’m in it to win it!

JP: No other way to be brother! When you go pro, do you plan to stick to one weight and dominate or trying out 145 before you turn pro and seeing how that goes?

DH: I plan on going pro at the end of the year, and I want to try 145 before I decide where I will fight at as a pro.

JP: Nice, featherweight and lightweight are great divisions! Besides going pro in the near future, what are your goals for the distant future of MMA?

DH: Ok, yea. I plan on being a pro fighter in the UFC! …And not just to be there, I want to be known as one of the best! I want to be the best lightweight champion there is!

JP: We definitely hope to see you in that promotion and achieve those goals!! Now, I want get to go to the goodies so I’m not holding you up too long… First, if someone were interested in sponsoring you or contacting you about a fight; who can they call or email?

DH: They contact me at 318-402-6505 or email me at

JP: Alright, thanks! I gotta ask the trademark question… Who is your favorite superhero and why?

DH: My favorite super heroes are my family! ‘Cause they always been there to save me and support me through it all!

JP: Honorable response! …I love this question; people have so many great answers! Nearing the wrap up, is there anything you’d like to share to the fans or anything you’d like to include in this interview before we get to the shout outs?

DH: Nope… Nothing else except that…. 2012; The Predator is BACK!

JP: Great man! I can’t wait to see the predator in action!! Would you like to give any special thanks or shout anyone out as we come to the close of this interview?

DH: I’d like to thank my family and my friends. Master Donny Aaron, Coach Christian Fulgium, Punishment Athletics. All of Benton, LA …and most of all, God who is the head of my life! Thanks!

JP: Awesome. I thank you very much for your time and hope to see you succeed in your goals! If you ever have some news for us or care to share anything with KnockoutLounge, you have my contact info and we’d be glad to have you back!

DH: Thanks for listening!


You can follow Delanie Hall on

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