The Experiment (Day 1)

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The Experiment… The new beginning

I've decided to take a bit more of a personal approach to KnockoutLounge has been my outlet to support up and coming MMA fighters and I've been riding the journey through its ups and downs for quite a few years. Content is not always constant and I appreciate the fan base I've acquired and continue to acquire on a daily basis. Those of you that may have followed my personal Instagram have also known that besides providing MMA content and supporting fighters, I've been also beginning my own journey in the fitness world revolving around experimental training in calisthenic only workouts. 

With that being said, as an experiment, there's been plenty of inactive days, weeks, or even months. My eating has been relatively poor (although, in fair shape)… I wanted to document my entire journey from today, marking today as Day 1. I've received plenty of feedback from @Kishon Richards (@12EVOLUTION) and the bar-team that has been in my corner since my first day, #BARSOCIETY (Calisthenic Kent). 

So, here's to day 1. Please, as mentioned I am documenting everything, and there will be a lot of changes based upon the feedback of others. Feel free to comment on these posts, Instagram images, or personally email me. I plan on taking this daily throughout the week with hiking / walking (rest) on the weekends as I begin. Here's to us all coming together as a team. I welcome others from around the world to keep up with me and my journey or even join up on your own journey. Let's share tips, stories, etc.


My diet is horrible. I currently window eat, similar to a variation of the Warrior Diet, but nothing strict, I just find it easier to eat within a few hour window rather than throughout the day.  

Today consisted of a few handfulls of mixed nuts, 3/4 of a rotisserie chicken (pre workout) along with a scoop of MP Assault. Post workout, about a half pound of ground turkey (lean, no hormone), peas, corn, and mashed potatoes. I will finish off my evening with a protein shake before bed.

I begin with the following measurements:

Chest – 40"

Bicep (flexed) – 14"

Thigh – 19"

Waist – 33"

5'7 3/4 inches tall at 162lbs this morning.







Eh, I did something. Wasn't feeling it. #bigassbird #BARSOCIETY

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So please feel free to critique, join in, or share stories/tips. Let's do this. #TheExperiment #BarSociety #12evolution

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