Tap-Weight; Tap-Out! Cody “Iron” Maiden wins GFC Belt!!

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We had the opportunity to speak with Cody “Iron” Maiden last week, and his upcoming fight was announced. Well the results are in; GFC has a new champion and his name is Cody!

The night of the fight I was out enjoying a few drinks and constantly texting Lisa over at Mezereon Management, anxiously awaiting the results as there was a few issues with this fight. When I recieved the message “Cody wins by Guillotine at 55sec first round” – needless to say, I took a shot in his honor! Now we have the chance to hear his comments on the fight!

Jason Przewoznik: Cody, my man! Congratulations on your win, and the belt – you deserve it! I wanted to just take a few minutes and let you vent on fighting for your first belt and dominating the competition. I heard there was a little hiccup in your fight plans that almost resulted in a withdrawal [that you were NOT having!] due to your opponent not making weight. What happened?

Cody “Iron” Maiden: Well, initially at weigh ins we were both supposed to weigh in at 145+2. I weighed in at 145 …And my opponent weighed in at 150. So we tried to get him to run and lose the rest, but it just wasn’t happening. Everyone wanted to see this fight happen, so they decided that he could weigh in the day of the fight and couldn’t go over 153. The thing that really screwed me over was that they made me weigh in under the same rules as well, which wasnt fair at all. So the day of the fight we both weighed in and made weight.

JP: That’s not fair at all, forcing you you into a Tap-weight because he couldn’t cut or unwilling to cut [that’s a steep weight difference at your weight]. I’m glad the fight went through, though. We were a little nervous and I had made everyone keep me in the loop! I asked you in our interview about your confidence level, you were pretty confident, the day of the fight; how was your confidence then? What was your game-plan?

CM: I was pretty confident coming into this fight. I knew he was a great wrestler and he was a strong guy. My initial game plan was to establish myself standing and defend the takedown. But I have to say he had a good shot (lol).

JP: Haha, confidence is what wins the fight, glad you kept face during it! Give us a quick run-down of the fight and how you ultimately became the belt-holder!

CM: Well, he took me down early and I worked my way back to standing, but when he shot in the second time he made the mistake of giving me his neck and once I had the choke set I wasn’t letting him go! The feeling of winning that belt was amazing! Especially the fact that I won over a guy that had a lot more experience in the ring than me. I couldn’t be happier with the way things turned out!

JP:  That’s awesome man. I asked you already about your future in the MMA-game, but after this win; has anything changed? Are you more confident on your path to success? Anything you’d like to add in?

CM: I’m still pretty confident that I can succeed in the sport, but I also have a long way to go. I’m just going to keep working hard and winning fights and making my way to the top.

JP: Well said! Well, I just wanted to get a quick post-fight basically so we can post a picture of you with the belt. Very happy we were given the opportunity to speak with you Pre and Post fight and we wish you all the success in the world in pursuing your fighting career!

CM: Thanks a lot man! I really appreciate you speaking to me before and after the fight. I want to thank all my friends and family who came out saturday night to support me. Thanks to all my coaches and training partners who helped me prepare for this fight! I want to give a shoutout to Lisa Webb (of Mezereon Management) for helping me out and being there for me along the way! Shoutout to MMA Freaks and TriCoasta MMA – Thanks for the shirt! …And thank you Knockout Lounge for the interview!

JP: You’re very welcome, and thank you for the time Cody! Keep putting in work!



…And the tap! (Great Action Shot!)

The winner? Cody Maiden!

Cody proudly wearing his belt!

All Photos are courtesy of Action Fighter Media

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