Best Strikeforce/UFC crossover matches

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When Zuffa acquired Strikeforce on March 12, the one question on everyone’s mind was, When will we see fighters from the 2 organizations fight? So far Dana White has held onto the “We are 2 seperate entities” philosophy. But we all expect to see them merge at some point, WEC?, and when they do it will be great for the sport.

Strikeforce was undoubtedly the second biggest MMA organization in the world and has a great base of talent. With champions like GSP and Anderson Silva running through their respective divisions, adding a new pool of fighters will bring new matchups so we don’t have to see GSP vs. Fitch 2 or Silva vs. Okami. While those fights may be deserved for the challengers, it is not something the fans want to see.

Now think about this. How about instead of seeing St-Pierre beating Jon Fitch once again, let’s put him in their with Nick Diaz? When the dust finally settles with Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard, let’s put them in their with Gilbert Melendez? That’s two championship fights that would be highly anticipated and would possibly see the UFC champs dethroned. I don’t think there’s any doubt that Diaz is capable of beating GSP, and Melendez can beat anyone in the division.

Once the Strikeforce GP is over, shouldn’t the winner get the UFC Heavyweight champ? Imagine Alistair Overeem vs. JDS/Velasquez…sounds nice huh? If there is one thing that all MMA fans can agree on, it’s that the UFC HW division is very weak. Outside of JDS, Cain, Brock, and Carwin, I can’t see a future champion. But you add in Overeem, Barnett, Fedor, Werdum and you’re looking at a division that can match the depth of the LHW division.

I don’t think there’s any doubt that we will see the two organizations merge eventually, but the sooner the better. Why try to keep some of these super-matches from happening? I know how the UFC and Dana White feel about their product, and I can’t see any way that they let this opportunity slip past them. Within 18 months I expect the UFC to have the kind of talent only seen in Pride’s glory days. Hang in there everyone, it’s about to get crazy!

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