Quick Revisit with Kevin Croom fighting April 6, 2013!

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An interview in turmoil; Knockout Lounge media sponsored fighter Kevin Croom is revisited as he was initially planned to be featured on Bellator 91, but was dropped from card due to an opponent dropping out. We left the interview as intact as possible to provide an update on Kevin's training and current life in and outside the cage. Kevin will now be fighting on April 6th, information can be found at: drurytickets.com




Jason Przewoznik: Kevin, thanks for joining us again! How the hell have you been?! Word on the street is that you'll be fighting for Bellator come the end of this month, but before I get into that – whats been new in the world of Mr. Croom?

Kevin Croom: Thanks for having me sir, I'm very well actually! So you're right, I'm signed with Bellator and my first fight is the 28th for Bellator 91; but first what new in my world, huh? Well I just came off what I see as a huge win in January for Resurrection Fighting Alliance. It was live on AXS tv versus Brian Davidson, a pretty well known striker on a 5-fight win streak. We fought in 2010 for Bellator and I finished him in the second round via RNC after taking a pretty good beating. …And, well, I took this rematch on 3 weeks notice and it couldn't have worked out for me any better. I came out pretty aggressive, I didn't want him to find his range. He's a 5th degree black belt in Taekwondo; and I caught him with a hard right and that dropped him…  I pounced on him for the TKO finish in 42 seconds. It was pretty sweet! That's about the only thing that's new since we have talked last. I might have changed up my training a little bit also. I want to shout out to Momma D's dungeon. Momma D is my personal trainer/nutritionist; she is amazing and really has put me at the top of my game and I LOVE HER TO DEATH for it!!! Also besides training at Greg Jackson's, I have been working out with Chris Luttrell at Mean1 MMA… He is one of Greg's first students and is just a master of wrestling and such. I started training at Danny Romero's Hideout, a boxing gym. Danny is a former world champion boxer and he has really been bringing my hands up to par! So I'm busy as always and its really helping improve and moving me to the next level! I think thats about it on whats new (lol).

JP: I believe we were supposed to interview you prior to that fight, but things got confusing here at the lounge… I feel like a parent who missed a chapter of his child's life (lol). So, you bounce between Jacksons and Mean 1… How would you say this has changed your preparation for a fight? Also Momma D – how has she helped you and what does her work consist of?

KC: Yeah, no worries. My life is a mess and stuff slips by me all the time. So I really go to Mean1 for a lilttle more personal attention, which is really needed at this level! Coach Luttrell is the man and he really helps tweak the little things I need. Momma D not only brought nutrition into my life, which I think is the biggest step to moving to the next level,  she also has a wicked strength and fitness plan which involves some pool workouts – which is really more like she tries to drown us (No joke!) …On top of that she really loves and supports me and wants me to be the best I can be. That really means a lot to me. She can tell when I'm kind of beating myself up mentally and she is always there to put stuff in perspective… Basically she is my bad ass, mean, mutha-watch-yo-mouth-momma!! (haha) …and I love her to death!!!

JP: Hahaha awesome brother! So lets talk Bellator… I see you counting down the days, are you ready to take home another win and secure your spot in one of the larger promotions? Speaking of which, its not your first time in the big leagues, how is Bellator treating you? How do you feel it stands as an MMA promotion?

KC: Finally back in Bellator… Man I'm happy about it. I had a 'Fight of the Night' for them back in 2010 and I finally just got signed… So I feel like this has been a long time coming honestly, but they have really stepped it up since I have fought for them. I feel like they are really the # 2 organization in the biz' at the moment and I'm super happy to be a part of it! You're right, I have been in the bigger leagues before, so it's not quite new to me. I have fought for Bellator, Titan, Resurrection Fighting Alliance, Ring of Fire… but I am a firm believer in if your next fight is not your biggest fight, then you're doing it wrong! And I believe I'm on track in that. In this moment there is no life past the 28th… I have been grinding and clawing my way to where I am for 5 years now and I'm finally where I want to be… and if someone wants to take that from me they will have to kill me, literally!!!

JP: And kill you, they shall not! …Who else will I bug for interviews? Haha.

UPDATE: As we were working on finalizing this interview, we experienced a slight change of plans regarding Kevin's upcoming fight.

Kevin, I understand that your Bellator bout set for February 28th was thrown due to losing an opponent, care to shed some light on the situation? OR anything that you're at liberty to tell? …But the silver lining is that I heard you will be fighting again the first week of April…any updates for us? 

KC: I know… it's boring, but I have nothing to say about that (lol). But, yeah I'm fighting Brian Pearman April 6th; he was on TUF a while back, the one John Dodson won, but he lost his elimination fight.

JP: What a bummer, especially on the flow of things with this interview, haha. Glad to see that you DID get offered another fight, even if it's not for Bellator – which I won't bug you about… As always, I wish you luck and will continue to support you, though! I would ask you whats next, but we know great fighters focus on the "now" and not the possible future… Sooo on that note; whats your favorite scary movie?

KC: Shoot, I don't know. I really like anything Rob Zombie, directs especially the Halloween re-makes… so I'll say those. By the way, his wife is a total babe… in a really scary crazy way (lol).

JP: Haha, completely agree… In a very scary, crazy way, though! That question went horribly wrong by the way. Is there anything you'd like to say to the fans before I let you get some shout outs in?

KC: Man, I just want to thank everyone that likes what I do!! I love to Bang and love the people that respect that and love to watch!

JP: We all love watching the bloody monkey Croom, fight! And now the floor is yours, brother! Shout outs, special thanks, the whole nine!

KC: I want to thank Chris Luttrell, Momma D, all my other coaches and teammates. I'd like to thank my family for being so supportive of me and the love of my life, my dog, Zeke!!!! Everyone better be watching cause I'm going to bring the thunder ..Deuces!!!!


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