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We recently had the opportunity to not only sit down and talk with Paul at Death Punch Fight Gear, but also are in the works of partnering with them for the future of MMA. I felt it was a necessary move to Death Punch Army as we’ve been in the talks and they came to our calling with open arms when it came to sponsoring two fighters I work with, Kelly Reilly and Blue Petersen. I wanted to take a minute to discuss with Paul as to what Death Punch Army is; and what they bring to the MMA table. So let’s get into it! (Raw interview, Foul Language is not removed)

Jason Przewoznik: Hey Paul, we’ve talked a lot the past few weeks about getting this interview up and letting the world know what Death Punch can offer to the MMA World, but I also wanted to know how it all started and what the future for Death Punch is! Let’s begin by asking our most generic question; What is Death Punch Fight Gear?

Death Punch: Death Punch is bad ass fight wear for the bad ass fighter and fan. Pushing the limits on designs for that in your face fight wear for the animal that eats, sleeps, breathes and trains MMA; …And has the balls to be a MMA Fighter.

JP: In yo’ Face!! I like that. Ok, now that we’re off to an awkward start (lol), what makes Death Punch worthy of such a bold statement? What got you involved with starting this clothing line?

DP: I’ve been in the MMA fight game since before it was mainstream. I boxed as a kid which lead to pit fights in the backwoods of KY barns that evolved into MMA; and being mainstream. I started training and competing in MMA regularly in 2004 under Mr. David Frantz and Dawn of the Dragon MMA. During that time I designed and sold my own line of walkout shirts for my family, friends and supporters. I took a break from fighting after Mr. Frantz passed away from a battle with cancer…. Only to return not only to the cage, but with the arrival of Death punch fight wear.

JP: I’m sorry for your loss, we’ve seen it happen with an amazing fighter like Tyson; such grievances like that can throw someone completely out of focus, glad to see you return! So, you started out making walkout shirts and blew up into a growing apparel [and jewelry] line; what are your goals for Death Punch?

DP: My goals for Death Punch are to keep designing kick ass fight wear for that hungry, starving fighter who is following his dreams to be the best and we are doing the same with our designs an fight wear. I’m pushing to get my fight wear out not only at the smaller shows, but at major events as well. I’m also in works with a gentleman by the name of Wade Young of Encore Entertainment KY to start promoting and having our own fight league and MMA show… So we are definitely growing and working within every aspect of MMA from the ground up.

JP: Similar to our goals, gotta start at the bottom and work your way up and let your passion for the sport lead the way. Going to step back as I mentioned starting from the bottom and working up; How far from the bottom have you come?

DP:  We have come from nothing but thoughts and ideas in my head to getting the designs to paper then to a designer and printer to the finished product. We have our name on shirts, shorts, hats, water, watches, belt buckles, earrings; we sponsor promotions, events, and a group of bad ass fighters who rep Death Punch and help create the army…

JP:  You gotta start somewhere, right? Knockout Lounge started the same, a small idea in my head and knowing ABSOLUTELY nobody. Posted an ad for writers on an MMA forum, found 2 great guys [who unfortunately are on a hiatus for a bit due to personal lives], we started out as a ‘for the fans’ news site – then we branched into almost a grassroots of amateur MMA fighters headquarters. We still have a lot of growing to do and even stabilizing our foundations, but through our partners and connections we’ve made; I see a bright future with us and our partnership with Death Punch! Now, I’m leaving this as more of an open-ended question [there’s no wrong answer here! haha], you mention hunger; ambition. We went through your goals for Death Punch, but partnering up with us; where is the Army headed?

