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Jason Przewoznik: Good Morning Chris! We’ve been in talks to get this interview rolling, but with all that’s went on at the end of last year; we’ve both been swamped! Starting off 2012 with first Nick Beal, and now his twin brother, Chris Beal – what better way to bring in the new year?  …Now Chris, as I’m sure you know I like to get right down to understanding the man behind the gloves and get some insight on who you are and how you grew up; care to share a bit of that with us?

Chris Beal: Cool man yeah. I was born in Delaware and lived there til’ I was 8, moved to New Hampshire and pretty much lived there til’ the end of middle school, then moved here. I got 2 brothers, Nick and my little brother Patrick who’s 19. Growing up, we were always active, especially living in NH with all the woods and what not. Played basically every sport up until high school. In high school we all ran track, played football and wrestled. It wasn’t too long before my little brother could whoop both of our asses on the football field. I guess you could say he’s our little “big” brother (haha). After high school, I had no more practices to go to and nothing really to do except workout and go to tech school. My life was way too boring. As many sports that I played, I really ever liked to watch them on TV. The only sport that could hold my interest long enough was MMA. I never really got into too many fights growing up besides with my bros (haha). …So Nick started taking Jiu Jitsu at TUFMA with Juan Guevara and a little stand up with Stevie. I was thinking, “Man this is cool!”. My brother is doing all the stuff that those guys on TV were doing. I had to start! I had no sport to play and had anxiety to start something new. Bam! I was hooked!

JP: I completely agree with you, I was pretty much a failure at sports, lost interest in the game, especially as I lost interest in watching the sport. I really despise all televised sports – I’d rather BE in the action, but Boxing and MMA always have had my attention! …So you found a passion for a sport you really enjoyed; how was it your first time stepping into the training element? Was it what you expected from seeing it on TV and living it out on the mats?

CB: Pretty much what I expected. The intensity and pace is similar to a wresting practice.

JP: Same pace as wrestling, but was there more of a rush with the fact of various arts mixed in ? OR was it strictly a ground game school?

CB: In the beginning, yeah I did mostly ground. The intensity and pace pretty much are the same with stand up classes and sparring, but in the cage when it becomes full force contact, the rush steps it up a lot more then a wrestling match! Your adrenaline is right there and you know it.

JP: True… So I’m assuming here that your strength is mostly ground. Have you been working on your stand up and how would you say you’ve improved? You’re a ‘Striker Fight Center‘ fighter now, when did this change take place and what have they been able to offer you?

CB: Well Juan and Stevie were at TUFMA as well. I followed them to Striker, which is a whole lot bigger and better then TUF was. Our stand up coaches are amazing! Coach Nate and his son Adam are amazing boxing coaches! We also have Stevie and Johnny Dunn that have insane Muay Thai instructing skills!

JP: Nice, all of them are GREAT trainers from what I’ve heard. Now do you strictly do Stand up / Striking now ? How would you say it was as a transformation from gym to gym, from wrestling to striking. What motivates you to at Striker nowadays?

CB: Well, for awhile I was in a good rhythm of going to both striking and ground classes. Sometimes, I find myself just going to striking because it’s a great cardio workout and I get to work on my hands… Which I love to do because there is nothing more entertaining then watching two guys punch each other in the face, (hahaha) and I want to be an entertaining fighter! But I can defiantly notice huge holes in my ground game whenever I’m slacking on my ground training. My goal as a fighter is to be so well rounded that I will have no stress or worries about my opponent’s strengths.

JP: Haha, that’s definitely a way to be in the MMA world. Weakness in one aspect provides opportunity for your opponent; look at Chael losing to Silva in the last round after he dominated him for 4. What is your goals for the future in MMA?

CB: Yeah man that’s a perfect example. My goal for my future in MMA? I’m gonna sound like every other fighter but, going pro would be my some what “long term” goal. Short term would be to win my next fight! (haha). I feel confident that my trainers will help me accomplish these goals 100 percent. Me and my bro’ Defiantly lucked out on getting some amazing coaches and great dudes!

JP: That’s great man! Based on what I’ve seen and heard about you two and Striker, I see no doubt that those goals will be satisfied 100%. Speaking of your next fight, do you have one lined up at the moment?

CB: I am set to fight Corey Thomas back at The Point in South Carolina.

JP: Awesome, what’s your views on that fight? Have you seen your opponent before? Are you ready? When is it? (Haha)

CB: It’s gonna be the 25th of February. Don’t know too much about my opponent except that his record is 1-2. I never really have a game plan except to try and beat my opponent in all aspects. I’m always ready to fight!

JP: True! thats the warrior mentality I like to see! haha. whats your current record ?

CB: 3-0

JP: Awesome man! So we’re looking at a 4-0 come the 25th!! I definitely need to take me a trip down there…it’s only an 8 hour drive! We’re nearing the end, and as I’m sure you know, and I’m sure you’ve prepared yourself for this one!! Who is your favorite super hero and why!?

CB: Probably Robin. Batman and Robin was probably me and my bro’s favorite show growing up. I was always Robin and Nick was Batman. Robin had a rough life, but no matter what he was always trying to do the right thing. …And he could woop some ass!

JP: Haha nice man, and your brother said Batman! Is there any shoutouts you’d like to give? Also, should anyone want to contact you for sponsorships and/or fights – who should they contact?

CB: Ummm.. I think either Juan (Striker Fight Center) or Lisa (Mezereon Management) for that.

JP:  As for shoutouts?

CB: I have no shout outs because I love everyone I meet! There is no room for all the shout outs!

JP: Haha, well played.. well played. Well Chris; your fight’s coming up in just a few short weeks and we hope to see you, Nick and Cody come off with a win. I’m excited to hear the results; we will probably do some kind of post-fight interview – so keep in contact with me! Good luck!

CB: Thanks bro! Keep up the great interviews!


If you are looking to sponsor Chris Beal or put him on a card; Please contact Lisa Webb at Mezereon Management

You can find Chris Beal on Facebook at THIS LINK.

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    Feb 25th. Let’s go Chris, Nick and Cody!!


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