Cruz vs. Johnson to fight on…… TV??

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When the news came out a few days ago that the Bantamweight Title would be defended on cable television instead of the usual PPV card, fans were ecstatic. These days if you want to see the top 2 fighters in a weight class compete you are shelling out $50. However the news has also been viewed in a negative light. After Cruz defended his BW title at UFC 132 in the main event, fans started to see that the smaller fighters could carry a card. So how exactly should the 2 fighters feel about this booking?

Each fighter is different. Some carry humility and others pack an ego. This fact is what will drive Dominick Cruz through his training camp. No matter what level of ego Johnson has it won’t affect his motivation. It wouldn’t matter if the fight took place on public access television only viewable in Sri Lanka, Demetrious Johnson will be ready.

The real question is how will Cruz handle it? He is arguably one of the most dominant fighters in MMA today after avenging his only loss to Urijah Faber last month. Does his ego allow him to train the way he’ll need to? The speed that he will see in the Octagon that night will be unlike anything he’s ever seen. Any lack of preparation could hamper his title defense. And when you have a fighter getting his first shot at UFC gold, you can guarantee they will be giving everything they’ve got.

Unfortunately I feel this booking will cause Cruz a lot of problems. After being in the shadow of Faber for years he was finally able to overcome it with his victory. Now he has a new cross to bear;lack of respect for him, his division, and his belt. I applaud the UFC for showing the fans appreciation and putting a title fight on a non-PPV card. Now let’s hope it doesn’t set back an entire division.


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