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Thanks to Lisa over at Mezereon Management, we were given the opportunity to speak with Cody Maiden. An amateur fighter out of Georgia, with an amateur record of 4-0 and a title shot coming up in the near future. We will discuss all of this in the time we spend with Cody and hope to get his name out there [This is his first interview!]


Jason Przewoznik: Good Evening Cody! Thanks for allowing us a few moments of your time to let the Amateur MMA world know who you are and where you’re headed in this wonderful sport!! Going to start with the usual; Who is Cody Maiden?

Cody Maiden:  Hmm… that’s a hard question, Ive never really had to describe myself. Well Ive been training for about 5 years. I started it in high school when I did a project on Muay Thai. After that I was hooked. About a year and a half later I got my first fight.

…That really didn’t describe me too

JP: Haha, not exactly. We were going more for the ‘Where did you grow up?’, ‘How old are you?’, etc. All that good stuff! So let’s branch off an try again! Who is Cody Maiden? (lol)

CM: Well Im 23 years old, Been training about 5 years. I was origionally born in Illinois but I moved to Georgia my first year of high school and just never left. I didn’t get involved in MMA until my senior year of high school. I work full-time at Revolution Manufacturing. We build and repair custom motorcycles. I work there all day and go straight to the gym to train.

JP: That’s much better! I noticed that you said you did a project in high school about Muay Thai and it caught my eye; care to explain the project and how did it get you involved in the sport?

CM: I did my senior project in high school on Muay Thai. Its a project you have to complete and pass to graduate high school. One of my teachers was training with my current instructor; She invited me to go to the gym to check it out. Once i got in there i didnt want to leave! My current instructor, Steven Broughman was my mentor for the project. He really pushed me to keep training after school. So I passed the project and graduated high school, but I kept going to the gym and training hard.

JP: Nice, that sure is dedication to a high-school project! (lol). Was it a research paper or were you required to actually partake in the ‘activity’ of your choosing?

CM: It was a 5-7 page research paper on a topic of your choice. 15-hours of hands on work with a mentor on your topic;  At the end was a 10-min presentation and demonstration of what you learned.

JP: Interesting, so would you say this project and the mentoring you received put you on to the sport? If so, is Muay Thai your strong suit?

CM: Yes, without that project I dont know if I ever would have been involved in the sport. And yes, Muay Thai is most def my strong suit.

JP: (See kids? Stay in school!) …Now when was your first Amateur fight – do you remember the date, the fight? the result?

CM: My first amatuer fight was actually a kickboxing fight. I fought at the IKF World Championships in Orlando, FL. This was in June or July of 2008, if I remember right. I was in amazing shape for that fight, but i was so nervous I burnt myself out earlier. It seemed like all my training went out the window.( lol) My opponent had quite a few fights before he fought me so he was much more comfortable. I ended up losing that fight by decision.

JP: You had to get your feet wet somehow and you still went the distance!!  Now, you mentioned your strong suit being Muay Thai (as well as a kick-boxing record), what other disciplines do you train in? How often do you train each discipline? What’s your training regiment like?

CM: I’ve also trained in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Boxing for about just as long as I have trained Muay Thai. My training changes depending on how close I am to a fight. I like to train both Muay Thai and Jiu-Jitsu at LEAST 3-4 days a week. I also do strength and conditioning around 2-3 days a week. If training one week has been pretty hard I’ll cut out one day of strength training for another day of rest.

JP: Nice! That shows great dedication to the sport while juggling a full-time job. Many Amateurs do not take their training as serious; being young as well provides many opportunities! With that said, and after ‘training’ what would you say is your favorite thing about stepping in the ring/cage?

CM: The best thing about stepping in the cage is that feeling you get when you win… There’s no other feeling in the world that compares to it! Every fight I go in there to win. It’s that point when they raise your hand that you know you’re the best! You can’t even describe it!

JP: And so far your record proves you’re on the right path!! Now let’s get into that. Your record shows 4-0 …2 wins via 1st round arm-bar, 2 wins via decision. Care to give a rundown on your career so far? What’s been your most memorable fight thus far?

