Fighter on the Rise: Cass Bell

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Fighter on the Rise: Cass Bell


Early Life:
Tell us a bit about yourself, where did you grow up and what was life like growing up? (Family, school, friends):
Cass Bell: I grew up in Arcata, CA; a small town in Humboldt County, way up North in California. My mom was a single parent who raised me and my 5 siblings. I went to Arcata High School class of 2005 , and still have the same friends I did in high school. I  am still with my high school girlfriend, Chelsa and we have 2 kids together .
Were you involved in any sports as a youth in or outside of school?
Cass Bell: Yes, I played basketball and Soccer and baseball until i was in 7th grade and then I began wrestling and fell in love with the sport. I was a 4-year Varsity, 2-year MVP wrestler for Arcata High and had an undefeated regular season my senior year. I also played Varsity  Football my junior year.
What is your favorite child-hood memory?
Cass Bell: When I started wrestling and figured out that I could grapple someone without getting into trouble.
Any interesting child-hood stories and/or fun facts?
Cass Bell: When I was in 7th grade, I wanted to start wrestling, but my mom wouldn't let me. …So my best friend's mom signed the paperwork for me, and my mom had no idea I wrestled until I got to highschool. Now all my siblings have wrestled, all 3 sisters and both of my brothers. I currently coach my 2 younger brothers and my son through the team, Arcata Bad Boys
Getting involved in MMA:
How did you get involved (in MMA)?
Cass Bell: One of the local casino holds a tough-man contest and I decided to try it out, I figured with my background in wrestling, I would give it a shot. I won my first match and lost my second, but after that I was hooked
What discipline did you begin with and care to share a bit about your early experiences learning the sport(s)?
Cass Bell: The gym that I started out with and still train at  does a really good job on giving me a well-rounded workout that allows me to focus on all aspects of MMA. After my first toughman competition, a group of us from the gym went to San Fransisco for a Naga tournament and I placed second. I should have gotten first but I got disqualified because i puked on the guy…damn thai food (lol). As much as I enjoyed grappling , it didn't feel like what I wanted to focus on.
At what point did you know you were ready to step in the cage for the first time?
Cass Bell: I didn't, I just decided it was kind of a now or never kind of thing. After a month of training, after my first toughman competition, I just really wanted to get back in the ring.
When the cage locked behind you in your first fight, can you recall what what through your mind? How did your first fight turn out?
Cass Bell: My first time in an actual cage I kinda choked. My first 2 fights had been in a boxing ring. My first time in the cage, I lost by decision, but the experience was awesome  and I think for my first cage match I was just glad I wasn't finished if I didn't win.
What are 3 things you've learned while being involved in this sport?
Cass Bell:
1. A street fight is nothing like a cage fight
2. They're both fun though (lol)
3. Losing teaches you more about who you are as a fighter than winning.
What gym are you currently fighting out of?
Cass Bell: 21 Grams Gym in Arcata,Ca; Owned by Josh Vert and Trained by John Thompson
What is your current record (ammy/pro) and at what weight?
Cass Bell: I fight at 145lb Featherweight. I have an official record of 3-1-0 and an overall record of 9-3-0 (including toughman and unsanctioned fights)
Do you currently have a nickname in this sport? If so, what is it and why?
Cass Bell: Nah, I'm just known for my green hair.
If you could improve one aspect of your game, what would it be and why?
Cass Bell: Probably getting too pumped before I get in the ring. I've been trying to calm it down a little.
What is your most memorable experience as an MMA fighter?
Cass Bell: Probably just my first fight, realizing that it was wanted to do.
Any interesting stories to share or learning experiences whilst fighting you would like to share?
Cass Bell: Recently I had a fight  at Gallus FC in San Jose. I got matched against a local San Jose fighter, whose gym was actually the people putting on the event. Justin Tenedora is a coach for AKA in CA and was undefeated at the time. He was undefeated and we got matched as the co-main event of the night. When it was my turn to walk out, the only people cheering for me were my girl and our 2 kids. So many people were booing me it was crazy.  My son was not thrilled that ppl were booing his dad. When Justin walked, in everyone was cheering. He had a massive poster of himself hanging next to the ring. Every time he would do something they'd cheer everytime I'd do something they'd boo. We made it through the first round and the second round started and I got caught in a choke. He had it really tight and I started to blackout and everyone started going crazy, everything was black but somehow I got out. I turned on him and started just ground and pounding him until he wasn't defending himself anymore, and I thought he was knocked out but i wasn't sure and the ref wasn't calling it so I got him in a guillotine and he tapped. Everyone was so mad! Nothing like winning when everyone is rooting against you, especially in front of my kids! I love it!
If you could offer one bit of advice to an aspiring fighter what would it be?
Cass Bell: Train like your next opponent is training even harder.
Would you like to give a shout out to any sponsors individuals who have supported you?
Cass Bell: Yes, I'd like to thank Josh Vert and John Thompson, they've been sponsoring my training since my first fight and have helped me in more ways then just technical ability. I'd like to thank everyone at 21 Grams Gym for helping me, pushing me and letting me beat on them and Donny Herron for sponsoring the beginning of my fighting adventure, and introducing me to 21 Grams Gym. I'd also like to thank the North Coast Self Defense Acadamey for letting me roll with them. I'd also like to thank Bert Vanduzer, Tim Nickols and all the other wrestling coaches I've had over the years, there's way too many for me to list!  And my friends from back home who always show their support even when I'm fighting far away from home. And last but ot least I'd like to thank Chelsa for supporting me for the past 9 (almost 10) years, pushing me and supporting me since I started fighting, and watching the kids while I'm at practice and not complaining too much when I have to travel for fights; and always saying I could have done better when I lose and not sugarcoating it. She also schedules all my fights and deals with all the paperwork and logistics! Ooh… and my children, Taylor Lynne and Kaidan for always being my biggest fans! I'd also like to thank Valerie Ruiz who has dyed my hair and done all the designs on my hair since my first fight. She's done my hair as many times as I fought!
What are your goals for the future in the sport?
Cass Bell: I'm planning to go pro later this year or the beginning of next, and all I really want to do is fight the best of the best and see how far I can go!
What are your thoughts on the current state of the sport and where it's headed?
Cass Bell: I think it's just gonna keep growing and I want to be a part of it!
If you could change one thing in the sport, what would it be?
Cass Bell: I'd change the qualifications for judging and also allow replays after the fight for any move or part that is being contested by either side.
Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
Cass Bell: Fighting, and coaching.
Fun Facts:
Favorite Food/Dish:
Cass Bell: Sushi
Favorite type of Music:
Cass Bell: Anything that's good
Favorite Movie:
Cass Bell: Two Guns
Favorite TV Show:
Cass Bell: Sons of Anarchy
Favorite Quote:
Cass Bell: "The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will" -Vince Lombardi
Do you have any children? Do you plan on having any/more?:
Cass Bell: I have 2 children. A son, Kaidan who's almost 5 and a daughter, Taylor Lynne who's almost 3; and if you ask either of them what they want to be when they grow up they'll tell you they want to be a fighter.
Best day of your life:
Cass Bell: When my kids were born and the day my son lost his first wrestling tournament at 4 years old, instead of giving up he came home and pulled out the excercise mat and practiced for 20 mintutes without anyone telling him to or helping him – for the next 4 days straight!
Interesting/Unknown Fact(s) about yourself:

