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Martial Arts, and more simply put; fighting has been around since the beginning of time. From the use of bare knuckle pugilism, to weapons and siege, and to your typical bar-room brawl, there has always been something to arouse one’s aggressions.

When we think of fighting, we generally think of two people in disagreement, settling their differences in a violent manner. With this in mind, we also think of the sports we see on TV from Boxing to the UFC and the many other various promotions.

What is it that drives us to fight? More importantly how important is a level head while being involved in a fight?

In today’s events from the fake and scripted TV wrestling to boxing and MMA; we see various forms of respect, trash talking, and beyond. Does trash talking HELP keep a sport interesting? Does fueling bad blood between two contenders make it more interesting to the fans? Personally, I think so. There’s a good laugh from Uncle Chael or the bicker-battle between who’s record is better or who can knock who out; but in the end we see words get into a fighters head and ultimately lead to the possibility of them being thrown off their game.


When we get angry, we have a extreme spurt of adrenaline; almost to the point of us wanting to physically rip our opponents head off and almost careless of the consequences. It’s proven that those who are angry, adrenaline pumping, or even in a life/death situation tend to have ‘strength’ in which they didn’t know they had – the tunnel vision we get when we’re angry can be a VERY dangerous thing.

…But on the other hand, we get exactly that; tunnel vision. We do not focus on what’s going on around us, or the fact that our opponent is using it to their advantage. Our judgement seems impaired as we would rush into something we might’ve reconsidered if we had a clear head.

Discussion (Let’s make these fun – we’re trying something new here. Let’s keep these rolling!)

1. Does trash-talk do it for the fans to spark  interest in a fight?

2. Anger vs. Judgement; Would you rather come into a fight with a level head or allow your anger to control you?

3. Do we fail to keep our composure when our opponent gets into our head? What does this effect?

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