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Recently we were given the opportunity to speak with Angelo Duarte, a “Smash Wrestling” fighter out of Denver, Colorado. Apparent Facebook stalking and our relationship with MMA Meltdown made this interview possible;

Jason Przewoznik: Thanks for giving us a few moments of your time here at and allowing us to give the fans a quick ‘view’ on who Angelo Duarte is. First, let’s hear a little about yourself. Who is Angelo Duarte? (Growing Up, Lifestyle, etc)

Angelo Duarte: I’m Angelo Duarte, a Christian MMA Fighter out of Denver, Colorado. Growing up I was always what our culture calls a little “diabiabilto” which can be translated into little devil. Well, then I started wrestling at four years old and was instantly hooked after winning my first tournament. …As well as being the kid that always was pushing the limits, whether it be jumping from the tallest trees or being the first to do something that my friends were scared to do, I always pushed the limits to the fullest. Something about the pressure, I love it. This is why MMA is so great for folks like me .

JP: It definitely is; if you’re afraid of a challenge this lifestyle is NOT for you. Give us a quick rundown on your fighting career? What inspired you to start fighting?

AD: I have been fighting professionally for five years. I am currently 5’10 and 145 lb. and my record is 8-6. I own wins over Olympic Wrestler; Ron Muir, State Champion Wrestler; Brent Roller, and Strikeforce Veteran; Ricky Johnson. I’ve always been a fighter. When I was a kid me and my friends would scrap to see who’s house we’d play at, it was always mine (lol). I believe fighters are born not made in a gym. My style is “Smash Wrestling” and its a personal fight style developed over years of kicking people’s ASS. I have been honestly contemplating my next career move because I haven’t had the time to train as much as it takes to be successful, so I’m looking at going to the drawing board and getting a program planned for a great push forward. I need sponsors. I’m coming off two losses so time is of the essence and you could look for me to rebound sometime within six months. I plan on using my MMA platform to spread God and the Gospel.

JP: That’s a great platform. Not many fighters seem to spread religion, though you do hear a lot of them thanking God for their wins in some cases. It’s great how the masses, especially children view fighters; and those who give a positive guidance is always a good thing! Smash Wrestling, I keep hearing this – What is ‘Smash Wrestling’? …and for a style that sounds so violent; how do you plan to spread the Gospel?

AD: Smash Wrestling is everything. It’s American Wrestling combined with blows, elbows and fists coming at any and every opportunity…. I also make it hurt when I spread the fear of the Lord. (lol)

JP: Haha, that’s a great way to look at it – and Ground and Pound Wrestling is a great way to instill fear! How often do you train? What do you feel are your strengths and weaknesses?

AD: Right now my schedule allows me to train full-time because I have recently quit my job. I train all over Denver with almost everyone. I’ve trained with Marquardt, Ludwig, Shaub, Toner, Robinson …the list goes on and on . Over the years I’ve trained Jiu-Jitsu, Muay-Thai, Boxing and of course Smash Wrestling. Strengths are wrestling and ground and pound. My weakness, I feel is striking. I’m working on that in Denver.

JP: If a man doesn’t claim his own weaknesses, he’ll never overcome them. I know there are plenty of great striking gyms out in Denver – I’m sure that’s a great place to start working on it! Give us some career highlights? Whether it be training partners, notable fights, etc?

AD: Three career highlights that stand out to me are winning in the ‘Ring of Fire’ (ROF 39), winning vs. a Strikeforce Veteran and trying out in front of Dana White.

JP: Must be exciting to get the opportunity to meet Dana White and show off your skills! Now…we will have to ask this question; Craig started it, we rolled with it as our trademark; Who is your favorite super hero and why?

AD: Hmm, favorite super hero? I don’t have one…. John Elway

JP: You must have confused the point between a super hero and a football player, but hey – you’re a fighter – we expect these things! (lol) Is there anyone you would like to give a shoutout to?

AD: I’d like to thank all my fans and sponsors, Tommy’s Supply, Chubbies, and American Ground N Pound.

JP: Great! Well, Angelo – we really appreciate you taking the time to answer these questions and let the fans know who you are and introduce them to SMASH WRESTLING. I really hope to see you bounce back off of the 2-loss streak and pursue your dreams, while spreading the word of God!


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