DP: Ambition is to keep growing an getting this line of fight wear out to every fighter and fan possible. If not for Mr. Dana White and that bullshit UFC tax of $50,000, I would have several UFC fighters showing me some love on The Ultimate Fighter show and in the cage on pay-per-view…..there is no limit for this Army…

I’m definitely in the process of becoming a household name to the fighters and fans of MMA. I’m working hard to rep my city and state of Louisville, KY with my gear, but definitely not just trying to be a home town hero. I’m slowly navigating to the Mid-West; Iowa and South Dakota seem to take a liking Death Punch, I’ve got more fighters out there then I do in KY. I’ve also recently sent 100 shirts to New Zealand and a few to Brazil, so we are def. getting our line of fight wear out there and expanding world wide. With that said, partnering up with you here at K.O. Lounge is an honor and a pleasure for the Death Punch Army… Your passion, work ethic, and love for MMA goes hand-in-hand with Death Punch… Constantly on that grind to improve and do work just like a fighter in the gym… To be affiliates with Knockout Lounge and read the interviews with stars like Ryan Couture and UFC Vet. Bobby Southworth is a pleasure; And to partner up with a company of that magnitude of fighters an promotions is big for my line and family of sponsored fighters. This shit is not easy, it’s a constant grind and hard work, but to see bad ass fighters in a shirt or other fight wear or merchandise I created is well worth it! …Like a victory after months of training! Death Punch and its Army isn’t just a shirt or a design, it’s a fuckin’ way of life!

JP: You took that open ended question to heart! Lot of information and it shows the passion you have for what you’re doing. I like that and I am glad to work with you! Anything else you’d like to add before we conclude this brief, ‘getting to know you’ interview?

DP: Before I go I want to say thanks to everyone that helped create the army… All of my sponsored fighters for the interest and showing Death Punch the love before and after every battle.

Wade Young of Encore Entertainment KY,  Brandon “Hardrock” Higdon of Hardrock MMA, Brandon Newsome of Gruesome MMA, Gary Thomas of Bluegrass MMA on blogtalk radio, and Harleywood Screen Printing for the shirts.

Also, one of my artists, D.J Pearcy for the design work an interest in Death Punch.

My photographers Max Sharp of Louisville Sharp Photogaphy and Ryan Kendall of Massimo Carlucci Ent.

The Ferguson Family at AAMMA and BJ and Taz of The Ultimate Fighter Season 14 cast for having me in the gym, and the 2 ufc fighters I can’t mention at this time (thanks to the UFC luxury tax).

My lady Tamara Cook and son Duece Chitwood for the support and understanding the long hours and sacrifice I’m giving to make this happen.

Jason here at K.O. Lounge for the partnership and the thousands of fans on Facebook

…..We are Death Punch….We are an Army….WE ARE THE DEATH PUNCH ARMY…..

JP: Very humble I see, a lot of thank yous! Well, Paul; I’m glad we got to have this venting session and allow the world to know who the man behind Death Punch is and where it’s headed! I hope to see a lot of work between our two entities for the future of Amatuer MMA [and pro’s alike].


I also wanted to list sponsored fighters of Death Punch:

Nate Williams of Des Moines, Iowa; 125lb. Pro out of New Beginnings MMA and Des Moines Jits. Holds 5 pro belts in Mid-West Cage Championship, Extreme Challenge, Quad City Fighting Championship, Mid-West championship and True Revelations.
Blue Peterson – Double title holder also out of Iowa and Mid-West warrior International; Titles in Tri-State Cage Fighting and Brutaal Genesis
Cody “King” Kessinger; 135lb. Double title holder in Second 2 None and Cage Punishment out of Bronx Hill MMA in Jeffersonville, Indiana
Ray “Short Fuse” Korb; 125lb. out of Bronx Hill MMA Jeffersonville, Indiana
Kevan “The Demon” Avery; 170lb champ for Second 2 None out of Derby City MMA –  Louisville, KY
Kelly Reilly (female), Dillon wood, Cody Gardner, and Travis Kubal;  all of Pinnacle MMA Management in South Dakota.

Jason Przewoznik is the owner of was created to provide a haven for up and coming Mixed Martial Artists to share their stories and their careers with the fans; Supporting ALL fighters on the rise in a not-for-profit community.
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    AWESOME PAUL!!!! GOOD STUFF SIR…Im glad for the oppurtunity and doing what I can for a guy I believe in..

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