CM: Well, I would say I’m pretty happy with the way my career has been going so far. My first fight was an unanimous decision. That was a good fight, a good learning experience. My second fight was at Wild Bills. That fight would probably have to be my most memorable one. The fight was quick, as soon as we started I landed a hard leg-kick and he shot in immediately. He pressed me against the cage and I landed some hard knees and he took me down. I swept him from side-body and threw a straight arm-bar and it was over! That fight was memorable because it was my first local fight and a lot of my best friends and family were able to come see me. That was also my first finish in a fight! I fought 2-weeks later and got a :51 second arm-bar which started with a hard shot that dropped the guy 5 seconds in! …And my last fight at Wild Bills was a hard fought 3-round war which I won by unanimous decision.

JP: That is AWESOME!  …Definitely must feel great with 1st round submissions …put them out of the fight before it even started. Now your next fight, when and where is that? I also heard it will be a title shot?

CM: Yep. I’m fighting Sept. 17th against Luke Neyland for the GFC Amatuer Featherweight Title. It’s gonna be at Cartersville Harley Davidson.

JP: How confident are you in this fight? Thinking you’re going for another 1st round armbar?!

CM: Haha! Well, that’s the good thing about a fight you never know what’s gonna happen. I’m pretty confident in this fight. I’ve been training really hard! …I have some of the best training partners to help me get ready for this fight. A lot of guys who are well known in the Atlanta area in MMA! Guys like Nick Beal, Gerry Tena, and Scott Farhat. I’m well prepared and ready for anything he wants to throw at me!

JP: Your confidence is awesome and we really hope you bring home that title!! Now just a few more questions and you’ll be able to get rid of me! (lol)  :)One question I have to ask – Craig made it almost our trademark …Who is your favorite super hero, and why?

CM: That’s a really hard one. I honestly dont know who my favorite is.

JP: Well, that’s no fun!

CM: Haha! Well, they’re all pretty sweet. The Hulk is a bad-ass, he might be my favorite.

JP: Alright, we’ll work with that – at least we got an answer out of you!  Now bouncing around a tiny bit and looking towards the future; where do you see yourself? What are your goals in MMA?

CM: Well I definitely have to take my career one fight at a time, and this fight will be a big one for me! My next step in the near future will be turning pro and starting to establish myself. In terms of my goals in MMA, I’m gonna fight til’ I can’t fight anymore! Im gonna take this as far as I can go, whether its to the UFC, Strikeforce or Bellator. I love it!

I don’t ever want to stop!

JP: Great, you definitely show the dedication and heart it takes to be in one of the larger promotions hope to see you moving on up!! Now… Closing questions are always the fun ones… Anyone you’d like to give a shout out to? Any special thanks?

CM: Well first I’d like to thank my training partners, Gerry Tena, Nick Beal, Scott Farhat and all the other guys who were there everyday to help me get ready for this fight! I’d like to thank my trainers as well Steven Broughman, Juan Guevara, Nathan Livramento and Adam Pina. I’d also like to give a big shout out to TriCoasta MMA and MMA Freaks.

I’d also like to give a special thanks to Lisa of Mezereon Management and I’d like to thank all my supporters at Striker Fight Center who come out and cheer me on every fight!

JP: That’s great you have so many people to shout out, it shows the amount of support you have. I also want to Thank Lisa for her reaching out to me about getting in touch with you!  Is there anything you’d like to add to this interview as we come to a close?

CM: I cant think of anything else at the moment, but thank you very much for taking the time to talk to me and hopefully you will be interviewing me again soon!

JP: No doubt! We’re here to spotlight the up and comers and support them their whole way through!! Anything you need, you know how to reach me!



Credit to Eric Langley for Images of Cody Maiden!


Another special thanks to Lisa at Mezereon Management!!


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  1. Larbet44 (6 years ago)

    Great interview!!! I hope more young fighters see that this is a great sport and with dedication, committment and passion like Cody has, they can follow there dreams to be in that ring too. I’m so proud of his hard work and love of the sport, it definately shows in the ring! Love and support my son all the way!

  2. Anonymous (6 years ago)

    Cody won his fight and the GFC Belt!! Congrats champ!

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