The experiment, Day 2 (100s!)

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Today's temperature was great, but still not feeling 100% about working out. Today's meal plan consisted of mixed nuts in the morning, half a pound of ground turkey, peppers, onions, peas, and corn for lunch and dinner was the same turkey and a few servings of mashed potatoes (I'm addicted). Prior to my workout, I took about 75% a scoop of MP Assault and during my workout I took about 25% of a scoop mixed with water to keep it going. 

I was going to go with my normal workout, but instead I had an ab spasm while doing sit ups on the parallel bars; so I figured today was the day that I'd push myself for 100 dips and 100 Australian pull ups. ..and it was a success! 

I started out with 4 sets of 15 dips and 4 sets of 15 Austrailian pull ups and began walking. I completed 2.4 miles on my walk and finished up before I left with 3 sets of 15 Australian pull ups, and 15 dips, 10 dips, 8 dips, 4 dips, and crashed at 5.5 dips. My totals for the hour long stint at the park; 2.42 miles of walking, 103.5 dips, and 105 Australian pull ups. 

Again, it's a start… but its a journey I'm baby stepping my way back in. I'm glad I was able to knock out 100 of each of these excercises. Tomorrow's workout will consist of cleaning and if my arms work, handstand push ups on the wall and squats with my 135lb bar; also a good amount of time throwing punches at the bag. Happy Hump Day! Day 2 in the books! Accountability! 




Day 2 of #theexperiment. Successfully completed 100 dips, 100 Australian pull ups! #BARSOCIETY

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