Cass Bell: 

1.The reason I have green hair is because when I had my first fight I wanted to do something to make myself memorable since I don't have any tattoos yet, so I went with green because it's my sons favorite color and now its just my ritual; putting on my war paint, it gets me in the mind set to fight, and it also seperates me from who I am in the cage. When I'm home I'm just the brown haired, blue eyed Cass I've always been, but when it's green I'm Cass Bell The Fighter.

2. when I lose to an opponent, I'm determined to redeem myself, my goal becomes beating them in a rematch, if I can't fight them then my goal is to get a W against someone they have lost to, my biggest fear is being unable to beat someone I have lost to.

3. I am currently training to be a coach so I can teach others and help better myself
4. My main training partner is a 205lb fighter Josh ColemAn
5. I've had 3 losses, 2 of which are to the same guy, I'd like to beat him before I go pro, but he may have already gone pro , so I may have to wait till after I turn to get that rematch
Favorite Hobbies:
Cass Bell: Coaching wrestling, riding dirtbikes/quads, but mostly training.
Who is your favorite super hero and why?
Cass Bell: Hulk, cause he's unassuming like me when he's human, but when he gets mad nothing can stop him!
Facebook Page/Fan Page:
Cass Bell: Don't have one yet… maybe I'll get one.
Cass Bell: cassbell707
Manager Contact (for sponsorship/fight inquiries):
Cass Bell: Myself or Chelsa Perrigo: (707)616-0064
Email Address:
Cass Bell:
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